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  1. 33 minutes ago, Yearnin' for Yermin said:

    What, I'm supposed to be impressed because he hit a homerun that stayed on the scoreboard? Fuck that guy. Once a Cub, always a Cub. I don't want him anywhere near my team. 

    Silly Cubsession. Here's a few Cubs who later played well for the White Sox.

    Eloy Jimenez


    Oscar Gamble


    Dennis Lamp


    Steve Stone


    Jon Garland


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  2. 24 minutes ago, The Beast said:

    Matt Spiegel pointed out that Len wrote this song in his 40s. Matt and Len are in a band, Sonic45 together and produced “Pills.” Take a listen.

    That's such a great song. thanks for posting. I'd pay to see that band, I'd pay even more to be able to see this year, really miss being out and about.

    Spiegel is one of the few I like on the Score, Laurence Holmes the other. I like his Sunday in season show better than the Saturday show, 1. Because it doesn't compete against WXRT's Saturday Morning Flashback and 2. There is no Bruce Levine.

    The more I learn about Len, the more I like. Since I am radio only during the game, I am really looking forward to the broadcasts next season. Nothing against Andy, who did a good job under doubly trying circumstances (COVID Broadcasts with road games broadcast off of a monitor and following Ed Farmer), but this is a significant upgrade.

    Jason Benetti joined Len Kasper on the Score interview at five (linked below):




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  3. 5 hours ago, wrathofhahn said:

    Eloy is being paid to play the field. I honestly don't know if he can be a fulltime LF that is on the coaching staff and FO if not then he probably shouldn't have been given that extension and if he can't then the conversation becomes finding a LF versus finding a DH. Moving Eloy doesn't solve our issue just create a new one and a good defensive LF who can hit will be many times more expensive then what Schwarber will be to DH.

    So we need to sort of figure that out and not waste money that could be spent elsewhere. I hope you are wrong Eloy is still 24 he can improve his defense we will see the other issue beyond how much we paid him is how he and his agent feels about it. Sure he is signed for 6 years but only 4 of that is guarnteed

    Eloy's below market deal remains a bargain if he is DH only if his bat lives up to potential. His defense actually detracts from his value.

    He's only playing LF because the White Sox have Vaughn and Abreu (and had Parrot), and they do not have an everyday RF or LF. Most here concede Eloy will likely play DH or 1B in the next 2-3 years, depending on any extension to Abreu.

    I agree with you in terms of tempered Vaughn expectations, if the White Sox sign a DH type for 1 year, we have to assume based on what they have seen in 2020 they prefer Vaughn spend a significant portion, if not the entire season, in the minors for development before a promotion. No need to rush him if he is not ready, he is still very young to be expected to produce consistently at the MLB level.

    Eloy's Contract:

    19:$1M, 20:$1.5M, 21:$3.5M, 22:$6.5M, 23:$9.5M, 24:$13M, 25:$16.5M club option ($3M buyout), 26:$18.5M club option ($3M buyout)


  4. 1 hour ago, southsider2k5 said:

    Just because you can't understand it, doesn't mean it doesn't hold value. This thought process is exactly how you end up with an Al Davis or Jerry Jones running an organization into the ground. 

    While I definitely don't agree with the post you were responding to, Al and Jerry both won three Super Bowls. Al was a great evaluator of talent before he became creepy Al at the end, Jerry being fortunate to hire Jimmy Johnson (third with Switzer). I'd would love a second World Series title before I die.

    I'd say the McCaskey family is a better example of inept ownership who refuse to hire qualified professionals to operate their organization.

  5. 1 hour ago, daa84 said:

    When thinking about the context of this move, its important to remember who Len Kasper is. He is a baseball broadcaster, not a former player turned announcer. For guys  who are true broadcasters at their core, I think the ultimate challenge of the craft is to be able to excel at radio. Then the ability to already do so in his own home town and call postseason baseball is icing on the cake. 

    Yes, over 40 years Jason Benetti was the first professional PBP on television for a quarter century, and Kasper is the first on radio since Rooney left, though Farmer grew into his role and I have generally always liked the radio broadcasts.

    For Len's replacement, it's crystal clear the job is Kayleigh McEnany's for the taking, a perfect fit for the Marquee Network, Sinclair Broadcasting, the Ricketts Family and Cubs Baseball. She may be available next month.

