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    I know very, very few Sox fans. The board allows me to chat with other Sox fans who love the team as much as I do.
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    JIMMY !
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    When Bo Jackson hit that high, towering home run to launch us into the playoffs.
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  1. Ive never understood people's embarrassmennt over taking a loud dump or farting in a public restroom. I mean, that's the proper place to do it, right?
  2. Ever been in your car, stuck in traffic, when suddenly, out of nowhere, you get 'the rumbles'?? You know you have about 5 mins to get on a toliet. One of the worse feelings.
  3. Easy one. Stevie Ray Vaughn. Filthy, yet clean.
  4. I'm no hockey fan, but it seems like the Flyers have heavily dominated the last 4 periods of the series. The score doesn't show it, but I bet shots on goal and the time the puck spends in the Hawk's half of the ice tells the story. It looks like the Flyers are on a power play all the time with the Hawks defending for their lives. Help me out.
  5. QUOTE (bmags @ May 23, 2010 -> 10:47 AM) Got a call from my friend yesterday "Hey man, wanna go to this music festival in Tinley Park, it's $25" "Eh, I'm trying to save my money and they'll rape me with the cost of beer, what's playing" "Don't worry bout the ticket, It's gonna just be some live music, the sun, some folk stuff" "Alright" Mother f***er tricked me into going to Country Thunder. While there was an extraordinary # of good looking women dressed in daisy dukes and letting their boobs hang out (who also all raised their hands when asked if there were any believers in the audience) The dudes were all absolutely hideous. Quite a conundrum. Also, I was doing fairly well when the sun was out, and we had some alcohol and I could just relax, but when the sun went down and I was forced to listen to the final act exclusively, Montgomery Gentry. And I can say, I understand most every other music and why it can appeal to people even if I don't like it...except for country. I really have no f***ing clue the difference between each individual song, why everyone sings in the same voice, and how the f*** it can be enjoyable to just talk about honky tonking and your truck. It was f***ing painful. Especially losing a saturday night to that. Amen. The only decent country is old country, Cash, Nelson, Williams Sr.... etc. 'New'counrty is very much like hip hop... in it's pointless bragging.
  6. QUOTE (lord chas @ May 29, 2010 -> 12:47 PM) dennis hopper RIP Indeed. Look for Sean Penn to speak on it at next year's Oscars.
  7. Super foggy, but I'm not sure if it will rain heavily. All forecasts say rain : {
  8. QUOTE (Milkman delivers @ Mar 29, 2010 -> 03:11 PM) I've heard the exact opposite from every person I know that saw it, plus all of the critics I pay attention to. Dude, you don't strike me as a guy who laughs easily, trust me, save the 9 bucks.
  9. Moved back to Chi about 3 weeks ago. Great to be back!
  10. Any good shows in town next week?
  11. QUOTE (farmteam @ Mar 24, 2010 -> 11:45 AM) Them Crooked Vultures at the Aragon on May 18th. I'm stoked, I love the Aragon, and I really want to see them live. what do like about the Aragon? The size? It cannot be the quality of the sound in there.
  12. QUOTE (SHIPPS @ Mar 29, 2010 -> 01:29 PM) Nooooooooooooo it wasnnnnnnnnnnnt. Stop misguiding people. I just didnt laugh in that movie at all,really. I agree. God awful.
  13. How about their age and the point at their careers when they did it?
  14. QUOTE (BigSqwert @ Feb 10, 2010 -> 01:03 PM) Check out the slide show in this article. It's newly released photos of the 9/11 attack. Stunning. Im sure I noticed it before, but the weather was beautiful that day. Clear skies helped capture those clear shots.
  15. Another factor to consider is the technological advances, in film, lighting and photography.
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