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  1. To be fair, we have no information that they are not conducing a full search. I get not giving them the benefit of the doubt, but it seems like no one really knows anything yet.
  2. Where did this Getz stuff come from? Were there any reports on this? Why is everyone making it sound like its a done deal? Did I miss something?
  3. Any chance this Ozzie interview is just fan service? That’s the vibes I get it from this. Espada is their guy, but look, we interviewed all your old favorites as part of a very extensive search.
  4. Or putting something out there to help with tampering issues? 🤷‍♂️
  5. Wow. They are really going to just stand pat...
  6. Vuc is 10x better than Grandal, but I get your point.
  7. Not to defend ownership because they don't deserve it at all. But the Sox have a top 10 payroll. The Guardians consistently have a bottom 10 payroll. They just use it waaaaay more efficiently than our management does.
  8. Need to go 5-3 at a minimum this week.
  9. On paper, they absolutely are. On the field...
  10. Looking at these matchups, this might be the best opportunity of the season to get a 4-game sweep and a legit winning streak going... so here comes a 2-2 split!
  11. Yeah Ruiz has nothing. Good call TLR.
  12. I seriously don't get how RH manages the IL. If a guy can't play, put him on the IL and get bodies on this roster!
  13. Yeah, about as good as one can expect after last night.
  14. No way it happens, but I would do that 2nd trade in a heartbeat: Moncada, Cespedes and Vera. Done.
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