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  1. Anybody check this out? It's silly as hell but I was entertained. https://grandstandcentral.com/the-next-80-n...im-ad1a78d7a129 2K18 simulation breaking down/predicting the next 80 nba champions. According to this, the Bulls are about to go on a 90's-like run starting in 2023. NBA champs in '23, '24, '26, '27, '28. Again, this is silly and means absolutely nothing. I thought it was at least fun to scroll through.
  2. QUOTE (Da_Goob @ Feb 18, 2018 -> 10:16 PM) Best all star game in years Definitely the best since 2013. Looks like the new format and all the charity money did the trick, at least for this year.
  3. QUOTE (danman31 @ Feb 17, 2018 -> 09:26 PM) Solid dunk contest. Some great dunks and some good showmanship and creativity. Not sure it was as memorable as some. Needs more Zach LaVine Lavine, Gordon, Mitchell, and DSJ would be a fantastic field.
  4. QUOTE (KyYlE23 @ Feb 4, 2018 -> 03:55 PM) Had to get back to restoring classic cars More savageness. I actually liked his 49iner passion. But he went ta loco towards the end.
  5. QUOTE (LittleHurt05 @ Feb 4, 2018 -> 02:04 PM) 20-17 Pats I hope I win the tickets from SoxObama! Ouch. This was indeed very savage of you. Whatever happened to that dude anyway?
  6. QUOTE (Quin @ Jan 29, 2018 -> 05:55 PM) I don't know if I get this trade from either side at the moment. Unless Clippers can flip Harris and Bradley. Drummond/Griffin should at the very least be interesting.
  7. QUOTE (SoxAce @ Jan 29, 2018 -> 08:06 PM) That pick is 1-4 protected till 2021 (unprotected). And Dan Gilbert with 5-6 of his scouts were at the Oklahoma game a couple days ago to see Young and Sexton so I doubt Brooklyn pick is in the works. It shouldn't be. Gilbert isn't gonna let LeBron fist-f*** him again.
  8. Andre Roberson out for the season. Another huge blow for a western conference contender. Dude is as elite as it gets defensively. The stats and eye test back it up.
  9. It took me two hours to figure out what a TOR starter was. I'm thinking Toronto Blue Jays or some s***.
  10. Cousins out for the rest of the season. Terrible. They would've been a nightmare first round matchup for any of the top seeds out west. I was hoping they would be able to make a trade for some more shooting before the deadline. Doesn't matter now, though.
  11. QUOTE (SoxAce @ Jan 21, 2018 -> 05:06 PM) This is why Tom Brady is the GOAT. It's a good time to be alive. 8 super bowls? Are you god damn serious? I can go to my grave knowing I got to witness the greatest football player to ever live (not close) in real time.
  12. Is there any precedent for what Coach K just pulled off? The three consensus best prospects in one class? Just asking as I don't follow college hoops religiously like some do around here.
  13. QUOTE (iWin4Ron @ Jan 20, 2018 -> 01:22 PM) wow great article, I might actually watch Warriors vs. Rockets tonight because of it (haven't watched a single game this year) Indeed. And after reading it I'm even more convinced the next three titles are spoken for unless KD or Steph get hurt.
  14. QUOTE (JenksIsMyHero @ Jan 17, 2018 -> 08:27 PM) Bulls are too tired to actually win this, but first half was entertaining Too tired? I was thinking more that they're playing the greatest team of all-time. That's why they're not going to win.
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