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  1. vilehoopster

    Yolmer contemplates not being on the Sox

    More than Mendick has ever done in the minors, especially defensively. I agree with others, if he'll take 3 million a year, I'd keep him.
  2. I know that I have posted on here that I want to replace Renteria. But I really don't think, especially lately, that he has been given a chance to win. I believe that a lot of his player/ personal moves are being dictated to him by the front office. My best examples are pitching Covey and Herrera. This goes beyond this shit roster; I think many of his decision (like starting Covey or putting out Herrera) were forced upon him. Seriously, who would want to see Covey or Herrera pitch from any dugout which is trying to win? I have to believe there are many inaudible (and a few audible ones) whenever either of those two take the mound. And Renteria's might be silent, but I would bet it's there. Do you really think he wanted to keep putting Yonder A. out there and batting him at cleanup? I can't believe it. I think Hahn would tell Ricky to bat Yonder and bat him at cleanup to justify the stupid signing. Someone posted on the game thread today about Moncada being pissed after today's game. I'm sure that he and a lot of the other players know that these personal decisions are not in the hands of the people in the dug out and that losses like today are being shoved up their asses by the front office.
  3. vilehoopster

    White Sox final win total

    I don't usually do this, but I agree, somewhat with Parkman. I don't think they will shut any pitchers down because of innings, but this team has shut down. All that shit about Ricky's Boys never quit. That is such bullshit. They quit all the time; and Ricky leads the way. This team has quit. Just mailing it. Tim trying to win batting title, and Abreu trying to win RBI title, but no one gives a shit about winning anymore. That especially includes the front office and the coaches/manager. Every time you see Covey starting, or Herrera or Fry come in, that is manager/coaches and front office quite obviously telling the fans and players that they don't give a shit about winning any longer. No Madrigal or Robert, the same thing. The players are aware of it, so they've all now quit on the season. I predict 71 wins, wouldn't be surprised if we don't reach 70, this after being only two games under .500 at all-star break.
  4. vilehoopster

    The Free Agent I want to sign more than any other

    So, are you the one that changed the title? That just put my name in it in the 3rd person without my consent? I did do the title without Girardi's name in an attempt to make people wonder and read the thread. To a degree, it was clickbait. But it was clearly stated as from Vilehoopster. To create a book title or newspaper or thread title that creates interest and makes people want to read it, that's called good writing. To be a forum administrator and change someone's words without their consent, that's called unethical.
  5. vilehoopster

    The Free Agent I want to sign more than any other

    "The free agent I want the Sox to sign more than any other" My name was not in the title.
  6. vilehoopster

    Why Did Covey Start Tonight??

    I've been befuddled by so many of your posts that I've wondered on this forum and even one time asked you if you want the White Sox to lose. I guess this answers all my questions about you as a poster: "It's better that they lose games. I'd start Detwiler/Santiago the rest of the season instead of Nova to be honest. Lose more games." Well, I guess I have one question. What team do you actually like and cheer for? Is it the Twins? KC? Please, not the Yankees or the Cubs?
  7. vilehoopster

    The Free Agent I want to sign more than any other

    Can anyone offer any insight or explain how or why the title of this thread was changed without my consent? Has this happened to anyone else on this board? Have you ever submitted a comment or thread and had your words altered and changed without you knowing about it until you read it the next day? Does the administrators have to be the one doing it? Why would they do it?
  8. vilehoopster

    The Free Agent I want to sign more than any other

    What happened to the title of this thread? When I posted this thread, I did not have my name in the title. My original title post was something like: "The Free Agent I want to sign more than any other" and the post was just two words: Joe Girardi So the thread title was changed without my consent (but with my name still attached) to "Vile Hoopster wants the Sox to sign . . " How was that done? Why was that done? Was my name put in the title in the third person to hurt my credibility? Plus the two word statement makes no sense with the thread title the way it is. Antoher attack on my credibility as a poster. Why and how was this done, again without my consent when my name is attached to the thread? I'm not very happy about this.
  9. vilehoopster

    Why Did Covey Start Tonight??

    I agree with this post 100%. The fans bought tickets to the game tonight expecting the Sox to try and win the game. Instead, the FO screwed the fans completely by starting a pitcher they knew to be a total piece of shit. Covey is now 1 and 8 for the year and 6 and 29 in his three years with the White Sox. How many loses does he have to have before the Sox realize he is terrible, terrible, terrible.
  10. Grandal signed for 18.25 million for this year. Do you really think there's any chance at all, any chance in hell at all that this White Sox organization is going to pay that kind of money next year when they have a returning all-star? Paying Grandal that kind of money when you already have an all-star at that position, you would have to be a fool with gold.
  11. Here's a weird thought. Four or five years from now, Dylan Covey might be the Sox's most valuable player. With tonight's loss, he improved to 6 and 29. That's right 6 and 29. He probably as much and any other two or three White Sox players has allowed the Sox to be in position to draft Nick Madrigal and Andrew Vaughn. Also, with his 1 and 8 record this year (and I would bet that he'll get a couple more chances to "improve" that record to 10 losses), he might have sufficently moved the Sox down far enough to get another outstanding player. So four or five years from now when Vaughn is really raking it and Madrigal is playing great defense and scoring run after run, and then whomever we get this year is doing great, remember that Dylan Covey put us in position to draft those three players.
  12. The guy was an all-star this year, an all-star. With Abreu, he's been our most clutch hitter all year. He great defensively. And you still want to replace him. Wow, some people on this board are incredible.
  13. The Angels came into this series 3 and 16 in their last 19 road games, and we're about to give them their second win in a row on the road. God damn!! It is hard to be a White Sox fan sometimes. Too often of late.
  14. God damn it. Why is Covey pitching??!!! I just got home and checked the score. 1 and 7 this year isn't bad enough for the Sox to know he's terrible?? 6 and 29 in his career as a Sox isn't enough? ? What was it in his last game in the majors? Didn't he face 6 Twins and give up six runs? That's not enough for the Sox front office to know he's absolutely terrible, terrible, terrible and is never going to not be terrible?? What does it take for them to see he that he sucks? Does he need to go 1 and 11 or 12 for this year? Does he need to have a career Sox record of 7 and 36? Does he have to get up to 8 wins and 50 losses before they give up on him? What is the front office seeing??? They dumped Santana after two games. They could see to give up on Yonder A? Why can't they see to dump Covey??? Every fan who paid for a ticket tonight should be able to demand that they get their money back!!!