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  1. 3 minutes ago, WhiteSoxFan1993 said:

    Taking it away from Georgia because of restrictive voting laws passed by Republicans and then giving it to the kids of the RNC Finance Chair would be very odd.

    So the Cubs never get the All Star game until the Ricketts don’t own the team? What are we doing here? If you dig into anything you patronize, you’re going to find things you disagree with. It’s ridiculous MLB is doing this in the first place, but since they are, a team that hasn’t hosted one in 31 years is the Cubs. They’re probably due for one. 

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  2. Bellinger homer taken away for passing Turner on the bases. 
    While they’re changing a bunch of rules, how about this— when the ball goes over the fence, it’s a homer and all of the runners score. The jogging around the bags is just a formality.