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  1. QUOTE (StrangeSox @ Jul 25, 2017 -> 02:20 PM) don't forget to add PR in there too, then we'd have 54-50. There's a reason the GOP opposes representation for DC and PR. This would be the biggest 2 reasons, they're too liberal.
  2. There is a substantial gap between our bathtub and the overflow drain pipe. Any suggestions on how to fix this? Here is a pic: https://twitter.com/HuskyCaucasian/status/748950945510416384
  3. I didnt get my IL License Plates Renewal Form (or an email). I just noticed it expired today. how do I go about getting it renewed?
  4. QUOTE (South Sider @ May 8, 2016 -> 09:33 PM) I was wondering what Osha and Rickon were up to... really disappointing to see them in Ramsays hands now. Worthless northmen. They'd better not flay or torture Rickon.... but now, as always, there is a Stark in Winterfell again. At least Jon will save him. I kinda forgot about Osha and Rickon. I had a huge crush on Natalia Tena when she was in Harry Potter. Glad to see her again.
  5. QUOTE (Chicago White Sox @ Dec 18, 2015 -> 06:07 PM) While Kylo Ren is a very interesting character, the other villains left a bit to be desired. Captain Phamsa in particular was a total let-down. Plenty of time to flesh these characters out in the sequels, but probably my biggest gripe with the movie. I really hope Captain Phamsa comes back in E8, otherwise it was a completely waisted character. THey gave the character a unique suit, hired Gwendoline Christie (who never showed her face), then used it as a background part and one "minor" scene. There has to be more coming with that character.
  6. QUOTE (caulfield12 @ Dec 19, 2015 -> 05:52 PM) Daisy Ridley loks like a mix of Kiera Knightley and Jorja Fox from CSI Las Vegas. I thought Daisy Ridley was a combination of Kiera Knightley and Natalie Portman.
  7. I have more than a slight Hearthstone addiction. My name is Jason, and I have a problem.
  8. I just took a look at the theater near my house. On December 17th, a MINIMUM of 16 screens at AMC South Barrington 30 will be showing Star Wars at THE SAME TIME. (staggered times between 7pm and 9pm) That blows my mind.
  9. QUOTE (GoSox05 @ Oct 20, 2015 -> 10:46 AM) Starting to think he might not be around in this movie until late. Like maybe he has gone missing or something like that. yea, i heard someone theorize that he is actually not a major character in this movie like Han and Chewie clearly are.
  10. Interesting that we haven't seen Luke in any of the promotional stuff, except MAYBE his hand reaching out to R2D2.
  11. QUOTE (Quinarvy @ Oct 15, 2015 -> 04:13 PM) What makes this rumor not as strong is the fact that everyone was speculating it, so it doesn't take much work to get traction. Think Steve's Derrick Rose rumor. What Rose rumor?
  12. QUOTE (whitesoxfan99 @ Oct 15, 2015 -> 08:41 AM) http://www.ign.com/articles/2015/10/15/rep...ilm-coming-2020 Rumor is that the rumor is false.
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