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  1. QUOTE(iguchi=dank @ Oct 8, 2005 -> 11:58 AM)
    Just to let all you Hawk nuts know, Hood just said Harrelson will be coming on at 1:20 pm, although I would check in at 12:20 too incase he was wrong, but I'm SURE its gonna be something we should all not want to miss.


    I am PRAYING he says something about Berman's sorry ass and saying that if they were going to let it be a one-sided broadcast that he should have been able to get on WGN.. it would be hilarious

    He was on the Score this morning around 10, from the golf course I believe.:) Very complimentary about Ozzie, Jerry, the team of course. Expressed his desire to call the playoff games after doing 180+ games (including spring training), but realized that the networks pay millions to have their guys do it. Didn't really put Berman down or anything. He doesn't really do any Hawkisms while he's watching, though his family shouted the Put it on the board.....Yes! when a homer is hit. His son bought three brooms before the game and placed them around the house. Today is apparently the first round of golf he's played all summer, which I find hard to believe.

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