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  1. When people are more inclined to trying to get reactions and meaningless cool points than trying to make sense, that is fucking ridiculous. I am led to believe most regulars here are 30's and older yet you'd think it was a high-school playground sometimes with some of the petulant, childish posting styles some of these guys have. You're at least another one who is always well-mannered and behaves like an adult and I have a lot of respect for that. This place needs more caulfields and fathoms and a lot less Rey Reys. I would say this stupid FB style reaction system is stupid but it comes down more to the posters who use them to expose themselves as trolls and the time they pathetically spend to do so.
  2. One thing I will always say about you is that you are never, ever malicious with any of your posts, even if it is warranted. I give you a lot of respect for that, at least.
  3. I put the dude on ignore and he then retorts by going through dozens of posts of mine just to "laugh emoji" all of them. After projecting by posting a picture of a crying child. So fucking pathetic. This is a person who is supposed to moderate this forum. LMAO.
  4. So much catastrophe in allowing this old, out of touch drunk to be the manager. Ironically, the amount of guilt JR should have over destroying his own team's chemistry, integrity, function and credibility should far outweigh his guilt for firing Tony so many years ago.
  5. Again, today's culture: blame and make fun of of the guy getting trolled rather than the troll. There are some serious fucking man-children on this forum. Sucks to have to wade through them to get to the gold of this site but that is what I get for trying to make sense.
  6. Do we even know how long his contract is for? Still to this day I can't seem to find that info.
  7. Ironically, a child like that resorts to the posting style you do. Like calling someone "sprinkles." Why do that? Because your logic and reasoning can't do all the talking. You're a troll. Off to ignore list you go. Because unlike you, I don't need someone else's attention. "Sprinkles." Never seen a forum where so many trolls are endowed with moderation responsibilities. Like having arsonists guard gas cans. Ironic that a forum that hates Trump so much functions much like a Trump controlled White House.
  8. If you were actually attempting to make a reasonable argument and actually paying attention to my posts instead of just trying to earn useless cool points for your stupid reaction emojies on the forum you would know it's a lot more than just that because I've explained it up and down the line... "buddy." Or champ. Or guy. Or pal. Or whatever stupid childish flair you want to put on the end of your childish comments. I always attempt to reason with people but at this point I think I've lost my patience and am just going to start putting more of the trolls on ignore because some people just want to be fucking kids and fish for emojies rather than have a sensible fucking discussion because of their fragile fucking egos and insecurity. I grow tired of people who not only don't listen at all after endless repetition but DON'T ACTUALLY WANT TO. If I am going to be the only one to admit when I make a mistake and then get shredded for it by people who are actually going to try to act like their shit never stinks then frankly it's a waste of my time even trying and really, those people can fuck off because they are just children looking for attention and I'm not giving it to them anymore. These people are gonna bullshit everyone and claim they can't stand certain posters but still reply to them because they want attention. I don't so I'll gladly say fuck you to such people (like yourself) and put them on ignore and from now on focus on having discussions with people who aren't immature douchebags. Fuck it. Since I'm looking for rational discussion and not attention like childish dickheads like you, I won't have any problem actually putting people like yourself on ignore. I actually back up what I say. /rant. "Buddy!"
  9. I guess the idea that an example simply reminding people that anything can happen can register in people's minds without having to rack their brains with overanalysis and intellectual dishonesty and then become childish trolls is a pipe dream. 🤷‍♂ Better to play dumb and argue semantics in order to hold stupid grudges rather than just say, "I understand your point." Holy fuck, that is just SO hard to do! I mean, these people can't even do it after it has been explained. Childish garbage. The amount of people saying stupid shit on this site and then having a coronary over a post making an OBVIOUS point because they disagree with the way it was made is staggering. But in all honesty, that's because said people don't like me so they will be aggressive and insulting out of personal bias and in their head they are justified. Some of us like to at least attempt to be adults. ️
  10. Of course. When someone ends up looking correct, troll them and make absurd accusations at them to try to make yourself look better and feel better about looking more and more ridiculous. Simply stating what I see and then watching it appear frighteningly close to reality doesn't mean I take pleasure in it. If more people acknowledged it was happening rather than live in denial then that wouldn't need to be a thing. Your aggressive push is just you drawing attention away from yourself and towards me, as with a few others here. It's strange how many adults clutch to these childish and insecure tactics. Fragile egos are so pathetic and there are a lot of them here. But nice try, pal. Want to try again, buddy? You sure, chief? See you later, genius boy! Bye, champ!
  11. I stated right off the bat "I may be wrong." I'm not sure how many more times this bears repeating. Yet you seem to keep wanting to draw attention to it as if I didn't admit it. Which shows that you're a troll. Forgetting the Sox won 2 games against Boston has zero correlation with baseball knowledge and if you think it does then you're ignorant. You are simply a troll who is now drawing attention and engaging in childish namecalling all because I forgot about a single series? I guess since some people like yourself can't admit being wrong then it makes sense for you to shred someone who can. Which makes you a pathetic and small child. A "shit post" is an immature douche mocking someone for being a man and admitting he was wrong (doesn't take anything away from my point, BTW but I admit it just the same). You need some Self-awareness. Saying someone made a "shit post" for simply forgetting a detail is merely human. You make a lot of bad posts yourself so perhaps you should keep your ego in check. "Sprinkles?" Really? You are really that insecure?
  12. I clearly stated I may be wrong. You then call me out for being wrong and now say I never said it? Or what are you actually saying? If you're that insecure that you have to literally attack me over nothing then I feel bad for you.
  13. You called me out for being wrong when I stated that I might have been from the get go. Well, I guess you deserve a gold star. I haven't said anything about logic in this thread and nothing I have said is pertinent to the subject of logic yet you continually seem to want a needle me as if I did because again, you need something to reach for out of personal dislike. Be better? Um, OK. You're *not* better all the time. Difference? You handle it much worse. Take your own advice. Basically you're telling me never to be wrong. Good look with that for anyone, especially you. No, you aren't focused on what matters here, just a pathetic personal vendetta. The point is that almost a 3rd of the way into the season, the Sox are not at all poised to be the team all the optimists keep insisting they will be, and there is little reason at this point to think they will, both based on deductive reasoning and on history. And if things continue like this, they WILL eventually have to address it and reevaluate. But you just stay fixated on splitting every little hair with me to make yourself feel better about your glaring insecurity.
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