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  1. Cotts is the 2nd best in the system. Honel is flat out amazing. Behind those two its Wing (Another lefty who impressed the hell out of me when I saw him pitch; also has an amazing pickoff move). I do think that Cotts is going to be very good though. I don't know how anyone can write him off after one game. Jason, did you see Honel this year? I have had some scouts tell me that he hasn't impressed them much this year. Said he topped out at 86 mph a game or two. I have never seen him pitch, so I have nothing to input here. Just wondering if anyone else has seen him, or even better, seen him multiple times? I have also read at a few places that a lot of poeple arnt very impressed with honel this season.......
  2. So who catches tonite? Think it might be wise to let Alomar catch the rookie? Then again miggy has the 2nd best staff ERA. (only ramon hernandez of the A's is better)
  3. Hurts doesnt it? Whats gonna hurt more... if this stays close we might have to root for one of the twins or KC when they play each other.
  4. Attend from florida? how the hell u want me to do that?
  5. For the record.. this was not planned as a Sox Net event.. it's been planned with folks from the AOL boards since April when the 30+ block of tickets was bought. Second.. there IS a post specifically referring to "beating the SoxNet gang" so please don't bother to backpedal on what was said. The parking lot is a big place. I'm sure there is a nice spot or two that Joey will let you use. They arnt tring to beat you guys out... Please take anything said by Minoats with a HUGE freaking grain of salt. Hes well a bit senile and generally crazy.
  6. Lead-off double for goodwin.
  7. Yeap. Read where JM was thinking of doing so today... Give Crede a break against the hard righty...
  8. 72... Do you know about our Spanish World crossing? Thats where we be haning out... If you dont email me at the addy in my profile here... and i shall give you the link and some other crap to get into there
  9. I'd love to have robbie on our team... Jose and Robbie would cover a LOT of ground...
  10. I dont know about that. Cotts is doing one hell of a job. But we are on the hook for 14 mill to botch...
  11. Good pts. But Juan has always come across as a selfish player... one who wants things on his terms at all times... thats why i figured he wouldnt leave tejas... thats where hes comfortable.
  12. Yea i bet those are the reasons... lol.
  13. If he is a competitor, then yes. If he wants to remain with a dormant franchise who will finish in last place again this season, then no. I doubt he accepts the trade...
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