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    International Signing Day is Here

    Yeah, stay away Ass Faces !!! Can you imagine an outfield of Colas, Robert, and Cespedes in two or three years. That is so beautiful to think about.
  2. vilehoopster

    MLB 2020-21 off season catch all

    I agree; the trade of Lopez for seems like a natural for both clubs. Pretty much, both organizations and fan bases have soured on the two players. I have to believe both sides see the loss of their player as very, very minor. Yet both have big upsides that could really plug a hole that the other teams needs. Lopez has something that if you could find it and tap into it, would give you a very solid starting pitcher. Boston needs pitching, and again, Boston has soured on B. There is nowhere for Lopez to be of value to the Sox. The bullpen is loaded. People who think maybe Lopez in the bullpen, do you really want to see him jogging out to take the ball with a guy on 1st and the Sox holding a one or two run lead in the 6th or 7th inning? Do you want that? I sure don't. On the other hand, Benintendi could plug several different holes for the Sox: An insurance if Eaton gets hurt, we still would have a left hand bat to put in right field. Another left-handed bat to DH or play in left field if Eloy is sitting or hurt. Again, he has a really big upside that it seems worth the Sox time to try to find. Could the Sox make this happen if they threw in a minor minor leaguer, the equivalent of a Weems? Too me, the Sox lose nothing in moving Lopez. He's like a college junior part-time starting power forward, and the coach has brought in two freshmen forwards who are clearly better than the returning player. Like this junior forward, Lopez doesn't have a spot anymore. The Sox have recruited over Lopez's talent level. So why not move him.
  3. vilehoopster

    Corey Kluber to Yanks per Passan

    I’d rather have Q.
  4. I know you see yourself as the smary, intellectual guy who points out to all of us the errors of our ways. To try to win your argument, you start with "your reality versus reality". I gave a reality: Hendriks has blown twice as many saves the last two years: hard, total reality, not my reality. The point of my argument (which I have since abandoned to cheer Hendrik's arrival with the Sox), is that people get caught up in minor statistics to the point of ignoring the most important statistics like save percentage and winning the game. (See, this is what the idoim/metaphor "not seeing the forest for the trees" means.) My point about winning deserves the most importance (over other statistics, worse than "damn liars") is absolutely true. Winning the game and the World Series deserves tunnel vision, and this is a reality that most people on this forum share with me. I know you know what "seeing the forest for the trees" means. I just wanted to give you a dose of your own pseudo-intellectualism. Like when you try to explain tunnel vision to me. I know, why don't you tell me I'm incorrectly using "overkill"', even though the guy used it perfectly correctly.
  5. So you're basically hiding behind stats, "analytical" to ignore observable realities. Lol. There are liars, damn lies, and statistics. As true today as it was over a hundred years ago.
  6. You just said this to get me going again on my Colome better than Hendriks argument, didn't you? Well, not taking the bait. I know, most of you are saying, "Thank God".
  7. Okay, I said I was through on this topic and I keep posting but I have a question, a question not really on this topic but on my earlier twist on the topic. Is anyone else afraid that Colome is gonna end up in Minnesota with the Twins? Because I sure am.
  8. Thank you for saying this. But really, I come here for the debate, the mental gymnastics for trying to prove my point and that I'm correct. I was doing pretty well for a while, but the point about getting a loss in earlier innings but not getting a save, I had no counter for that. Plus your point about how strikes out are more important with a, let's say, less-good defense behind you; is very true, and is a strong point why Hendriks is a better fit for the Sox next year than Colome. So welcome Hendriks and come on season and get here.
  9. Okay, my last post on this topic. I am glad the Sox signed Hendriks. I am ecstatic that the Sox are willing to spend this type of money to win. But I am a loyalty guy and I hate to see Colome go; I hate to see it. Hendriks will come in and be great. I believe Colome would have been great (as I have debated the last couple pages). My first ever post on this forum was that the Sox should pay and keep Avi Garcia. The next day he was released, rather funny and ironic. It's really tough for me to see guys whom I cheer for and have helped the team go, so I argued/ debated that we should have kept Garcia and I argue that we should have kept Colome. Again, I love that we got Hendriks. There is no doubt that the Sox are clearly going for the World Series this year. The closer king is dead, Colome; long live the new closer king Hendriks. I'm behind him 100% God, oh God, I want the season to start soon. I am so excited for what is coming. I hope it isn't delayed too much.
  10. This is a good point. I cannot think of a counter to this arguement/ point. You have me. Coming in without the opportunity for the save (but still get the loss), does show why the save percentage might skew in Colome's favor. A good point. You have me on this one.
  11. Do you expect Hendriks to stay healthy? If you're gonna use that argument, one is a valid as the other.
  12. Again, a good point, but the defense behind Hendriks the last two years was better than the defense behind Colome. Think about the outfield defense Colome had in 2019 compared to the outfield Hendricks had that year. Also, something like blocked kicks or errors in baseball, over two seasons (even a shortened season) somewhat even outs or if not, comes down in Hendriks favor. Again, did Hendriks have twice as many of his field goals blocked, because he blew twice as many saves.
  13. Looked deeper into the blown saves. 2 of those blown saves were as an 8th inning or earlier guy not as a closer. He became the A's closer in June of 2019. So that knocks it down to 6 blown saves as a closer vs 4 for Colome. This was also a brand new role for him moving from 7th/8th inning to 9th inning. 3 of those 6 blown saves happened within his month of being a closer in July over a 3 game stretch looking at the game log, one of those being a multiple inning affair. Taking out a single stat in isolation without the full picture is why it is a bad take. Looking at the full body of work over 2 years in which he was clearly the best RP in all of baseball is a clearer look at Hendriks vs. Colome as a closer. An appearance is an appearance; a blown save is a blown save. What does it matter if it's in the 8th or the 9th inning. If anything, there's less pressure in the 8th inning. Going back to my field goal kicker analogy: you're saying that because you're field goal kicker missed his field goals in the 2nd and 3rd quarters, they are somehow less important to the stat of field goal percentage?? And if we're gonna look closer at each blown save, remember again, Hendriks had a better defense behind him. Colome's only blown save from last year was when Grandal let the ball go through his legs while he was looking over at the dugout. I think looking closer at blown saves only helps my argument.
  14. Colome isn't throwing 50 pitches or getting a 3 inning save in the playoffs. Hendriks did both during the last postseason. Okay, I'll debate this point too. 1) Aren't we all saying that with the Sox bullpen this year, this won't ever happen, ever? Haven't we more or less said that the Sox have tons of outstanding options for the 7th and 8th inning (to the point that we can trade some young guys), so our closer doesn't need to pitch three innings. 2) Also, this is just from memory, so give me a break, but didn't Colome in 2019, get four outs against KC for the win or save in the first game and then come back and pitch the 9th for a save in a double header? I pretty sure he did that. To me, that's pretty much the same as what Hendriks did.
  15. Isn't save percentage far and away a better measure of success, the most important stat to look at? With a football game on the line next year, do you want a field-goal kicker who makes 95% of his kicks over the last two years or the one who has only made 90% of his kicks the last two years? You're saying you want the one that makes 90% of his kicks because he has a better left-foot placement percentage or because he has a better spin of the ball off the holders finger rate. I'm saying those other stats don't matter. What matters is how often the ball goes through the uprights. And for a closer, babip and velocity and k-rates don't matter. What matters is who is most likely to walk off the field with a win. And Hendricks is twice as likely to not be that guy as Colome.