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  1. vilehoopster

    8/3 Sox vs Brewers GT

    With Rodon looking scary, we better keep getting runs.
  2. vilehoopster

    8/3 Sox vs Brewers GT

    Yeah, we're gonna get one of those guys. Give me a break. Plus I don't think Joc is better than Avi.
  3. vilehoopster

    8/3 Sox vs Brewers GT

    You guys kill me making fun of Avi. Offensively or defensively, we haven't had a right fielder close to as good as Avi since he left. And we won't have one this year either.
  4. vilehoopster

    Who else hates Mike Wilbon on PTI

    He is such a passive-aggressive lying A-Hole. Any time he can jab the White Sox on PTI or anywhere, he does; but he ALWAYS starts out saying that he likes the White Sox and wishes them the best. But then he jabs them and tonight on PTI was a perfect example: It was the end of the show and he and Tony were doing their quick-at-the-end comments. And the topic of Nelson Cruz's great weekend against the White Sox came up and that he did it at 40 years old. So, as they wrap up on Cruz, here goes Wilbon. Something like this and it's pretty close: "I'm a Cubs fan but I always wish the best for the White Sox because I'm a Chicago sports fan," then he said something about the South Side. Then he ends it with his zinger on the national forum that PTI gives him, (again not exact words). He ends the topic of Nelson Cruz with this, "But they have got to do better than giving up 27 runs in three games." See how he did that, brings the Sox pitching failures in on the Cruz topic, and he starts off with his "Wish the White Sox the best and ends it with insulting the White Sox. Total lying A-hole move. Does anybody remember his "appropriate" comment from two or three years ago? So, he and Tony were doing "What's the Word", where they have to come up with a word to describe the topic they're discussing. It was two or three years ago (maybe four?), and the White were off to a historically bad start. And the question was raised that if the White Sox continued to play and lose that often, that they would have the worst record in White Sox baseball history. So Tony and Wilbon had to come up with one word to comment on or describe the idea that the White Sox that year could be the worst White Sox team ever. I don't remember what Tony said, but Wilbon said it would be "appropriate". That was his word. It was a while ago, so I don't remember the conversation too well, but he justified it (if I remember it correctly) because the White Sox fans are so full of themselves and their team, so for the Sox to be the worst would be "appropriate" for their fans to experience. That's when I first started hating him and I haven't changed one iota since.
  5. vilehoopster

    Sox Summer Camp Catch All Thread

    So, are inter-squad games going to become a daily or near-daily occurrence? I would guess, yes, because the pitchers need to go against real batters to improve and assess what works and doesn't work. And for the every day players, they quickly need to see real major league pitching. So pretty much every day? What do you think? Also, so Ricky can see who's where for creating a rotation. I want to see Rodon and if he is worthy of being in the rotation.
  6. vilehoopster

    Will There Be a 2020 Season?

    So what? It's still awful.
  7. vilehoopster

    Top 3 Things You’re Looking Forward To

    1. Watching Moncada's swing, especially from the left side 2. Huge improvement from Cease and Lopez 3. Playing the Cubs
  8. vilehoopster

    Will There Be a 2020 Season?

    I just watched Pardon the Interruption on ESPN. Big discussion about NBA returning in late July. Another one about the NFL returning in September. But nothing about baseball. NOTHING. If football and basketball find a way to come back but baseball does not because of owners/ players greed, I will be so, so, so bitterly disappointed. I'll be like the guy above who says he might not return to baseball if they don't play this year and strike next year. It won't take a strike next year for me to give up on MLB. If I see NBA basketball in July and football in September and no baseball season, I don't know if I could return to MLB baseball after that. I'll just support our local semipro team the Aviators.
  9. vilehoopster

    Your Walk Up Song

    I want the opening theme song from "Jonny Quest". And when they play it as I walk up, I want the snarls from the panther and the Dragons of Ashida, all the gun fire, and most importantly, the screech from Turu the Terrible. Absolutely awesome.
  10. vilehoopster

    Will There Be a 2020 Season?

    Let me ask a question. Let's say that they do the Arizona thing with the players quarantined. But I saw a couple articles where Mike Trout and Zack Wheeler both said they want no part of that, both mentioned that they wouldn't be away from their families for that long and both had babies on the way. Now both of those players will make over 20 million this year. I would like to have MLB tell them, "Fine, don't play, don't quarantine, stay home, but you don't get paid. I would like it to be that simple. Other people, lots of lots of people have jobs where they have to be away from home for long stretches of time, missing family event like child births, and they are not making 2 million dollars a month or so. So what I am voting for is that MLB do this league and make it work, and those players who don't want to play don't have to play, but they don't get paid. It took me a long time here, but here's my question: Let's say they have this Arizona/Quarantined league, but some of the Sox player decline to play, Would you still watch it? Would you still be excited? But it's still an MLB season with trying to get into the playoffs and the World Series. Let's say that half the Sox roster chooses not to play (just assume a random 13 players of our 26 players choose not to play). Would you still tune in to those games and be excited to watch? I would 100%. I cheer for the White Sox, not the players. I love the players we have, but I am a White Sox fan, not a fan of a bunch of individual players. I say put together a team and get them out there playing another MLB team (assuming they will be missing a bunch of their holdout players also) and I am totally there. I'm watching every game. I'm getting excited and nervous and cheering and cussing the umps. I would be totally for this. I'm not saying this is ideal or as good as what we all expected, but put a White Sox team out there, LIVE, playing for the playoffs, even if half or most of it is made up of minor league players, and I am 100% behind that White Sox team.
  11. vilehoopster

    Sox @ Reds: Spring Training Opener (Cease)

    Bilasport did it. Thanks !!!
  12. vilehoopster

    Sox @ Reds: Spring Training Opener (Cease)

    How are you hearing it? Every station, link I try redirects me to iheart Fox Sports talk? What am I doing wrong?
  13. vilehoopster

    Sox @ Reds: Spring Training Opener (Cease)

    Let's be honest here. Pretty much what all of us are doing is hanging around and waiting to see what happens when Robert bats again.
  14. vilehoopster

    Sox @ Reds: Spring Training Opener (Cease)

    I'm following on MLB.com game tracker, so not too confident on exactly what's happening. But it seems like our pitchers have hit and taken out two Cincy batter, including Matt Davidson. I don't think the Reds are liking us too much right now. Could anyone get this on the radio? I tried on the Cincy station, but all I get is general sports talk.
  15. vilehoopster

    KW says "no Puig"

    One could also make a valid argument that Puig could do much more damage to our club than our current right fielder could ever do, even if that current right fielder fell apart completely. One could also make a valid argument that our current right fielder has a much greater upside without any of the potentials downsides.