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  1. QUOTE (Dick Allen @ Sep 6, 2010 -> 10:46 PM) The Twins cannot win games outside. Getting out of the dome is going to kill them. Thank God the Sox are 7-0 on this roadtrip. If they were 4-3, it may be time to play taps. Did Target field grow a dome?
  2. QUOTE (JoeCoolMan24 @ Aug 17, 2010 -> 07:51 PM) I am fine with keeping Ozzie, but under the clause that he has no say in making roster decisions about who we sign, release, trade for, draft. Without Ozzie calling shots, we would have Thome instead of Kotsay. Let Kenny do Kenny's job. He's good at that. Let Ozzie do Ozzie's job, he is usually good at that. QUOTE (Felix @ Aug 17, 2010 -> 10:26 PM) Fact of the matter is that Ozzie shouldn't be playing GM for our team in the offseason and deciding between Mark Kotsay/Andruw Jones or Jim Thome. Part of that's KW's fault for letting him do it, but if Ozzie is going to continue to have that type of executive decision, I don't want him anywhere near this team. these
  3. over under on how many "sky is falling" threads???
  4. Fisk - Thomas - Konerko My favorites since I have been a die hard...I hope he finishes his career with us, I don't want to hang up my Paulie Jersey quite yet... He's the kind of athlete you want on your team...team first
  5. QUOTE (bmags @ Jul 19, 2010 -> 06:32 PM) christ mccartney and ringo could do a tour just playing beatles songs and probably sell tickets for $500 a pop Paul still tours and sells the nosebleed tickets for 75 bucks a pop...I just went this past thursday and I will tell you one thing...they were well worth it...that old man can sure put on a show.
  6. that thread is awesome....my 2nd day at the site...i was pissed.
  7. QUOTE (Controlled Chaos @ Jul 12, 2010 -> 06:03 PM) There's that evil "folksy" thing I heard such bad things about in the last election. If saying 'atta boy' or 'jam city' or 'he gone' is folksy and bad, then I don't want to be good. I love the homerism of Hawk and when 'he gone', I hope they replace him with another homer. The only thing I could do without is some of his old timer stories, but the excitement or dissapointment in his voice when something good or bad happens makes up for his digressions once in a while. He is a fan of the team he's calling...I like that. It's why I listen to the radio call for Bears games. Ilike the annoucers feeling the same agony/joy that I do. this is exactly how i feel on the subject.
  8. QUOTE (Steve9347 @ Apr 30, 2010 -> 04:09 PM) This team not sucking would go a long way in making this show more epic. + a billionty
  9. Soxtalk '04 > Soxtalk '10 it is amusing though
  10. anyone ever try this? http://www.tv-streams.info/mlb.html
  11. QUOTE (striker @ Mar 31, 2010 -> 08:27 PM) Here are some other previews (web) Fox Sports has us #8 in all of the MLB: http://msn.foxsports.com/mlb/story/Ted-Wil...dictions-032710 Orange County Register picks us for the division: http://www.ocregister.com/sports/baseball-...previewing.html both those links not workin for me.
  12. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2010/03/24/g...o_n_511639.html
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