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Jack Parkman

Opinion: Jay should be DFA tomorrow, bring up Collins and others.

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5 minutes ago, CaliSoxFanViaSWside said:

Add Robert and Madrigal too. Get rid of whoever is in their way.

I look at it like this,

If the Sox plan to compete next year and spend money on some free agents then that starts our competitive window in 2020. So lets say a 5 year open window to win a World Series . So if you bring up Robert and Madrigal now  they mainly have to be good in that window so the service time after that shouldn't matter because the guys we brought up 1st like Giolito Lopez Moncada will be approaching FA if they are still here. Let them all start playing together now and hopefully Vaughn can jump a couple levels next year and join them in 2021 or end of 2020.

Fans may flock to see those guys all together now.

With you 100%. I'm ok with bringing up Robert and Madrigal around the time they brought up Kopech last year. Given that Madrigal just got to AAA, I'd imagine that Either August 19th or 26th they should be up. I hope to god they don't waste 2020 due to playing silly service time games. They're past that point in the rebuild. 

Moncada, Giolito and Lopez will all be here in 2020, Maybe one will be here in 2026. Bring up Robert and Madrigal now. 2020 means more than 2026. Worry about 2026 in 2024-25.

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49 minutes ago, caulfield12 said:

Jay and Castillo won't be released.

The White Sox have too much respect/loyalty for veterans...as long as they're contributing SOMETHING positive.   With Santana and Alonso, they really had no other choice.

And it would just make Hahn look dumber, and bring even more unwanted/unneeded attention to the fruitless pursuit of Machado again.

It's almost like Hahn felt he had to sign somebody just to get the payroll to an amount not completely embarrassing. I know that's probably not why he acquired the guys he did, but it sure seems that way. Can u imagine how low the payroll would be without Jay, Alonso and Nova?

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