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When one season SLAMs shut, this one is open.


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I’m looking forward to cooler fall weather, trying some fall recipes like roasted vegetables and butternut squash soup, signing up for a gym again to get back into shape, having my annual “I want to leave this company after I get my bonus next spring” thoughts before they find a way to suck me in and I’m looking forward to seeing what happens in the midterms after reading about it for the better part of the year.

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I have a young varsity team, half are freshman. Tonight my top three boys shot 36, 38, and 39. I'm still trying to figure out whose going to be in the next two spots. I temporarily put in the hardest working two out of about six that had a chance. They happened to be freshman. 

The girls varsity starts next week with a 54 hole event. I have two of the best in the city. A sophomore and a freshman.

I'll be busy until May. 

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