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  1. Let's hope they play as pissed against Detroit as I am right now. That's going to be a crappy flight
  2. My kids love the fundamentals deck and you can watch the game from up there for an inning or two. Some shade up there. It's hard to get young kids to sit in their seats for very long anyway. Have fun and be sure to drink lots of water.
  3. I have a hard time believing that no one on this team just goes ballistic in the club house. It's difficult to watch a team that seems so apathetic. Perhaps it's time to bring back the blow-up dolls that made the appearance in Toronto a few years ago? Was at the game with the kids tonight and had to control myself to not scream obscenities. I just don't know if they have the desire to win. On a related side note, they showed Will Ohman's photo and a stat update tonight right before he gave up the three run bomb - Ohman's last hold 4/11 v. the Tampa Bay Rays. Nothing like flashing that up on the scoreboard and having the next pitch sail into the left field seats. This team is hard to like.
  4. It's not even enjoyable to watch this team right now. While I think they'll eventually turn it around and contend down the stretch, I'm not looking forward to the late season "what ifs". Really disheartening to see them throw games away early that seem to have sent the entire team into a downward spiral. My wife appreciates that the tv is open but, that's the only positive at this point.
  5. QUOTE (southsider2k5 @ Apr 27, 2011 -> 10:21 AM) We all laugh at him, but he is the one in the major leagues making like 10 times what most of us make, just to play a game. I think he gets the last laugh. Agreed. I can only imagine how lead footed I would look in right field trying to track down those rockets last night. The board would be a much grumpier place this morning I can assure you of that. No banana split for me.
  6. Lillibridge looks so young to me. All of the photos on the jumbotron, etc. make me think he looks young enough to still need his mom to drop him off at the stadium. I'm glad the little guy made the plays last night. I'm sure he was very excited when his mom picked him up after the game. Maybe she took him for ice cream? I hope she did because he deserved it.
  7. AJ does have a Weebles wobble but, they don't fall down look about him.
  8. I'm all for Sale as the closer with Thornton continuing to dominate the 8th inning. As for the 5th starter, I'm hoping Peavy can make it back in top shape sometime this season but, I think it's a long shot to expect him back early. Crossing my fingers that we don't have a repeat of the black hole at 5th starter that we had a few years ago. It's going to be a competitive season so every start matters.
  9. I think it's funny that the Cubs actually have a billboard on I-94 that has Pujols on it. It's got to be bad when you're using other team's stars to sell your tickets. I can't imagine a Sox advertisement with Joe Mauer in it. As for Twitter-gate, etc., it's a distraction the team didn't/doesn't need.
  10. UD Box seats > Lower Level Outfield... Once you get outside of the infield upstairs viewing can be a little hairy. It is far better than anything in the outfield though. If you can get your hands on Season Tickets in UD Box, you're able to enjoy all the perks of the lower level for pre-game, etc and then go to a much less crowded, much more relaxed atmosphere upstairs. Big fan of the UD. As for the Cubs series, I'm not surprised that tix were available. Most Cubs fans are realistic about their chances. The casual fans don't seem to be interested in their team yet this year. Certainly haven't been hearing any silliness about a World Series or playoffs from my Cub fan friends. A Monday - Wednesday schedule flies in the face of what many casual fans go for - beer and sun. Gets a little harder when you've got work to get up for the next day and limited tailgating with a 7:05 start.
  11. Split Season Ticket Holders get the same box/cool packaging as full season tix holders. I think the big difference is the swag box that the full season folks get at the end of the year. I wonder if they'll have a preseason bobblehead like they have the last few years?
  12. I guess it's a start but, it seemed pretty hastily put up to me. Not much to look at and I agree with a previous poster that you might as well tailgate if you're going to drive. If you're taking the EL, I'd rather pay stadium prices for beer in the stadium and watch BP or walk around. Long way to go but, a good idea. The postgame scene in DC was much more of a party atmosphere. Live band, beer tents, substantially larger area set aside. The one big difference is that the land is not owned by the Nationals - private owner got the permits and put it up. Not sure the Sox could get away with something that loud and raucous just because of the neighborhood. I recall someone saying the DC beer garden had to close at midnight. Anyone know if Chicago has similar ordinances?
  13. This is a great idea and hopefully will be successful. I was in DC for the Sox series and the post-game party seen was one of the most fun of any ballpark I've been too. That stadium is just like Sox Park - nothing immediately accessible except public transit. The beer garden, while crowded, was a great social scene and perfect for enjoying a White Sox winner while the crush of humanity hit the metro. Cheers!
  14. "To all you kids out there, get that heinie down" Last night he did a promo for a Subway contest - sign up and win 5 subs. He ended the promo by saying "Stone Pony loves a meatball." It just sounded so ridiculous to me that I had to bring it up.
  15. My coworkers and I met Beckham at a crappy Chinese place we eat lunch at yesterday. He was with his girlfriend who my friends noticed immediately... I was the weird guy that said hey that's Gordon Beckham when every other person at the table said, "wow, she is hot." Anyway, I said congrats on the Crosstown Classic and the recent better play. I hope that the Sox would keep up the momentum. He said "Thanks but, I haven't been doing much to add to the momentum this year," and laughed. At least he's a realist about how he's been playing. I know most of you have more baseball knowledge than me stat-wise etc. but, I don't feel like Beckham should be sent down. A day or two off perhaps but, AAA seems like a spirit breaker. Given Teahan's out and our solution would be everyday helpings of Lillibridge, Nix or Vizquel, I'd just as soon Beckham work things out with the club. We have a nice 6 game stretch against middling pitching (Nationals wunderkind aside) and teams that might help get him back on track. At least that's what I'm telling myself.
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