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Jack Parkman

Parkman apologizes to the board for his reactionary streak

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I've been pretty rational the majority of my time at Soxtalk. I went on a 2 month reactionary streak and I won't do it again. Frustration got the best of me. I needed to vent to someone, and I wanted to do it with fellow Sox fans. I didn't expect to get attacked like this for it. I used to post very rarely and keep quiet unless I had a well thought out, evidence based post. I changed that this year and I regret it. I'm going to post more often than in years past, but I'm going to damn well do my research again before posting gut feelings. WTF is the point of having this board if everything has to be all business all the time? People aren't allowed to get frustrated and vent? It isn't like I've been overly negative, in fact I've complained about that. As long as people don't spam threads and the board with b****ing about each and every minutia, then who cares? People should be allowed to show their frustration for a month or two without being attacked, ridiculed, tarred and feathered. I got so frustrated between the Sox and Bears that I questioned why I even cared about sports. Then I realized how much I enjoy them, even when times are tough.  I'm not afraid to admit when I'm wrong and I have to follow my own advice about jumping to conclusions. I guess it took getting roasted in the NFL thread to realize how reactionary I've been over the last 2 months. 

I have to remember this guy before posting. I have him on saved attachments for a reason. 


Some of the trolls like WBWSF and Tom Longo can GTFO, but I don't think I've stooped to their level. If you guys think I have, then accept my apology. 

My posts about the Sox skipping town is a legitimate concern of mine and I think folks are naive to assume it will never happen.  Most of the problem lies with ownership's philosophy that ignoring the Cubs existence is the best option, rather than taking them head on in trying to win the hearts of new fans. 

3/5 seasons of 95+ losses and 25 years of incompetence at the most important position in sports can get the best of anyone. 



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I'm going to post in response to the NFL thread here, so I can keep my promise about not posting there until after the NE game. 

1. Pace went for it with the Mack trade. There is no plan B I guess. If Trubisky sucks and they waste this defensive group, I don't want to hear any b****ing from anyone in 3 years. I expect to hear a lot of "awe shucks" from everyone. I applaud Pace for his massive cajones. 

2. I'm just as excited as everyone else about them starting 3-1. If Mitch is good, they're immediately right up there with the Rams for the kings of the NFC. The roster is pretty complete aside from Trubisky's development. 

3. I'm not waiting for the NE game to shove "Mitch Sucks, told ya so" into everyone's face. Belichick beat Peyton Manning  at his peak in playoff games 4 times for pete's sake. Obviously Mitch gets graded on a curve for this game. This is more of a If he shows anything that is a really good sign, if not write it off because it's Belichick. 

4. I was getting concerned after the 1st few games with Trubisky because he was having trouble reading defenses and throwing left. He showed none of that Sunday. Sunday was the first game he looked like a real NFL QB. I don't know how anyone can argue otherwise. Up until then, I hadn't seen anything better than meh from him. 

5. My whole bit about "Mitch sucks until proven otherwise" was me protecting myself from getting excited about a QB and let down again. It was irrational, I told you guys I understood that, and I didn't care. It was a schtick that I have that I shouldn't have shared publicly.  Leave me alone about that. Everyone knows the suckage at QB the Bears have had over the years, from Harbaugh, to Mirer, to McNown, Grossman, etc. Grossman's 2006 taught me a lot about not jumping to conclusions that someone is good. To me, they have to prove it over multiple seasons. How is that unreasonable?  I waver from very skeptical to cautiously optimistic on any Bears QB. I never go further than cautiously optimistic. 

6. I don't think that Mitch has actually proven he sucks or doesn't. Realistically, the jury is still out. 

7. Tony, I feel personally attacked by you in the NFL thread. Please lay off. I shouldn't have shared that schtick publicly. I get it. 

8. There are plenty of reasons to be excited about the Bears. They have the most complete roster they've had since I can remember individual football games starting in 1993. This team goes as Mitch goes. If he's good, they have a 3 year window to win 2 Super Bowls.

9. Go Bears! Talk to you guys in 3 weeks in the NFL Thread. Cheers!

 Superfans Toasting Beer.gif



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11 hours ago, ChiliIrishHammock24 said:


Enough with the gif attacks. I realize I've done a ton of damage to my credibility. I'm trying to repair it, ok? 

Leave me alone. 

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