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  1. Like I said, on the outside it seems nice and dandy... enough so for some folks to carve an actual happy lifestyle out of it. I have nothing against them. That's why we're here. But it doesn't change my opinion one bit. You call it hatred, sure I may share some dissent for those who brainwash, personally I find it a disgusting tactic to get one to submit themselves to a religion. The bottom line for me is that NO one single person can act as an authority of God. LDS acts as if they are the best of the best, Gods greatest children and Gods favorite. They feed this kind of propaganda to the youth to keep them within their circle for their whole lives. It is a giant scam and a giant lie, of the greatest magnitude possible! Think about it... what greater a scam then one based on a religion that people entrust their faith to? Religion is one of those things which is seemingly right and just in a world of confusion and hypocrisy. People turn to religion to help them get in touch with God. It is a sought-after service. So what better a way to scam people? Earn their faith and trust with the "words of God", and then you can perform any wicked, evil act you wish, on behalf of God and Jesus Christ. I'd be willing to wager that God and Jesus were not Mormons. I'd be willing to wager that when it is all said and done, in a just world, those who do evil things in the name of God and Jesus Christ are resigned to go to Hell. It's not hate, to me it's logic. And those who carved out themselves a happy life.. be they Mormon, Christian, Atheist, Buddhist, what have you, will find themselves also in a happy place after life. I'm more so focusing on the exploiters, the wealthy, those who use God to benefit themselves financially. As I said originally in this post, I share an extreme dissent for those kinds of people. Sorry for the confusion.
  2. See Emily Play is a great song, props to ye for a relatively unheard of Pink Floyd song! (I also adore Cirrus Minor and The Nile Song from that particular "relics" album) And Boz Scaggs is a cool dude My last ten: Geneis- Chamber of 32 Doors Joe Satriani- Always with me, always with you Styx- Miss America Steppenwolf- Faster then the speed of life avenged sevenfold- betrayed slayer- the antichrist outkast- roses Jethro Tull- Last man at the party NIN- Starf***ers, Inc. J. Geils Band- One last Kiss
  3. This is true, outside of SLC there is a bevy of national parks and forests, all beautiful of course. The beauty of nature is untouched by the ugly Mormon religion.
  4. It would seem to be that the Filibuster is more suited towards political conversation. I guess this would be the proper place for religious talk, though we've wandered far off topic. There is nothing exciting about Salt Lake City, whatsoever.
  5. I know your being sarcastic, but I think it's extremely sad how brainwashed these people really are. Being in IF which is a jump away from SLC, there is a heavy Mormon contingent here. From day 1, it's all about brainwashing these people to believe that the Mormon religion is the only true religion to get to the top tier of Heaven. Young kids have stuff like this whispered into their ear on a weekly basis. Adults have to contribute 10% of their earnings to the church. When they become old, they become freaks. Without a mind of their own, they are timid, but also weird. They will walk on the outside and inside of your property to snoop around. For what reason? Who really knows. The people who head the "Latter-day saints" can go f*** a goat. They are evil, twisted people deserving of the top tier of Hell instead of Heaven. And honestly, how far up your ass are you when you call yourself a "Latter-day saint"? Did God give them that name? They are a bunch of self-labeling, self-righteous dips*** assholes. I truly feel sorry for anyone who has had their life affected by LDS. On the outside for some it might seem nice and dandy. Big families, family values and such. But their minds are being controlled by evil witch doctors with the power of speech and extreme wealth. (how rich would you be if you got millions of people to give you 10% of their earnings?)
  6. One of the worst places in the U.S. Don't even bother with their nightlife, or else some 'hardcore' dimwits may catch you smoking a cigarette and want to kill you.
  7. NIN- March of the Pigs Uriah Heep- Prima Donna Van Halen- Where Have All the good times gone rush- limelight ACDC- Shake a Leg Neil Young & Crazy Horse- Pocahontas Medeski,Martin and Wood- Mami Gato Guess Who- Clap for the Wolfman Dr. Dre/Hitman- Ackrite Zombies- Time of the Season
  8. The ocean. http://www.independent.co.uk/environment/t...pan-778016.html
  9. here is my contribution to this hilarious-ness PS thats right I dont care enough to crop images
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