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  1. rpmahr

    Congrats Alexei!

    this isnt an excuse to miss game 4 of sox/cubs
  2. rpmahr

    Sox vs. Rockies 2/28

    knowing uribe hell throw up a .400 spring and then we wont trade him and hell tank during the season
  3. rpmahr

    Sox vs. Rockies 2/28

    what are the odds ba makes this team?
  4. rpmahr

    Do we need a philosophical change?

    seasons over we might as well just give up and not even watch because its not likely that we can get lucky and everyone has career years
  5. rpmahr

    Frank Thomas

    i think it would be cool to get paid six figures to talk about the sport you love forever
  6. rpmahr

    White Sox vs. Indians, 8/07/07 (L)

    it seems to always happen that we can get the tough 2nd out, then give up a hit on the next batter
  7. rpmahr

    Fields' HR

    QUOTE(elrockinMT @ Aug 4, 2007 -> 11:10 AM) CF Aaron Rowand LF Fields DH Thome IB Konedrko RF Dye 3b Crede C Pierzynski 2b Orlando Hudson SS Alex Rodriguez The jury is still out on at least three positions for next year
  8. rpmahr

    Where did Downy pull this one outta....

    QUOTE(sircaffey @ Jul 30, 2007 -> 05:39 PM) Sandy Alomar Jr. stepping in. Kenny trades minor league prospects for sandy alomar jr as manager and robbie alomar as bench coach...its the big july 31 surprise
  9. rpmahr

    Iguchi Traded to Phillies for RP/SP Michael Dubee

    QUOTE(Kalapse @ Jul 28, 2007 -> 08:54 PM) And Dubee with 1 IP, 3 K, 0 H, 0 BB in his Kannapolis debut. hopefully there is something we saw in this kid that no one else saw.
  10. rpmahr


    it's nice to see buerhle get even better after he signed his contract. i know he has many more years left to pitch for us, but at least he didn't pack it in and turn to s*** like zito.
  11. rpmahr

    Why do you still watch the Sox?

    i have faith in the 20 game winning streak and the greatest comeback in baseball history
  12. rpmahr


    who would want contreras?
  13. rpmahr


    QUOTE(hitlesswonder @ Jul 21, 2007 -> 11:02 PM) CF: Erstad or Rowand Keep in mind that I think KW and Ozzie think they are playing to win when they trot Erstad out there. They fall in love with flawed players. Owens is clearly playing his way into their hearts with his rampant foot speed. The problem isn't not playing to win. It's talent evaluation. why couldnt torii hunter be an option here?
  14. rpmahr


    I know unless we can pull a miracle we are most likely done but why do they keep going to this guy. He either has nothing left or has some kind of arm trouble, can't we start working on a new 5th starter and give him some time off in bullpen or maybe put him on the DL if there is some problem with his arm and maybe save something for next season. I know that anybody we throw in there can't do any worse than Jose whether its Haeger , Gio who is doing well in Birmingham, Masset, Gavin Floyd who has had decent stats in Charlotte, or Lance Broadway. Maybe even put Jose in the bullpen and use him as a spot starter or something, rather than act like nothing is wrong.
  15. rpmahr

    CNNSI has Sox 12th, Twins 17th

    i no the media loves the red sox/yankees but i just dont see whats so special about the red sox or the yankees this year both teams lack the pitching necessary to win. i would not be shocked if the blue jays surprised people in that division.