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  1. You really can't go wrong either way, but I'd prefer a trade down as long as we're only dropping to, say, the 6-10 range. One thing we desperately need on this team is blue chip players, but we also just need a lot more talented players in general. By trading down only a handful of spots, you still get a high quality player while also picking up extra draft picks. That said, if the trade up offers aren't good because teams aren't enamored with a player at #2 (unlikely because some GM is always going to get desperate for a QB when they feel their job security is on the line), then take Anderson or Carter. In an ideal world, we shore up the 3T spot in Free Agency (Payne) and then use the early pick on an Edge rusher.
  2. I love that the NFL Trade Deadline is fun now. It wasn't that long ago where we'd see like 1-2 deals made across the entire league.
  3. Damn, I got excited when Breer's report said we were giving up the Baltimore pick, and now Rapaport says it's the Bears original pick. I tend to think Rapaport is correct, but hoping he's somehow wrong. Our original pick will likely be about 10-12 spots higher than the Ravens.
  4. Signed through 2023 season. Cap number is only $2.1M next year.
  5. With that said, crazy that the Browns got Amari Cooper for only a 5th rounder last year. $20M this year for Cooper is pretty solid, especially given the contracts that worse WRs were given in Free Agency.
  6. Pretty solid return for an off-ball LB who wanted a massive contract. I loved Roquan, but 1) he hasn't played up to expectations this year; and 2) given #1, it's hard to justify giving him the contract he wanted. Sure, we had the Franchise Tag available, but then we'd be back in the same situation the following year. I'm also curious to see that the Ravens, of all teams, made this trade. They love to build through the draft and they're very good at it. Since they gave up 2 draft picks for him, I think it's a given they're going to pay Roquan what he wanted. Now they have to pay Lamar and Roquan this offseason.
  7. Conklin would be a great addition. If Orlando Brown somehow becomes available (I'll have to see it to believe it), then he becomes target #1 on the OL. Of course, he'd have plenty of teams interested in him. Either way, Conklin or Brown would be very nice additions. It's really unfortunate that the WR class is weak in both the draft and free agency. It feels like we'll have to trade for a WR, but I also think Poles is pretty adamant about building through the draft and we haven't had a full slate of draft picks in years thanks to Ryan Pace, hence not a lot of high-end young talent on this roster. I have doubts that Poles is going to make the type of trade everyone seems to want.
  8. Can we not delete our own posts anymore? Why am I not seeing that as an option?
  9. I love Mike Evans, but he'll be 30 next year and on his last year of his deal. Due to how his deal was structured, cutting or trading him also only frees up $2M in cap space for the Bucs, but results in $20M in dead money. Due to his age and the fact that you'd only have him guaranteed for 1 year, I'd give up a 7th rounder at most. But from the Bucs' perspective, why would you trade Evans for such little return if you also are only freeing $2M in cap space? Unfortunately doesn't feel like a match. The Bucs could probably get more from a team who's a Super Bowl contender and wants to add a big time WR.
  10. This is the kind of pickup that makes sense for a rebuilding team like the Bears. He's owed $1.3M this year and $1.9M next year. We can cut him in 2024 with $0 dead cap if needed. Small investment for a talented guy. Worth taking a chance on.
  11. I've seen multiple places mention the Bears having the worst defense in the NFL. I just don't see it. The defense was middle of the road last year. We lost Mack and Hicks, but Mack only played 6 games, and Hicks played 9. We had neither for at least half the season. We significantly upgraded the secondary. Roquan makes a big difference if he doesn't play, but I just can't see any way he sits out and doesn't get paid this year. I'm expecting him to play, and to play well. Changing from a base 3-4 to a base 4-3. From a personnel standpoint, it really isn't that challenging for this roster. Quinn moves to DE, and has played a ton of football as a 43 DE. Gipson played DE in a 43 in college, so not like it's new to him completely. Otherwise, people have different assignments/etc. from a schematic standpoint, but these guys are pros. They'll pick it up quickly. Is the expectation about the defense being the "worst" in the NFL purely from a statistical standpoint? I guess it's possible if the offense is horrific and can't move the ball, leaving the defense on the field all game. From a talent and coaching standpoint, no way is this defense the worst in the NFL.
  12. Yep, that's right. Large hit next year to the cap, but thankfully it doesn't really affect the Hawks since they're tanking. Would be a disaster if we were actually good/going for it.
  13. Absolutely love Drew Gilbert, but he needs to clean up some mental lapses on the base paths - was an issue a few times this year. Otherwise, he does everything else really well and the kind of player who is loved by fans/teammates, and despised by every other fan base. He's AJ Pierzynski. While he didn't come through at all today (which shocked me, but it felt like he was pressing to make up for getting ejected on Friday/missing Saturday's game), for his career in general, he showed up in big moments. The biggest being last year's regional - he hit a walk-off grand slam in the bottom of the 9th when Tennessee was down 3 runs. He's a guy I would never bet against. Also one of the biggest 180's you'll see in a player's personality from off the field vs. on the field. Goes from incredibly friendly, polite kid to absolute madman when he steps on the field.
  14. There were strong rumors that he was going to transfer after the 2018 season, but it never happened. Then he ended up transferring after the 2019 season. Word came out later that he didn't feel he'd be granted a hardship transfer waiver from the NCAA, so he would have had to sit out the 2019 season if he had transferred then. Instead, he played at USC one more year to graduate, and then at that point, he could transfer anywhere freely (without having to sit out a year) because he was a grad transfer.
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