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  1. yahoo.com/s/271356 Can the EV's bridge the gap between the GOP & Greens? If this happens what impact will this have on the Dems? I think this is a major development because the GOP depends heavily on the religious wing. This also might be the biggest battle brewing in the GOP because it pits the the two biggest lobbying blocks against one another: profiteers vs religious right. If a compromise can be reached I think it will weaken the Dems on the issue.
  2. Even if all that were to come true (A BIG WALLY-DO IF) they still are a slow team both in the field & on the bases. If Chicago plays as expected & the Twins wish list comes true Chicago will still win the division.
  3. They can dump his arse after 30 days. Not even in the same league as Frank's & Piazza's deals. Haven't heard diddly about Gonzo. He seems to have fallen completely off the radar. Had he accepted the Tigger's offer I don't see them signing Maggs. I'd hate to think of Maggs with a contender so I'm very glad he didn't.
  4. Wuvs MGD, but would like to see more imports as well. Are the exclusive beer associations unique to Chicago teams?
  5. 1) Do you know how petty that makes you sound? 2) Do you know how that portrays you as a stalker? 3) Do you realize that some of us priv class consultants actually have to do work once in a while? I will remind myself that from now on when I am working on my laptop at work to close the SOXTALK window. Otherwise my stalkers will spend endless hours trying to track me
  6. I will fill you in. In an effort to prove a dumb point someone of the priv class here created a thread specifically aimed at me. But since that goes against the rules & regulations of the forum I have to assume it was closed & possibly deleted before even I got a chance to vote in it. Had they left it up they would have been caught in their own web of hypocrisy that protects Steff. Now Steff is a good Sox fan. She supports the Sox probably better than most. It's the one thing about her I actually admire & it's a thing that no matter how abusive, obnoxious, or low ball her behavior becomes will never be taken away from her. Since we are here primarily in unison as White Sox fans that part of Steff will always remain dear to my heart. Again for the logically challenged that little paragraph doesn't even knock Steff. If you understand the tense & context that is.
  7. Oh logic! Apparently it's not a required class. Which is why everyone should have to take classes in the study of processes & systems. That which minimizes random elements is that which is more predictive. Adoption of a true ID paradigm would lead to a greater influx of mathematicians into the world of geological study. That which is presently in control of neo-Darwinists would give way to those who are experts in probability & statistics.
  8. I guess all my hiding is what gets threads like this closed CONS vote their pocketbooks & LIBS? I'm scratching my head on that one. Is it the right to take it up the arse? No they've got that already. Oh wait! I know! Maybe it's the need to be acknowledged for taking it up the arse! That could be it. Now for the logic challenged the post is offensive to no one. I clearly have not stated it as a fact but merely speculation on my part. There is no direct reference to any member & there is no direct association to any group of members. Yet I'm sure someone will go crying to mommy about it. I am assuming that Filibuster is adults only. If I'm not right about that please let me know!
  9. Normally I to side with the majority opinion so it's glad it ended in a 29-29 tie. I didn't vote so I guess I break the tie & majority wins. But the ignore feature at the site puts a spin on this debate. What's an ignore feature analogy in the real world? I would say a degree of censorship as to what can be said in public. I would consider the right to say whatever you want in private or amongst private groups would be a fundamental minority right that the majority would always approve of. So the vote is meaningless because everyone has the right to censor another her at SOXTALK. When you respond to a person's post you have freely choosen to read it. No one compelled you & the person writing it certainly isn't posturing themselves to get notice. They certainly aren't saying it to get accepted either. They are just sharing what's on their mind. BS'g in the kitchen at work if you will.
