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  1. 5 minutes ago, maxjusttyped said:

    26 game on-base streak for Yoan. Imagine not appreciating him.

    couldn't be me. What a stud.

    He is, much of SoxTalk doesn’t appreciate. Perhaps if he was fresh and peaked play part time like others paid nearly three times as much, he would be considered “elite”.

  2. 3 hours ago, reiks12 said:

    im very happy the Brewers are NOT in the AL. 

    These will probably all be noon games unfortunately, god i hate the east coast

    Why? Because they would be challenging in the playoffs this year, or did you not like the rivalry?

    I loved going up to Milwaukee County Stadium for Sox (or any games), was a great rivalry when both teams were good in the early 1980s, and fun times even when both were not particularly good.

  3. 2 hours ago, Dam8610 said:

    I didn't say it was inconsistent, it's definitely consistent. It just doesn't seem to measure what you're trying to measure.

    Losing nine games when leafing after 7 innings, from a heavily fortified bullpen (Hendriks, Crochet, Kopech, plus the Tepera and Kimbrel trades which produced mixed results) is significant.

    Not sure what the OP was trying to measure in terms of comeback wins. I just answered his question by listing the three games the Sox came from behind to win after being down after the seventh inning.

  4. The key factor is what form do players have going into the playoffs.

    Robert and Grandal have been excellent since returning. Eloy has looked poor beyond a couple games. Time will tell if Adam can return to his strong form over  the past two very limited but promising seasons. Tim, Jose and Yoan have been strong this season.

    The key concerns are the staff running out of gas. Carlos has literally run out of gas, as the team is hoping he can patch together two more starts, and perhaps two, possibly three playoff starts. Lucas didn’t look sharp in his return, but he has a few more starts to figure things out and gain distance. Will need to see if Lynn’s knee can remain stable for his remaining starts. Cease as always is like a box of chocolates.

  5. 12 minutes ago, Dam8610 said:

    That seems too specific to be useful as a metric, then, because it's not counting all the times they won after being down in the 7th or later, but rather just in the 7th. Of be more concerned about the former than the latter.

    Not sure why one would spike the “comeback”  for a game which they had a lead, pissed it away, and then reclaimed it in the final two innings.
    Didn’t count that game among their nine lost games after 7 either, since they didn’t lose. Both stats are consistently derived (games tied after 7 innings omitted, only leads considered (behind or ahead).

  6. 47 minutes ago, Dan Pasqua said:

    How many come from behind wins do we have against above .500 teams from the 7th inning on?

    The Sox have three come-from-behind wins when down after the seventh inning, two vs. KC (5/16 & 7/27) and one vs. Minnesota (7/20).

    The Sox have lost 9 games when leading after 7 innings.

    The Sox have played 13 games with a 7 inning regulation.

  7. 2 hours ago, SCCWS said:

    But JR is in love w TLR. JR sees crowds back on the south side and will want Tony back again in 22 

    Nobody from the White Sox ever disclosed the length of Tony's contract, and I don't recall anyone from the media asking Rick or Tony. I can't see Jerry allowing anyone to remove Tony, beyond new serious criminal charges filed against Tony, and even then it may require a conviction and runout of a lengthy appeal. Wins and losses will not be a factor.

  8. 39 minutes ago, EloyJenkins said:

    this is absolutely wrong. Boras has come out several times this season praising the Sox for being reasonable and having a good plan for his usage and pending Free Agency. Boras would not say this if he felt he was losing millions in commissions. Carlos has been great, but we all knew it probably would be a struggle towards the end of the season. 

    Most fans feel the managed the pitcher workloads, including Rodon's, in a responsible manner. 

    Fans may have disagreements with who they brought in from the bullpen at times, which would happen with any manager, but the workloads including Kopech's appear to be properly managed and cautious. It's just a crazy season all around based primarily on the aborted season and 102 game owner lockout, which is why teams are vying for the all time records for most hitters and pitchers used in a season.

  9. 4 minutes ago, Snopek said:

    This season has felt so damn long that I don't even remember the home series vs Seattle or playing Cincinnati at all. 

    I remember little of the Seattle series, but both Cincinnati games are crystal clear.

    Dylan Cease went 3-3 and dominated on the mound in a White Sox laugher in Game 1.

    Game 2, May 5, 2021. A date which will live in White Sox infamy.


  10. 5 minutes ago, maloney.adam said:

     A thorn in our side for sure.

    It's the only season series to date the Sox have lost to an under .500 team.

    Season Series Won: Baltimore 7-0; Minnesota 13-6Chicago 5-1Pittsburgh 3-1; Boston 4-3Oakland 4-3, Toronto 4-3Saint Louis 2-1.

    Push: Seattle 3-3; Tampa Bay 3-3.

    Season Series Lost: Milwaukee 1-2; Houston 2-5Los Angeles 2-5New York 1-5.

    Season Series TBD: Detroit 9-4 (3 Games each, Home and Away); Texas 3-0 (3 Away Games); Cincinnati 1-1 (2 Home Games); Cleveland 7-7 (5 Away Games).

  11. 22 minutes ago, South Side Hit Men said:

    Hope Tony has the same accountability and is also shit canned if the Sox have another one and done playoff exit, especially in light of all the additional resources both coaching and the substantial player upgrades provided this offseason.


    17 minutes ago, HOFHurt35 said:

    Yeah, those great upgrades like Hernandez and Kimbrel. 

    If anyone needs to go if another failed postseason, it would be Hahn at this point.

    I stated offseason. Katz. Lynn, Rodon, Hendriks. Eaton was the lone bust. Narron and Dave Duncan's kid are Tony's crony decisions.

    Talking trade deadline, Hernandez at minimum is an upgrade over Madrigal sitting on his couch. Sox brought in Jarrod Dyson, had one good starter in Oakland.

    Keuchel is not the Game 2 starter this year.

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  12. 4 hours ago, Squirmin' for Yermin said:

    Luckily, most of them are scrubs.

    Blessed are the scrubs, for they shall inherit a lot of money.

    Hahn 9:01

    4 hours ago, ptatc said:

    Isn't that the purpose of a rebuild. Build a young, talented core then supplement with veteran FA?

    They have a heavy commitment beyond the core at this point for players in their early to mid 30s, not even counting the Kimbrel and Hernandez options. They also traded away a few solid cost control pitchers and players since December.