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    Machado’s Missing $50 Million?

    Good summary of the pathetic job by the Sox this off season. Another year that I won't attend 1 game.
  2. Machado would have been the Marian Hossa signing of the White Sox. Huge loss.
  3. Unknown

    Race for the worst 2018 record (Top 5 pick) again

    Let's win some worthless games. I will never understand why they don't just forfeit these games in the 9th.
  4. Unknown

    9/22- Cubs vs Sox, 6:10

    Why is this thread so inactive? Saturday night against the Cubs wtf?
  5. Unknown

    Kopech Day IV- Gamethread

    Damn, Kopech got bombed.
  6. Unknown


    MonKada is done. I look at the box score after every game and go right to the K column. Dude seriously K's at least twice every game. He clearly is overmatched and can't even put the ball in play to prevent all these strikeouts. Not much hope for him imo. Hahn got hosed in that deal. Should have held out for Benintendi or no trade to Boston. It's beyond obvious Boston knew how overrated Moncada was.
  7. Unknown

    Moncada dropped to 8th in line up

    Can Moncada's picture be removed from the banner at the top? It's embarrassing.
  8. Unknown


    Yeah I'm very close to being done with this guy. He's just flat out awful.
  9. Unknown

    Sox and Jays Gamethread

    Dude is lighting up the K column. Very underwhelming first full season by the "former" number 1 prospect in baseball.
  10. Unknown


    Check out Benintendi's stats. Dude is raking. Too bad we didn't get him in the trade instead of Moncada.
  11. Unknown

    9/2 - Sox @ DET; Danks vs. Ver-Zeus-Der

    QUOTE (kitekrazy @ Sep 2, 2011 -> 08:17 PM) He is the guy wanting a big payday. He might be a mental midget when it comes to big games. Yeah, like that play in game with Minnesota a few years back.
  12. Unknown

    White Sox vs. Indians

    I think we can all agree that Floyd did not have his good stuff tonight.
  13. Unknown

    White Sox vs. Indians

    Did you guys hear Hawk yell "Stretch" on that Konerko pop up?
  14. Unknown

    Sox vs. Royals

    Chen had good stuff tonight. Tip your cap.
  15. Unknown

    8/6 gamethread

    Should have gotten a kings ransom for Danks at the deadline.
  16. Unknown

    8/6 gamethread

    Didn't realize Thome was having such a crappy year. Looks like he might be done.
  17. Unknown

    8/6 gamethread

    Great job throwing Cuddyer a first pitch meatball.
  18. Unknown

    7/31 - Red Sox vs White Sox

    Good thing we didn't make any more trades. We wouldn't want to mess with our tremendous team!
  19. Unknown

    Ozzie confirms Rios will be in lineup tomorrow

    QUOTE (MAX @ Jul 30, 2011 -> 10:47 PM) Lillibeast is playing left too. momentum = mass x velocity We need to put our biggest players in the lineup in order to get rolling.
  20. Unknown

    Sox looking for a starter

    QUOTE (DirtySox @ Jul 30, 2011 -> 11:11 PM) Clown shoes. Definite circus act by Kenny Williams up to this point.
  21. I would hope our GM wouldn't overreact to losing to one of the best teams in the league with a pitching matchup of Humber vs. Lester.
  22. Unknown

    7/30- Red Sox vs White Sox

    Bruney is terrible. Absolutely getting raked.
  23. Unknown

    Danks1 also on the market?

    The only way you move Danks is if you can dump Dunn or Rios on that team.
  24. Unknown

    Quentin sought after by BOS

    QUOTE (SoxFan1 @ Jul 28, 2011 -> 02:26 PM) Also: How many times is this quote going to be posted in this thread?
  25. Unknown

    Quentin sought after by BOS

    Brown reminds me of BJ Upton.