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    Ron Karcovice and Ron Kittle
  1. Benson&Rexage

    Bears games

    I will be there to. Preseason games and just a huge drunk fest. I drove to indy on Saturday and every one there was either hammered or left after the staters sat. I was hammered and stayed for the bears win
  2. Benson&Rexage

    Favorite Childhood Smells

    Allways. Musical Youth is a great band. Pass the dutchie on the left hand side.
  3. Benson&Rexage


    Encino man and no hold bar two greatest pieces of cinima ever
  4. Benson&Rexage

    Bears games

    I got season tickets for graduation SEC 332 Row 1 Seat 8 go bears Chad Hutchinson fan club sign me up
  5. Benson&Rexage

    Favorite Childhood Smells

    A self impossed dutch oven. I love hot gas!
  6. Benson&Rexage

    Jonathan Quinn, Medecine Woman

    Quinn would not even be a top five qb in the big ten this year and he is in the NFL.What a turd snatcher he was
  7. Benson&Rexage

    Encino Man

    Is anyone else shocked that this film did not win any Oscars.
  8. Benson&Rexage

    Is homosexuality normal?

    Have you guys ever seen Encino Man. What a film
  9. Benson&Rexage

    Benson's 7th Heaven

    So do I . Her and I went to a Billy Ocean show in 86 it rocked we had an excellent time. We had some soda and licorice and partied to the sun went down.
  10. Benson&Rexage

    Benson's 7th Heaven

    That is one of Billy's childern I believe
  11. Benson&Rexage

    Is homosexuality normal?

    Billy Ocean used to be a cheerleader at SMU but he got kicked out for having an eight ball of coke is his locker
  12. Benson&Rexage

    Favorite Movie Theme Songs

    Godfather theme and Panama by Van Halen for the film "Get out of my dreams" The Life and Times of William Ocean
  13. Benson&Rexage

    Benson's 7th Heaven

    Why are you being so mean? I love you just like Billy does. Chi Sox girl- get out of my dreams and into my car (get in the back seat baby)
  14. Benson&Rexage

    Is homosexuality normal?

    LTBONL Listen to Billy Ocean No Lesbians. Its a charity based organiztion out of Topeka Kansas. I think Paul Pierce is a member. Its pretty cool. Thier symbol is a picture of Greg Ostertag with his arm around Billy
  15. Benson&Rexage

    Benson's 7th Heaven

    On Christmas day this year Billy Ocean, Slayer, Dokken, Brutis the Barber Beefcake, Fat Boys, and Black Box are putting on a show at the Cell. They are thinking about cancelling the Bears Packers game. Your thoughts