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  1. QUOTE (Dick Allen @ Feb 22, 2013 -> 03:09 PM) There seemed to be so many injuries last year, yet they were among the best in fewest days on the DL. Shows you how spoiled we are, or at least I am, regarding White Sox health. Yep, we had the 2nd-fewest days lost to the DL. And Brian Bruney accounted for 20% of the total days.
  2. QUOTE (witesoxfan @ Feb 22, 2013 -> 12:43 PM) That has to kind of be the thought behind it. Bring in a LH 3Bman who can spell Keppinger enough. Kepp has not been good against righties in his career. Another point to make about this...Gillaspie does not have good power, but he has pretty good discipline. Doesn't strike out a ton, walks a bit, and he does hit for a decent average. As was mentioned above, I'd look for him to primarily "platoon" with Keppinger and to play primarily against RHP. Hopeful he can be a .750 OPS player (or better) in that situation. Anyone have word on his defense? From Mike Newman a year ago (link):
  3. QUOTE (Joxer_Daly @ Feb 22, 2013 -> 11:31 AM) Thanks for posting all that info, ss2k5. Very positive (unsurprisingly) given that the impression I have is of outside commentators dismissing the Sox farm system as being poor. Obviously, he's going to be giving it all the good spin, but am I correct in having the impression that the Sox farm is definitely moving in the right direction, despite the detractors? There was nowhere to go but up. The "detractors" aren't too far off, our farm system is currently one of the worst in baseball. But we are moving in the right direction. We are spending more internationally, and beefing up our international scouting. Our amateur draft strategy has improved as well.
  4. QUOTE (southside_hitman @ Feb 22, 2013 -> 10:59 AM) On the other hand, maybe Stanton is being overrated and peaked last season. Not likely. He'll be just 23 for the entire 2013 season. He should be getting even better for a few years.
  5. QUOTE (witesoxfan @ Feb 18, 2013 -> 12:01 AM) Oh yeah. Probably my favorite thing to do. The guys I work out with hate doing legs too and they're all "No one will see our legs anyways" which is partly true but legs are so vital to everything you do in the gym. Worked the calves a little too hard, but I feel good otherwise.
  6. QUOTE (LittleHurt05 @ Feb 20, 2013 -> 10:44 AM) 2008: 2,500,648 (30,496) 2009: 2,284,163 (28,200) 2000: 1,947,799 (24,047) 2001: 1,766,172 (21,805) Severe economic downturns at play though.
  7. QUOTE (KyYlE23 @ Feb 17, 2013 -> 08:53 PM) Keep this sort of....topic in the SLaM forum. Was it originally in Pale Hose? She probably misunderstood the point of the forum.
  8. QUOTE (witesoxfan @ Feb 15, 2013 -> 04:31 PM) I would just like to reiterate that I love doing legs I'm so the opposite. Are you doing any squats? They are great result-wise but really make me loathe leg day.
  9. The author is estimating Danks' shoulder injury will leave him a shell of himself. In which case the contract would not be good. He acknowledged that if Danks returns to form the ranking "will look ridiculous".
  10. QUOTE (pettie4sox @ Feb 6, 2013 -> 11:26 AM) Honestly, I feel like I made a grave mistake. I am starting to think it was the sheer infatutation and not genuine. I went to her place and saw she practices the religion of Santeria. She had shrines and rules about what you could or couldn't do in front of the spirits. I don't judge people or their religion by any means but I somewhat avoid people who are heavily involved with anytype of religion. In a year when this broad is nagging you for the 10th time about disrespecting her relics, you'll realize you're in the same spot or worse than you were with the first girl. When a relationship hits that one-year mark, someone new can disrupt it because you don't think about how that excitement will usually wear off quickly. We've all probably been there at least once.
  11. 3E8

    Job Hunt Thread

    QUOTE (Steve9347 @ Feb 4, 2013 -> 09:04 AM) Quick question to all out there. I have a job right now with a 5 minute commute and tons of flexibility. I'm looking at a position that would pay about 50% more, but include a train ride to the city, then the bus. Worth it? If the new job is equal/better in terms of enjoyment and motivation compared to your current job, worth it. If the commute is too much, that significantly higher salary becomes the starting point in negotiation for your next job.
  12. QUOTE (Cali @ Feb 2, 2013 -> 01:30 PM) Unless Q is gonna turn into Buehrle Comparing their age 23 seasons: K% BB% HR/9 GB% FB% GB/FB Buehrle 13.6 6.2 0.94 46.6 31.5 1.48 Quintana 14.3 7.4 0.92 47.2 31.1 1.52 Obviously Buehrle threw more innings that season and his durability is second to none. But their repertoire and peripherals are quite similar. Even if Q is Buehrle-lite, it's still valuable. I'd stick with him next season.
  13. 45lbs for the Arnold press is tough, your front delts must be really well developed. I had to eliminate any kind of compound shoulder presses from my routine because it was causing me a lot of shoulder pain for some reason. Luckily the barbell upright row gives me a good burn in my side delts, but no pain. For another rear delt option, I recommend sitting on the pec fly cable machine backwards and moving your arms from your front to sides.
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