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  1. As a Tennessee fan, no one was more disappointed with Dollander's year than me. His command wasn't as sharp this past year, nor was his slider, but his stuff was still pretty great. He often would run into problems in the 1st inning and then would typically settle down, which made it more frustrating because once he settled in, he'd start dealing. With that said, I'm all in on Dollander if he falls to 15. If we can get the 2022 version, we're getting a Top 3 pick.
  2. Very solid. Good depth and can be a spot starter in a pinch, but more importantly, a good special teams guy.
  3. A lot of OTs are very comfortable on one side and have trouble moving to the other. Sure, there are guys who have done it. But several Pro Bowl OTs (Taylor Lewan and Mitchell Schwartz are recent examples) have said they could never play the other side. There is so much mechanically that goes into pass sets (the initial leg kick, feet positioning, hand positioning, how you punch, etc). It all becomes an exact mirror when you switch sides of the line, and that's not necessarily easy to do when you've been doing it one way for years. I recall one player liken it to trying to throw the ball with your non-dominant hand. I think that's one reason why we may steer away from guys who only play (or want to play) LT. Braxton Jones might not feel comfortable, or play at his best, on the right side of the line. So we can't just sign/trade for a LT, and immediately say "well, we'll just put Braxton at RT." Just something to keep in mind. With that said, I could be totally wrong and maybe Braxton would have no issue moving to the right side. It just depends on the player.
  4. The more I read about Walker, the more I realize he's likely to play as much (or more) at 3T than he is at DE, even though everyone listed him as a DE when the signing was first reported. He was most productive at 3T and LE for the Titans last year (3.5 sacks at each position; 10 pressures from LE and 8 pressures from 3T). Shout out to Adam Jahns for pulling that info. I like the position versatility a lot. I didn't love the signing at first, but I understand why they did it. And I can't really complain when we need at least 4-5 new DL.
  5. I think it totally depends on how free agency plays out. I don't anticipate Monty having a huge market at the start of free agency. My expectation is the Bears will make moves on other free agents to start, and take a wait-and-see approach with Monty. If they close on some bigger deals and/or with players at positions of greater need, then Monty walks. If they don't close some of those deals, then they consider bringing Monty back as long as it's on reasonable terms. If another team offers him more than we want to allocate at RB, then best of luck to him elsewhere. My ideal scenario is we add multiple picks by trading back, and then utilize one of those picks on a RB. Potentially Gibbs in the 2nd round, or any number of quality guys in the 3rd or 4th.
  6. This would be my preference. Spend money elsewhere. Unless you have an absolute game changer at RB, they're very replaceable.
  7. Aaron Jones restructured his contract a couple weeks ago, so he's staying in Green Bay. But the good news if you're looking for a RB is the draft class is deep, and the FA market is still solid even without the top-end guys. I'd be happy if Monty comes back, but on a deal that's easy to get out of before it expires. Like a 3 year deal, but if we cut him after Year 1 or Year 2, the amount of dead money is low.
  8. Jerry is penny-wise, pound-foolish. He never understands the big picture, or that you need to spend money to make money. Heck, one of his sons owns a company called "Frugal Pay" - I mean, you can't make this stuff up. There's never been a more apt business name to describe its owner(s).
  9. I think the Whitehair experiment at Center is not happening again. Ideally we're able to move on from him this offseason; he's just not he same player he was a few years ago. In your scenario, I'm probably taking Pittman, though Nelson is a close 2nd. Pittman is the youngest of the 3, and WR is the weakest crop among this year's free agent market and draftees. Buckner would have the most immediate impact as the 3T in this defense and he's an awesome player, but he's the oldest of those 3 guys, and I have faith in the Bears finding other ways to fill that hole, whether it's through free agency or the draft. Same with OG, even though Nelson would immediately become our best OL. A year ago I probably would have said Nelson. As for WR, this year's free agent class is extremely weak, and while the draft class has some solid Day 2 depth, in terms of adding a #1, Pittman would be our best bet. And that doesn't stop you from continuing to improve that position next year or the year after. If Pittman becomes your #2 because you've found a legit #1, that's fantastic. A WR group of Pittman, Mooney, and Claypool is far better than how we started last season.
  10. You really can't go wrong either way, but I'd prefer a trade down as long as we're only dropping to, say, the 6-10 range. One thing we desperately need on this team is blue chip players, but we also just need a lot more talented players in general. By trading down only a handful of spots, you still get a high quality player while also picking up extra draft picks. That said, if the trade up offers aren't good because teams aren't enamored with a player at #2 (unlikely because some GM is always going to get desperate for a QB when they feel their job security is on the line), then take Anderson or Carter. In an ideal world, we shore up the 3T spot in Free Agency (Payne) and then use the early pick on an Edge rusher.
  11. I love that the NFL Trade Deadline is fun now. It wasn't that long ago where we'd see like 1-2 deals made across the entire league.
  12. Damn, I got excited when Breer's report said we were giving up the Baltimore pick, and now Rapaport says it's the Bears original pick. I tend to think Rapaport is correct, but hoping he's somehow wrong. Our original pick will likely be about 10-12 spots higher than the Ravens.
  13. Signed through 2023 season. Cap number is only $2.1M next year.
  14. With that said, crazy that the Browns got Amari Cooper for only a 5th rounder last year. $20M this year for Cooper is pretty solid, especially given the contracts that worse WRs were given in Free Agency.
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