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  1. Tomtom

    9/16 GT: Angels @ White Sox, 1:10pm

    It cannot be a good sign to keep losing series after series! - The Boston series notwithstanding!
  2. Tomtom

    9/5- White Sox at Royals, 1:10

    I hate playing the Royals!
  3. Vaughn swings at two ball fours then grounds into a double play..take the fucking walk!
  4. In Football, it’s said that if you have two quarterbacks, you have none. Maybe the same is true with closers.
  5. This offense puts up good numbers statistically, but they don’t know how to win games.
  6. Yes, he struck out 13 in 6 1/3 innings. One run on 5 hits, just like tonight!
  7. Glad they won, but really, 18 hits and only 5 runs!
  8. Tomtom

    GT 8/22: SOX @ TB, 12:10

    Maybe an embarrassing loss like this is the kick in the pants this team needs. Stop listening to the media saying how good you are. Right now there are several teams in the AL alone that are better.
  9. Tomtom

    GT 8/22: SOX @ TB, 12:10

    At least Yankee fans are pissed!
  10. Tomtom

    GT 8/22: SOX @ TB, 12:10

    Where is Yolmer?
  11. Tomtom

    GT 8/22: SOX @ TB, 12:10

    15 of the 19 runs scored by the Rays this weekend have come with two outs! Rays are showing the Sox how it’s done.
  12. Tomtom

    GT 8/22: SOX @ TB, 12:10

    And there is the difference in today’s game!
  13. Tomtom

    GT 8/22: SOX @ TB, 12:10

    Rays have come through with two out RBIs today, Sox need to come through here!
  14. Tomtom

    GT 8/22: SOX @ TB, 12:10

    Meanwhile, Cleveland gets to host a really Bad Texas Ranger team. This race ain’t over!