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  1. I wish Crede all the best. I hope he gets surgery and then has a nice start to '08 so we can get something for him (unless getting cut would keep him out longer?) Well, he could always wind up DHing for someone else.
  2. there was an interview a few weeks back where it was said there are no throwback unis this year. Only the green pinstripes for halfway to st. pats day
  3. that was totally unbelieveable, congratz Buehrle, what a game
  4. I'll pile on the Brendan Donnelly hate. Cant stand him, and its even worse now that hes in Boston.
  5. The snap judgements, speculation and assumptions of what happened, and what may happen in the future is really sad. You people have no friggin clue what happened or what the situation is, and to sit here and say "oh Mrs. Count is a *****" or "Jose may have done this..." just stop. You dont know what is going on. None of us do. This whole thread is rather ridiculous.
  6. I'd love to have A. Jones & Iricho in the same outfield next season. I'd also like 150 million dollars and a miracle from god which is at least what it would take to get them here.
  7. Didnt want Javi on the sox when we got him, and I still dont. I dont see what others see in the guy. As far as who we could have signed in his place for that money, off the top of my head I dont know. Maybe Vazquez is really all they could get. The money really isnt the issue I have anyway, its the fact that hes gonna be here 3 more years that bothers me.
  8. QUOTE(southsideirish71 @ Mar 6, 2007 -> 03:30 PM) We we traded Young who was a great prospect for a guy that we were going to dump. Okay that makes sense. We ditched Young, because KW wanted Javy, and not for a year, and not for 2 years, but for a while. Fair enough, I see your point. I still dont like the deal though.
  9. QUOTE(southsideirish71 @ Mar 6, 2007 -> 03:24 PM) There is a not so bright group that thinks that because Vazquez took 3 years and 34 million, that Freddy would of taken the same. Freddy is going to make silly money, probably with the Mets, next year. It will be for 4 to 5 years and for boocoo money. I dont think that at all. I was hoping Javi would have been traded before we got to this point regardless of the Freddy & Bmac deals.
  10. QUOTE(Scwible @ Mar 6, 2007 -> 03:20 PM) from what i can recall, they don't believe in long term deals for pitchers. The one they did do, they got burned on but the name of the player escapes me right now. And ya gotta love a stance that basis all pitching contracts longer than 3 years becoming a total flameouts based on ONE player.
  11. Who gives a s*** what Gil Meche got? Below market value or not, this contract sucks. 3 more years of '5 an out' Javi? Yeah, great move KW.
  12. 3 years 34. mil? did i hear that right??
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