  10. I have to go so this will be my last post for today: The social CON/LIB questionaire: Do you think the government should do nothing about abortion on demand? NO = CON, YES = LIB Do you think tax dollars should fund contraceptive distribution in HS? NO = CON, YES = LIB Do you believe the mention of God, any talk of spirituality, & any reference to the Bible, Koran, Torah, etc. should be forbidden in public schools? NO = CON, YES = LIB Do you believe some illicit drugs (narcotics) should be legal? NO = CON, YES = LIB Do you believe the existing porn-culture of America is a good thing? NO = CON, YES = LIB Do you believe the age of consent for sexual activity should be lowered to 12? NO = CON, YES = LIB Do you believe Kinsey & the Kinsey Institute has done more good than harm? NO = CON, YES = LIB Do you believe the Kinsey institute is right in advocating incest should be legal? NO = CON, YES = LIB The economic CON/LIB questionaire: Do you believe government should be allowed to grow & raise taxes to solve as many problems as possible? NO = CON, YES = LIB Do you believe America is better off with big government & high taxes? NO = CON, YES = LIB Do you believe government should continue to fund horses*** programs like PPH? NO = CON, YES = LIB Should the government be in the business of assisting baby-killers? NO = CON, YES = LIB Are teacher's unions beneficial to education? NO = CON, YES = LIB Do you think it's reasonable that public education costs on avg $10K/yr pe r child? NO = CON, YES = LIB Do you think it's reasonable that the avg administrator makes more than the teacher? NO = CON, YES = LIB I was considering putting CON always = NO, YES always = LIB up at the top but then I remembered the target audience. If you answered NO to all congratulations! You are part of the higher order of man. If you answered a few YES, you have some work to do. If you answered mostly YES, may you seek abortion & the morning pill as your resolution to procreation. If you answered YES to all shame, shame, shame! If I offered to find you a job in France would you consider moving?
  11. Now that's funny! That I would say is worthy of being owned. As to his not understanding that doesn't surprise me. If you suffer from SAST as so many of you here obviously do anything past 3 lines in length would likely be hard for you to understand. But I give him credit. He linked my frustration with my own kid with my visions of the future in creating less flawed life & he did it in a funny way.
  12. You can't see where that came from? Sad. It's pretty obvious where it came from. Some weighing in claiming to be conservative. They obviously don't know what the word means so I had to spell it out for them in terms they might be capable of understanding. Here's some advice for you. Go to the IL GOP site & read the charter then do the same at the IL DEM site. Then decide what you are before you make a claim to the contrary.
  13. I'll make this blatantly simple: If you believe in abortion on demand you are NOT a social conservative. If you believe in tax dollars paying for contraception in high schools you are NOT a social conservative. If you believe in a severe sep of Church & State to where general ref's to God or spiritualism in schools should be prohibited you are NOT a social conservative. If you believe that illicit drugs should be legal you are NOT a social conservative. If you believe that the existing porn-culture of America is good for America you are NOT a social conservative. If you believe that children should be free to engage in sex with whomever they want as early as age 12 you are NOT a social conservative. If you don't believe Kinsey was the director for sexual predators & monsters in tabulating his sex books you are NOT a social conservative. If you don't believe incest is bad you are NOT a social conservative. On the economic side: If you don't believe that government should be limited in size & scope to the barest needs required for the nation you are NOT an economic conservative. That means little to no funding for all these horses*** programs like killing babies & what not. If you don't believe that with respect to education the government should provide minimal monetary assistance & have no say whatsoever in cirriculum you are NOT an economic conservative. If you don't believe that teacher's unions are a cancer & not help towards education you are NOT an economic conservative. If you aren't appauled by the fact it costs on average $10,000/yr to educate one pupil in elementary & high school you are NOT an economic conservative.
  14. That's a lie. I've admitted I've been wrong & apologized on more than one occasion. How many from the predominant political affiliation (PPA) here have done that? As for losing the argument on merit .. come again? Any one with a brain that reads the whole thread will come away with one thought: he's putting the time & effort forth to help his daughter.
  15. It's about hypocrisy knows no bounds at SOXTALK. I have to put Steff on ignore so that I don't quote her posts & rip her a new arsehole but she's free to do whatever she pleases. Why? Because I'm a conservative that takes s*** from no one. Both in this VW & in the real world. A conservative wears a bulls eye on their back here at SOXTALK. So when they decide to load the gun to shoot back they get handcuffed. So my balls are caged & I have to respond with benign & friendly posts that post links. The only latitude I get is the right to take pot shots at libs & leftists in general & now this week we see clear evidence that some at SOXTALK aren't even man enough to handle that so they want to handcuff that next. So if that happens (and it hasn't yet) I'll revert to using ____. That's like the greatest extent of pussification a board can dish out. Yet I guarantee you someone will b**** & moan about that as well. It just goes to show me that the predominant political group affiliation at SOXTALK can't handle what their wickedness compels them to dish out. Yeah! It gets downright disgusting at times. Which is why the ranks of conservatives aren't exactly growing on this board. But I think what leaves me ROTFL is that there is an IGNORE feature here at SOXTALK & if there were to learn how to use it they can selectively choose to ignore conservatives. But they are so addicted to their nature & need that when I am not able to frequent the boards they probably go thru some kind of withdrawal. Pathetic.
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