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  1. I'll give them a big scratch for you cwsox. Thanks for the kind words. I'm having my retirement party soon. I will be busy with other matters, and not on the boards very much anymore. Next year I'll be rooting for the team, as always.
  2. He said all that, did he? Guess he finally figured out we ain't going to make the play offs. I could have told him that, but he never asked.
  3. I think we are going to have to watch the play offs on TV this year. You know, I don't lack any faith, or anything like that, but then again I ain't brain damaged either.
  4. "Is it ok for SOX fans to root for the scrubs?" Pass the bucket, I got to throw up! :finger
  5. I think he missed the boat to begin with.
  6. More like "The Battle of the Bulge", or maybe "When Worlds Collide".
  7. You were just a little kid in 1959, like what, 8 years old? I was going into my senior of high school back then. I started following this team the year you were born. BTW..... My eldest son was born on February 14th too. I thought this might be our year too, after getting Colon. Who knew how good Loaiza would be? Had I known that, I would have made plans for the play offs. Well anyway, it all going to end like every other White Sox season I have ever watched. Someone else will win the World Series.
  8. I think you got a point there, a corpse isn't going to see any ball games because they are dead. Good thinking on your part. Did you figure that out by yourself or did you get some help on that? Well, you might allow for ghosts, some people believe in that stuff. When and if we win a World Series try not to be dead if you can, because I'm not sure about those ghost stories being very reliable. How about you guys down below me there, what do you think?
  9. Join,,,,,> White Sox Fans for Clark ) MEET THE GENERAL http://www.americansforclark.com/
  10. I was at the Alamo when the French attack us with tanks, and we only had bows and arrows to fight with. They had us out numbered 100, 031 soldiers to only 31 of us. Did we quit or run away? I think we were tempted too, but we stood our ground anyway. Yes, we lost that one, because we ran out of arrows. We will win this one though, we got a better chance now. and plenty of arrows
  11. Even confused players can win ball games. Let's just find a way to win a bunch of them right now.
  12. I don't care what anyone says, but that Yogi guy. "It ain't over untill it's over."
  13. I've been a White Sox fan for fifty years. How can this be the most dissapointing season, it ain't even over with yet? Don't pull the trigger on the gun, untill you have too.
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