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  1. keep Mac Daddy in there or give Cotts some work?
  2. MacDaddy!!! You Da Man!!!!
  3. QUOTE(WilliamTell @ Aug 27, 2006 -> 03:03 PM) Great job Mark! ditto.
  4. Alll we need to do is execute against lesser teams for the rest of the week after this game. At worst, we should take 4 out of 6 against the d-rays and royals. I hope the royals help play spoiler against the Twins, and the Yanks get hot again for the tigs and twinks.
  5. QUOTE(Frankensteiner @ Aug 27, 2006 -> 02:56 PM) That sound you keep hearing is the cash register in Scott Boras' office. so true. It will be tough to just keep Crede here through arbritration.
  6. We're facing the d-rays next, correct? Who are the tigs facing next?
  7. BearSox

    This team needs to make some changes...

    QUOTE(TaylorStSox @ Aug 27, 2006 -> 02:50 PM) Jesus christ. This thread's like the twighlight zone. First somebody says that Uribe's not that good defensively. Then, people actually believe Ozzie's going to be fired. people can only wish
  8. QUOTE(WilliamTell @ Aug 27, 2006 -> 02:49 PM) Silva's gone. I hope we get the can't find strike zone reyes again!
  9. I'm glad Buehrle is having a quickie. Not only is it good for him and the sox and us as fans, it gives me some more time to play madden
  10. QUOTE(G&T @ Aug 27, 2006 -> 02:42 PM) More pitching from Mark would be nice. The real question though, is whether Mark has actually improved or is this a one time deal? I hope he isn't pulling a contreras.
  11. 3rd DP of the game. We have been grounding into way too many DP's lately.
  12. Hey rest of the white sox, did you see what Iguchi just did? Yeah, he hustled to first so he could be safe and there would be no DP. Rest of the team should try it some time.
  13. Too bad we can't hit decent-good pitchers like this.
  14. QUOTE(StrangeSox @ Aug 27, 2006 -> 02:35 PM) I'm kinda pissed when Uribe hits solo shots because its just going to encourage him to keep swinging for the fences. and it gives Ozzie more reason to keep playing him. I still think we'd be better off with Cintron getting the majority of playingtime at SS.
  15. Hey, Uribe didnt pop out!!!
  16. QUOTE(Frankensteiner @ Aug 27, 2006 -> 02:18 PM) A 2-1 lead to the Twins still feels like we're trailing by 2 runs. now we're up by one
  17. QUOTE(BigSqwert @ Aug 27, 2006 -> 02:13 PM) You watching the World Series DVD? I am not used to any starter on the team doing well besides Garland
  18. Podsednik getting an assist? OMG!!! I seriously can't believe what I just saw!
  19. Buehrle throwing the heat. An 88 mph fastball.
  20. QUOTE(The Ginger Kid @ Aug 27, 2006 -> 02:07 PM) Uribe. You disgust me at the plate and amaze me in the field. Uribe only has an arm. And he gets lazy with that arm quite often. I hope this is his last year with the sox. I can't stand how he pops out or chops out, and then takes a light jog to first. And, I believe he came into the season out of shape and overweight. Cintron > Uribe, plain and simple. Only problem is that Ozzie doesn't realize that.
  21. BearSox

    This team needs to make some changes...

    QUOTE(Rowand44 @ Aug 27, 2006 -> 01:59 PM) I wish that were the case, but he ain't going anywhere unless he steps down himself. to be honest with you, I can see Ozzie stepping down also.
  22. BearSox

    This team needs to make some changes...

    QUOTE(Rowand44 @ Aug 27, 2006 -> 01:49 PM) Ozzie ain't gonna get fired. If we miss the playoffs, I think there is a good chance of it actually happening.