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  1. QUOTE (Scwible @ Apr 30, 2009 -> 12:54 PM) I remember tickets getting released about an hour or half an hour before the game. I've done it a few times but haven't done it in about a year or so so I'm kind of hazy on the times. I know I've gone to the park, the parking people have said it was sold out and I was able to score some released tickets with this method. They have changed this to 40 minutes to game time, but you can go to any ticket window and request them. Ask for avaliable player released tickets, and whatever you do behave. Several times already this year there have been arrests of unrulely fans between 132 and 135. Great seats though. Worth the $ if you don't mind the net.
  2. QUOTE (Chisoxfn @ May 14, 2009 -> 03:33 PM) Awesome. Mom of the year!!!! I hope my kids first words are White Sox. Everything going good Steff? Its been too long. Well, her first word was kitty, but the Sox have taken over her vocabulary after 26 spring training games, LOL. Things are great. Busy, busy, busy.
  3. QUOTE (NorthSideSox72 @ Apr 28, 2009 -> 04:49 PM) I honestly think that with a little one like ours will be, who can't walk around or get bored yet, it may be easier than with a 3 year old. But I am mentally prepared for missing most of the game for one reason or another. Bri's been going since she was 5 months old and not being able to get around on her own was a big plus. Getting her into the routine that young has also helped now that she can get around. Now she just sits or stands on my lap clapping and yelling "White Soxxxxx". We've started potty training so sometimes she wants to go try, but as long as I have enough snacks and her juice she's great.
  4. QUOTE (DBAHO @ Mar 19, 2009 -> 01:24 PM) Have the Dodgers vs. White Sox games so far been sellouts? Thinking of getting a ticket now possibly for the game on the 03/28, to save the trouble of missing out. The only sellout so far that I've heard about since I've been here is this Saturday's Cubs/Sox game.
  5. Today will be our 15th game there and it's amazing. The staff and the park is unreal. I've been to every st field in Fla and 6 here and this is by far the best and not just cause its the sox, but because it completely caters to the fans. The facility opens at 9am. You can get players autos on the way in if you wait by their lot. they have been awesome at signing this year. After that you can sit at any 1 of the 9 practice fields and watch drills for both the sox and the dodgers. They are very lax. We've been able to sit right behind the plate on the concrete steps and no one has bothered us when we probably don't belong there. As for getting in the park, the gates open at 11:30 and any ticket gets you complete access except to the upper level which is reserved for team brass and special invites. The 1st base grass has the sun behind you and the 3rd is in your face. The sox are on the first base side and the players are awesome at signing before the game and after in the walkway back to the clubhouse. Even Thome has been signing which has been a rarity in the past 3 years. Sitting in seats you don't belong in is a no-no. But there really isn't a bad seat in the house. We've got tickets for all the games behind the Sox dugout and the plate but end up sitting in the law with the kids because its a lot more fun out there. The Cubs played there earlier this week playing the dodgers and their fans did come out in full force but the ones we encountered were mostly nice. A few autograph jerk offs, but when I made a comment to Z about taking his meds they all laughed :-). Overall I am completely pleased with the park. It's more than I expected. We'll be here till the 26th going every day but next monday (off day) and probably sitting in the 1st base lawn right at the wall (except for Saturday we'll be in our seats that day), so if you see us (2 chicks and 2 kids) stop by and say hi. Hope those of you going have an awesome time. IMO it would be hard not to!! Steff
  6. QUOTE (G&T @ Feb 21, 2009 -> 08:37 AM) This is the guy in the Juan Gonzalez incident. FoxSport QUOTE (Steff @ Feb 10, 2009 -> 12:25 PM) I agree. I heard he was using in 2007. Serono, Cypoinate, and Anavar.