    July 31, 2021 broadcast:

    220px-White_House_Press_Briefing_(498668 "Kris Bryant is one of the all time great Cubs, an MVP, a World Series winner, a great man, husband, teammate and baseball player."


    jim-deshaies-269x300.png"Kayleigh, this just in, Kris Bryant has been traded to the Washington Nationals. This is Kris' final game with the Chicago Cubs."

    mcenany-kayleigh-cnn-1.jpg?resize=300,30 "Kris Bryant was the most overrated player in Cubs history, a bad teammate, a wife beater, good riddance. Don't let the door hit your ass on the way out."

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  6. 12 hours ago, Leonard Zelig said:

    Do Dunning’s 2017 innings matter after his last 3 years?

    No, same with Kopich. However listing his max previous innings for frame of reference.

    I don't agree with your assessment the White Sox need to acquire two more SP at this point. I would try to get one quality starter, see how the first four months go with Katz and any development from Cease, Lopez and others, and if there is still a need in July, seek a trade at that point for a second starter.

    If you get quality innings out of the six mentioned in my post, you cover most innings, but always prudent to cover for injuries or regression.

    If Jerry is only allowing one free agent(s):

    • #3/#4 SP 
    • RF
    • 8th/9th RP
    • LF (Eloy to DH)
    • SP (Lottery ticket like a Garrett Richards)

    Outside of perhaps one or two KMart blue light specials, I don't expect Jerry to spend this off season.

  7. 10 minutes ago, Kyyle23 said:

    Kasper filling in for stone when he is gone, I'm a fan of that too

    Reading between the lines, Stone's contract signed last season is likely his last, Kasper can transition into the television booth to cover for either his or Jason's departure, just as Stone started on the Score with Farmer after Rooney left until he could transition into the TV booth.

  8. 11 minutes ago, southsider2k5 said:

    The Esteban Loiaza signing might be the best butterfly affect in the franchise history.

    A month after the trade, I had the pleasure to watch in person the worst loss in Yankees history, 22-0 vs. Cleveland on an East Coast baseball road trip. Future White Sox starter, and perennial Kenny Williams obsession Javier Vazquez started, Loaiza ended it. It was awesome. 

    They went on to choke away a 3-0 series lead against Boston several weeks later.





    10 hours ago, Gtrams42 said:

    His voice is so annoying, once Brenly left I put the games on mute. 

    It’s like Kermit the Frog. Hopefully I can get used to it.

    2 hours ago, Harold's Leg Lift said:

    Like rats off a sinking ship.  Hard to believe how badly Rickets has fucked that up.

    Yikes. Fans booing owner Tom Ricketts about Marquee network wasn’t a great start to #CubsCon
    2 hours ago, Look at Ray Ray Run said:

    Farmer and DJ were so bad you literally didn't know what was happening often and it took nothing away from my white sox experience and took nothing away from the world series.

    Id prefer we spend money on things that actually matter regarding the quality of baseball product.

    Kasper is fine but this celebration by sox fans is beyond weird.

    It was bad, but got used to it. Will get used to this as well. Any “celebration” is in reality just taunting “taking” someone from the Cubs.

    1 hour ago, Dick Allen said:

    It's a radio announcer. Unless you are a truck driver, the minot league invites to spring training is bigger news. 

    Oh fans without cable like me. Watch the video on MLB after the game, works out. Baseball on radio is the only sport that works.

    Still like the radio announcers vs. television.


  10. 1 hour ago, Vulture said:

    Except McCann has a higher WAR since beginning of 2019. Doesn't necessarily mean McCann is as good, but it raises the question. And the first part of his post is certainly true. McCann could have been had at probably 7-8 mil a year vs Grandal at 18.5.

    People say McCann would have been over exposed with more playing time, but he would have had to hit .140 with a .250 slugging in those extra at bats to equal Grandal. Granted, losing ten points on his obp is easier to imagine, but that's still speculative. In actual performance we know for sure, McCann outperformed him over the last 222 games.

    Not to mention Grandal is 1 1/2 years older, with age a significant factor for catchers versus other positions.

    My problems with the signing remain:

    • The Sox had much more pressing needs than upgrading the catcher position, needs that remain (RF and SP).
    • It was unlikely any out-performance by Grandal (assuming it occurs) over McCann was worth more than double the contract money the Sox are paying Grandal ($18.25M / year) over McCann's reported deal.
    • McCann's work with the pitching staff was as, if not more valuable than any upgrade in pitch framing Grandal offered. McCann worked during the off-season to improve his pitch framing, and it paid off, one of the reasons his WAR was higher.
    • Time will tell, but I don't think Grandal will age well or be able to catch 120 + games a year over the final few years (age 32-34 years) of his contract, and will suffer a drop-off in production due to age/attrition. He will need to play DH/1B more with each year, negating his offensive value from the catcher spot and taking playing time from the backlog the Sox already have at those two positions (Abreu, Vaughn, Jimenez and other prospects).

