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  1. Moncada at #91 and Delmonico at #100 !?!?! LOL!
  2. wysiwyg

    White Sox Face Masks

    I have this one that my wife found on Etsy for $15. I also ordered a WS gaiter scarf off some place called Sports Fan Island. ~$20. Hasn't arrived yet but should be here next week.
  3. wysiwyg

    White Sox Face Masks

    Since everywhere soon is going to have face masks mandatory or encouraged, does anybody know of any Sox face masks for a reasonable price. Saw some on Amazon and Ebay running about $20. Seems a little expensive but just thought I would see if anybody found anything better. Thx.
  4. wysiwyg

    TV Question?

    No, I only get Detroit games on Hulu + in my area. Gotta keep MLB.tv for all games other than blackout games vs. Detroit.
  5. wysiwyg

    TV Question?

    I am blacked out for Detroit games also from my area and have MLB.tv and started Hulu+ last summer. All Detroit games were televised on Hulu, so we had no problem watching all games.
  6. wysiwyg

    The Sox really have landed JDA....

    JA Rule !!!
  7. wysiwyg

    Trivia question of the day

    Gotta go with Richard Dotson.
  8. wysiwyg

    Comcast Sports Net out of town?

    QUOTE (WhiteSoxfan1986 @ Feb 16, 2011 -> 03:22 AM) I thought MLB was going to change the blackout rules? I've contacted Brooks Boyer about this the last couple of years to see if there is anything he can do on his end. Sounds like they (Brooks and Bob Grim) are pushing a boulder up a mountain to get around the ancient territory rules. Here's his latest response from last November: Thanks. Ironically, we just had some Industry Meetings last week in Florida and we brought this topic up with League Office broadcasting personnel. Not sure we resolved anything or made much head-way but we are trying. Really appreciate the follow up. Brooks
  9. wysiwyg

    MLB Extra Innings subscribers

    I emailed Dish Network and this was there reply: Thank you for your email. On behalf of our company, we do apologize for the inconvenience. At this point we are unsure of the MLB¿s intentions, but subscribers are welcome to voice their concerns directly to the MLB at the number or address below. Please contact: The Office of the Commissioner of Baseball Allan H. (Bud) Selig, Commissioner 245 Park Avenue, 31st Floor New York, NY 10167 Phone: (212) 931-7800
  10. wysiwyg

    Resign Carl Everett

    No Way!! I think we can get anyone to come in and swing at every friggin' pitch he sees! "Way to work the count there, Carl. What did you see, 4 pitches that game?"