  7. I don't understand how some of you are saying MLB had no "drug policy" until 2007. It's had one in writing since 1971. Bowie Kuhn made it crystal clear that " all baseball personnel must comply with state and federal drug laws". Then in 91 Vincent and Selig got even more clear stating specifically that roids were directly prohibited without a "valid" script. Then again in '97 adding that players caught would risk "permanent explusion from the game".
  8. QUOTE (kapkomet @ Feb 20, 2009 -> 03:28 PM) The first part is absolutely true. And, I'm not sure how much money they got from 2008 playoffs... probably not that much? So they may "lose" on that part. I do think 2010, if things don't turn around, could be super ugly for all sports franchises, not just the Sox. 2009's money is already spent. 2009 revenue is already spent? That's some screwey accounting ya'll do down there.
  9. QUOTE (kapkomet @ Feb 20, 2009 -> 09:16 AM) It depends on how they structure their incoming money, of course. It seems like they "counted on" more people after the playoff run of 2005. Of course, they would. It's extra cash straight down. But, I'm not sure that we've seen the kind of erosion of "discretionary spending" that businesses are going through now at any time in the last 20+ years. The effects there remain to be seen, I think. They counted on, and got, and spent the $$ from the '05 run. As they do every year the Sox put all "green" back into the club. I don't think so, but this maybe the first year they run red and don't put anything back into the '10 season. It's been a long time since that's happened. As for businesses, from what I have heard all the suites that were sold last year are still sold this year. Those are the real cash cows of the park.
  10. QUOTE (iamshack @ Feb 18, 2009 -> 10:02 AM) I do remember Steff saying over and over that one can recover and rehab after 6-7 months. It's been 7-8 months now, hasn't it? To be accurate, I posted links and comments from medical professionals over and over who claimed, with actual results, that an average person could completely recover and resume normal physical activity within 7 months of surgery to repair the injury. I did elaborate on that information and post my opinion when I was told that Jose was throwing in January that he would be back in May.
  11. QUOTE (kapkomet @ Feb 19, 2009 -> 07:48 PM) Do you mean by that ownership issues, or just the overall economy? Or both? It's hard to run anything well right now, especially "discrentionary spending" types of businesses... it's going to be interesting if things don't turn around soon. Both. As for the attendance playing a role, I'm sure many here remember less than 10 years ago seeing 10K, and many times less, in the stands. We aren't as big a piece of the pie as we think.
  12. QUOTE (LVSoxFan @ Feb 19, 2009 -> 05:13 PM) The only way ticket prices are coming down is if the park is sitting half-empty this season. Otherwise forget it. Once things go up, they never come back down. I was surprised, however, at them raising prices in this economy. $47 for a premium game bleacher seat? Ridiculous. I most definitely think you're going to see a lot of empty seats at non-premium games this year. With everybody struggling, that minimum $150-$200 for a family with two kids is going to seem like an awful lot. Tickets have been in my family for almost 40 years and never once have they gone down. And I don't agree with "a lot" of empty seats either. Renewal was near 97% again this year for ticket holders (full and split) so not too much of a change. And if we happen to catch a spark the place will be packed again with ease. The Sox have seen much tougher times. Have faith.
  13. QUOTE (Milkman delivers @ Feb 10, 2009 -> 11:19 AM) You're blind or naive if you actually think that's the only time he took steroids. Oh, it just so happens that he only took steroids in the timeframe in which he was on the Rangers. He's feeding you bulls*** and you're all eating it up. I agree. I heard he was using in 2007. Serono, Cypoinate, and Anavar.
  14. QUOTE (NorthSideSox72 @ Jan 30, 2009 -> 07:21 AM) The best part of that media part was that this line: "If I have something to say, will you show up, if I want you to? Because I have a lot to say" Was followed in less than 60 seconds by: "See, you guys in the media don't get it, but then I guess that's just the way you are" That is effing golden. I seriously think he suffers from MPD. He is just all over the place. Worse than a 6 year old after 2 bags of cotton candy. I feel so bad for his daughters.
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