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  1. I meant that just announced who was giving the trophy to KU in san antonio. did anyone else hear that voice
  2. Was the PA announcer the same guy from the Sox and Hawks game? Would be very doubtful but it sounded identical
  3. With yankees/dbacks, Vazquez is 3-0 against the white sox over the last 2 years giving up 5 runs in 24 innings over 3 starts.
  4. i sed that benson needs to find a new agent if he really cares about his game
  5. Ok, I've read the first four pages and all good stuff and maybe this was answered in the next seven pages but... Does anyone know the ruling on when Kapler will be tested? Not in spring training obviously, so was it on his immediate return or will he be untested till next year?
  6. i wanna punch somebodys lights out im so frustrated
  7. I'm just a little anxious for this red sox series as I am in Boston and attending friday and saturday night. I would just like to see everyones thoughts on this series. I personally love how we have our top two pitchers going the first two days to get things started. also on a side note, I was eating outside and DJ walked by and I yelled hey DJ and he kindly gave me a big smile and wave so if you read this DJ thanks for being kind.
  8. also saying that there were so many bosox fans in chicago...they TRAVEL EVERYWHERE! thats why there is a red sox nation and you can go to a game in freakin san diego or against a team in the middle of the earth and they would follow better than any otehr baseball team
  9. what an absolute joke this guy is. first of all 10-0 against the royals and just a tad bit better than getting swept by them at KC like the YANKEES did. a generic field? as you can see i live on the north side and i have had multiple cubs "friends" tell me that they like us cell MORE THAN wrigley. this guy is an idiot
  10. QUOTE(Rowand44 @ Jul 21, 2005 -> 08:46 AM) And if you ask ozzie a question about a player or any person in general you can be 100 percent certain that the word kid will be used. here here!
  11. haven't been on here in a while due to other things and a little superstition...but i'm going to my fourth game tonight and i am so pumped and excited for this game. east vs. central red vs. white 1st vs. 1st huge series boys. lets go white sox!
  12. The NL rule where the pitcher must bat is terrible and ruins the game. MLB should want the team to have all nine of their batters be true hitters and not up there to strike out
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