    Keuchel was the only signing I liked last off-season, because the contract was good and it fit a need. Money spent on Parrot and Grandal was better spent on more SP and a RF. The Sox were running on fumes and couldn't find a viable third playoff starter 60 games into the year.


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  11. Assuming health and a full season, innings based on previous maximums and age:

    • No restrictions: Giolito, Keuchel & Lopez - No inning restrictions, 30-32 starts
    • 160-200 Innings - Perhaps a few scheduled skipped starts: Cease (144 IP Max in 2019); Dunning (144 in 2017 minors); and Kopech (141 in 2018 AAA/CWS)

    Kopech is the wild card based on health, would expect the strictest limit on him among the three with possible restrictions. They will likely be very conservative with Crochet, perhaps a 100-120 max if he has a starter/relief mix, much less if relief only. I don't think Stiever will pitch for the White Sox in 2021 beyond a similar emergency situation.

  12. 1 hour ago, Jerksticks said:

    Not saying you’re doing this, but I think there’s a tendency on here to make more out of Giolito’s preference for McCann than there really was.  

    I doubt it was any horrible dislike of working with Grandal overall.  Probably just had a great relationship with James who was there to help turn him into one of the best pitchers in the game.  Sure James might be a little better at stuff than Grandal, but this idea that Gio is going to refuse to work with Grandal like some snobby b**** just doesn’t seem likely to me- seems totally out of his character.  He’ll put his big boy pants on just like everybody else and get to work with Tony LaRussa and Grandal and fight for championships

    I agree, and don't necessarily see a "dislike" or issue between the two, but Lucas was obviously more comfortable with McCann. However, the White Sox also used McCann over Grandal for nearly every rookie start, and Lopez could have benefited from additional starts with McCann as well. I believe the team chose McCann over Grandal in these games for his game management and pregame work and game plan, and it's clear they responded well.

    • Dunning = McCann 5 games, Collins 1, Grandal 1 (Grandal's start the only game the Sox lost with Dunning starting).
    • Stiever = McCann caught his "good game", Grandal his shellacking. 
    • Lopez = His best start, facing Cleveland on the road, was with McCann.

    Lucas didn't mention Grandal among the key 2020 acquisitions during his Score interview after the playoffs, though not necessarily reading anything into the omission.

    Stone said and tweeted on multiple occasions Grandal doesn't bring the same level of game preparation or attention to detail as McCann did. If true, hopefully he will commit to that aspect of the game with McCann gone.

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  13. 2 hours ago, wrathofhahn said:

    Strongly disagree DH is one of the easiest and cheapest way to get offense onto your ballclub.

    The issue isn't bringing in a DH it's who we've brought into DH. To give an example say you have a SS who has a .730 OPS with ok defense you maybe have to pay them 5-7M. To bring in a SS like for example machado who will hit .820-.850 with ok defense you are looking at 30M. Our DH according to fangraphs hit .570 OPS last year.

    Lets say it was only .730 well to bump that up to what Schwarber 3 year split was .825 and he got nontendered at a  5M proj arb figure. It's lunacy to not have a good hitter at DH. You are sacrificing so much value that has to be made up elsewhere for much more of a premium. So no I don't want them to bring a scrub at DH. Next to pitching it's probably our number one need.

    My point is the White Sox already have too many 1B/DH types, Eloy is valuable for his bat, and delaying the inevitable is not a good solution. He tried, just doesn't have the capacity. Even a quantum leap would bring him to Kyle Schwarber level without the solid arm. Carlton Fisk was not a left fielder either, still valuable in his 30s, just not in LF. The Sox needed a RF last year and this year, and could use another corner to platoon in LF. If Reinsdorf won't fund that in the most salary depressed off-season ever, than be happy with his bag of carrots.  

    Also agree it's much more valuable to have a player who can actually play positions, which is why the White Sox need to put more emphasis on drafting players to cover the other seven positions (excluding 1B/DH). Can either of their catching prospects catch at the major league level? 

  14. 1 minute ago, Dick Allen said:

    The other thing with people freaking out McCann won’t be there for Giolito, there is a simple solution. Have Giolito call the game and have him give Grandal the signs. Problem solved.

