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  1. QUOTE (RockRaines @ Nov 18, 2016 -> 11:00 AM) Duly noted, so far its pretty awesome. Yeah it's really good. We've been thinking about rewatching it in our house too. Glad to hear it holds up.
  2. QUOTE (RockRaines @ Nov 18, 2016 -> 08:57 AM) 2 episodes into the west wing. What a good show so far Feel free to stop after season 4. It'll save you a lot of time.
  3. QUOTE (southsider2k5 @ Nov 17, 2016 -> 04:37 PM) 99.99% of the country didn't know who the guy was until the media told them he was racist. You say this like it's a bad thing that the media informed people about something.
  4. QUOTE (DrunkBomber @ Nov 10, 2016 -> 02:36 PM) I see a lot of bulls*** stories about people drawing swastikas but I dont see videos of crowds of white people going around attacking minorities because of Donald Trump. You have a link for that? https://twitter.com/VAL2D2/status/796476988974239745 and this isn't the only one. Why are those stories bulls***? Are you claiming they're all fake? EDIT: Yes, that is what you're claiming. I submit that maybe you're applying a slanted burden of proof to fit your worldview, just as you have accused others of doing. QUOTE (DrunkBomber @ Nov 10, 2016 -> 02:38 PM) I told everyone on here for months that Trump was gonna win and I told them exactly why so maybe you are the one who didnt understand what people were upset about. What is this pivot? Please stay on topic. QUOTE (DrunkBomber @ Nov 10, 2016 -> 02:42 PM) Where are the videos of groups of white people attacking minorities because Trump won? Can I get a link, you said they were everywhere. Nobody said that. If you specifically need to see a video, I can't help you, but if I come across one I'll be sure to post the link here multiple times until I start an argument about it.
  5. QUOTE (DrunkBomber @ Nov 10, 2016 -> 02:31 PM) My criticism was simply that its hypocritical of people on the left to be up in arms over some of the stories online about people tweeting mean stuff because Trump won but wont bat an eyelash at the violence or anything else ridiculous the dems pulled this election. The video I kept posting is the worst thing that has been posted online that is election related and everyone on here just ignored it because it was a Trump supporter getting jumped. Democrats should be furious that their party did this stuff but instead youre sitting here trying to justify or question its credibility. Its not James OKeefes fault that the democrats acted like pieces of s***. We have people on the left protesting a democratic election because they didnt get their way. Maybe dems should have grown a pair and not been sheep and fell in line and just accepted this and you wouldnt have had to worry about President Trump. Tweeting mean stuff. Okay, I think you are fundamentally not understanding what people are upset about.
  6. QUOTE (DrunkBomber @ Nov 10, 2016 -> 02:03 PM) Im posting it in threads where people are talking about all the evil things white people are doing because Trump won. None of the tolerant left seems upset when someone gets dragged out of their car and jumped by 2-3 guys because they voted for Trump. Where are the videos of minorities getting chased around and beaten because Trump became president? Where is the outrage that George Soros and mulitple democratic super pacs were hiring the mentally ill to not only attack people, but to make it appear they were Bernie supporters? Listening to people say stuff like "Well I have a gay friend and Im worried that Trump might do this or that" while the actual democratic party was hiring people to attack American citizens is astonishing. Look on social media, there are assassination threats, threats of riots, threats of attacking Trump supporters and we have a bunch of democrats worried that Trump "may" do something because they listen way too much to CNN. So you didn't get the response you wanted. I'm sorry, here: Don't beat people up guys! To the bolded, not sure how it helps your point, but all you have to do is take your own advice - look on social media - to find plenty of examples of minorities being harassed, intimidated, and even beaten in the last day and a half. The fact is that bigoted people have been emboldened to act on their bigotry as a result of Trump's campaign, they've been further emboldened by his victory, and your link doesn't change that. Everything after the bolded is wrong. Not really interested in rehashing the O'Keefe thing, but he did some solid work following around a bus on election day. QUOTE (raBBit @ Nov 10, 2016 -> 02:15 PM) unfortunately, in this neck of the woods you have to post the wrongdoing of democrats multiple times just to get a response. When you get a response, it's usually just something like you posted. You dodge responding to things all the time, like no offense but GTFOH with this.
  7. QUOTE (DrunkBomber @ Nov 10, 2016 -> 01:50 PM) If you are, be careful of the tolerant left out there http://www.tmz.com/2016/11/10/trump-suppor...-chicago-fight/ Posting the same link seven times definitely increases its impact.
  8. QUOTE (JenksIsMyHero @ Nov 10, 2016 -> 09:37 AM) I'll say it again, I hate the fact that we elected Trump, I full expect him to be pretty awful, but God damn is it entertaining watching you guys (and other liberals I know) freak out to the absolute extreme. All while i'm sure you laughed when Repub's were concerned that Obama was a socialist and was going to destroy the 2nd amendment. CALM. THE. f***. DOWN. This asshole was a Democrat the majority of his life. Just because he fooled a bunch of dumb Republicans into voting for him on a "conservative" platform doesn't mean he's actually going to do it. What a s***ty post. Show me evidence that he isn't actually going to do it. The planet is going to get hurt. People are already getting hurt. If nothing else happens, if Trump is impeached on January 21, his campaign and victory have already emboldened bigots to be proud bigots, in public.
  9. I'll just say that Mr. Trump has yet to earn the benefit of the doubt.
  10. QUOTE (JenksIsMyHero @ Nov 9, 2016 -> 09:56 AM) What's funny to me is that people are freaking out as if this is some sign that the country has flipped, but really it's the same country with just a minor tweak. If 2-300k more democrats (blacks especially) had voted in Detroit, Milwaukee and Pennsylvania, Clinton still likely wins and no one is talking about White American and the rest of the bulls*** overreaction. People would still be talking about it if Clinton had won. They were talking about it on Twitter last night as soon as it was clear things were close.
  11. The utter lack of action on climate change will be the greatest consequence of last night.
  12. https://twitter.com/EByard/status/796317753749729280
  13. QUOTE (Ezio Auditore @ Nov 8, 2016 -> 02:39 PM) link me https://twitter.com/Deadspin/status/796076676480434176
  14. QUOTE (BigSqwert @ Nov 8, 2016 -> 11:48 AM) For those who were wondering who that James O'Keefe fella was, here he is doing what he does best, being a cockroach... link leon ‏@leyawn 1m1 minute ago im outside the polling place handing out fake glasses + mustaches to people who just voted so they can get in line and vote again
  15. QUOTE (bmags @ Nov 8, 2016 -> 10:02 AM) This post makes me very uncomfortable because it is so confident of winning. I dropped an "in the event of" in there, surely that covers me?
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