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  1. QUOTE (southsider2k5 @ May 3, 2013 -> 07:40 AM) When Jose first got here, he was the most frustrating pitcher I watched since Jaime Navarro, though that was more of murderous rage than just regular old frustration. But man when he turned it on mid-05 he was basically unhittable for a calendar year. Easily the most dominant stretch by any White Sox starter I can remember in my lifetime.
  2. QUOTE (TaylorStSox @ May 2, 2013 -> 09:17 PM) Yeah, it's called pitching. Not everyone can be lights out. I'm not saying he was supposed to be lights out, I'm saying he doesn't have like one defining moment. Like Danks is just as frustrating as Floyd, but he always has Game 163. Floyd was just.... there.
  3. QUOTE (fathom @ May 2, 2013 -> 08:42 PM) That stinks, thanks for the memories Gavin. Thankfully they don't have additional years locked up in him. It's Santiago time for sure. What memories are those? '08? Haha. He didn't really have any stand out games that I can remember in his Sox tenure. Just a lot of frustration followed by intermittent stretches of dominance, followed immediately by more frustration haha
  4. QUOTE (southsider2k5 @ May 2, 2013 -> 06:00 PM) The draft pick crowd should be thrilled. This has been a great day for them. I consider myself more the mid-season sell off crowd thank you very much haha. The Sox ability to draft and develop has been more than questionable for a long time... They're much better at trading and giving a chance.
  5. QUOTE (flavum @ May 2, 2013 -> 05:30 PM) Merkin and Gonzales tweeting he was only 84-87. Lordy...
  6. QUOTE (southsider2k5 @ May 2, 2013 -> 04:18 PM) Scott Merkin ‏@scottmerkin 49m Sounds like Axelrod Friday, weather permitting. White Sox would need a starter Saturday--could be Peavy but not known yet What's Erik Johnson's schedule? I would have to imagine he would have priority to start if he is indeed on schedule. If not him, Rienzo?
  7. Well if he is out for the season, it's certainly his last in a White Sox uniform. So if he comes back it'll be with someone else.
  8. QUOTE (greg775 @ May 2, 2013 -> 12:27 PM) Cmon. I don't think the manager can be blamed for injuries. Tell that to Mark Prior.
  9. QUOTE (Jerksticks @ May 2, 2013 -> 12:15 PM) Ugh Blah Puke Vomit post. I hate when hindsight is used like this. Yep, cause hindsight of past decisions by coaches and managers is NEVER used when analyzing any sports ever.
  10. QUOTE (southsider2k5 @ May 2, 2013 -> 12:12 PM) Except none of the young starters or relievers are actually hurt. True, but both Sale and Quintana haven't look great so far this season. Q seems to get gassed around the fifth and Sale didn't look good to start the game yesterday, but manned up for sure to get 7 strong in there, but the velocity is inconsistent which could be a sign of too many innings. We won't really know until later in the season.
  11. QUOTE (fathom @ May 2, 2013 -> 12:07 PM) I wouldn't say it's his fault really. It's just the price you pay when you're in contention all season long. Unfortunately, the Sox have nothing to show for contending last year though. Well pushing a young bullpen and young starters and almost never using the bench hurts and that's kind of on Robin.
  12. QUOTE (fathom @ May 2, 2013 -> 12:00 PM) Let's hope pushing players extremely hard last year isn't coming back to bite the White Sox. If that's true, it's yet another ding in Robin's armor.
  13. There just had to be an article about how well the Sox stay healthy in the off-season didn't there? What a jinx that's become Jesus...
  14. Well now MY back hurts!
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