    Time will tell if Lucas will want to work with Grandal, or start working in Spring Training with the presumptive number 2 and work with them through the season.

    Hopefully the Sox can pick up a solid defensive number 2 catcher, who can work with young pitchers. Don't care if they bat .150 like Perez in Cleveland, defense and game management far more important from a catcher, the bat is just an added bonus.

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  15. 6 minutes ago, Dick Allen said:

    I think other than not using him vs, Berrios I believe, I think he is the one McCann kills and Ricky had him riding pine a couple of times, he used him masterfully. This is a guy a lot of Soxtalk were irate the Sox signed in the first place thinking he was no Kevan Smith. And I agree, I think over exposure may hurt his numbers a bit. But he has earned a shot at a regular job. Hope for him it goes well he seems like a good guy. 

    Agreed. People were worked up into a frenzy with Reinsdorf sending his yapping dogs the entire season (Stone/Ozzie) barking to set up his new hire. Renteria utilized McCann well.

    In terms of McCann, I am much more comfortable with Katz here, both in terms of supporting Giolitto and also developing game plans, and carrying the load McCann supplied on that end.

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  16. Just now, Sleepy Harold said:

    Katz has Kopech, Cease, and Lopez on throwing programs already. Seemed very enthusiastic about working with Cease and getting him right. 

    Yes, loved the interview, his approach and the fact that he has had numerous conversations with many of the key pitchers. He didn't want to give too much details on individual work, which would be premature, but loved his answers and think the White Sox can see significant improvements from at least a few pitchers.

    He did offer that he saw a few specifics with the video Lopez sent, and is working on things remotely with him in the DR. Offered his philosophy in terms of the physical (arm slotting / lower body) coupled with analytics.

    Very encouraging. 

  17. Regardless of who the White Sox sign or don't sign this offseason, the Sox need to stop signing DHs, and stop drafting DHs. They need to sign outfielders and move Eloy to DH ASAP. Eloy is far worse than Schwarber in LF, not a praise of Schwarber but rather an indictment of Eloy's abilities.

    Carlos Lee and Dave Kingman have better dWAR numbers. Not only does Eloy's defense costs you 2 games each full season, but it costs him significant lost games each year because he hurts himself trying to play the position. Hell, he hurts himself jumping up and down celebrating a no-hitter.

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  18. 48 minutes ago, manbearpuig said:

    Yeah it's honestly pathetic that this isn't resolved yet.


    44 minutes ago, flavum said:

    It really has to be resolved before the position player free agent and trade market can get going full steam. I mean, we’re probably headed to radical realignment by the end of this decade anyway. Just end it and go full DH.


    32 minutes ago, maloney.adam said:


    The article from Nightengale below paints a bleak picture on the universal DH situation. Officials think it will not be resolved until Spring. That’s a whole winter without any resolution and you now have 235 free agents on the market. It’s got to get resolved as soon as possible. 

    It’s by design, owners want a flooded free agent market and an excuse to not sign anyone. 

    DH could be in place this second, but it’s not because owners want to screw over players, and they want another pathetic 16 team playoff. 

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  19. 18 minutes ago, CaliSoxFanViaSWside said:

    There's actually a baseball reference in that old Broadway tune.



    I'm forever blowing ballgames, pretty ballgames in the air.

    I come from Chi, I hardly try, just go to bat and fade and die

    Fortune's coming my way, that's why I hardly care

    I'm forever blowing ballgames, and the gamblers treat us fair.

  20. 1 minute ago, Jack Parkman said:

    This is a really good fucking point, and I suggest that there's a catch all thread to discuss bullshit rumors about top of the market free agents being involved with the White Sox until Jerry either signs one, or is no longer the chairman of the White Sox. 

    It's been 24 years since Jerry signed a top of the market free agent. 

    Perhaps a second thread with all the ridiculous fast food twitter account posts, and one more for people to debate which soxtalk ID owns which fast food twitter account(s).

  21. 1 hour ago, SonofaRoache said:

    White Sox twitter talked big boy stuff about multiple championships. The organization needs to back that talk up big time. 

    “Words are words. I would look at actions."

    - Tony LaRussa 10/29/2020

    Then again, 

    "I accept full responsibility for my conduct (i.e. Guilty Conviction for Criminal DUI in the State of Florida), and assure everyone that I have learned a very valuable lesson and that this will never occur again"

    -Tony LaRussa 11/28/2007