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  1. asherwood12

    Offseason Part 3 - Because Part 2 Was a Dud

    I like the Kimbrel for Meadows idea.
  2. asherwood12

    Offseason Part 2 - Lets the Rumors & Action Begin

    So, I have always stood by Hahn and I know he has some financial restraints put upon him, however I am starting to lose faith. Over his tenure as GM when we were the aggressor via trades they have been flat out awful.. Samardjiza, Kimbrel, Cesar, Shields, all come to mind. He has traded away players names Tatis Jr, Semien, Bassitt, Montas, Escobar. Other than Yaz and Hendriks I'd say our FA signings have been very poor. He did a heck of a job with the rebuild, however our Championship window is open and our signings to improve the club have consisted of an aging 2B, a utility player, a currently hurt reliever, and a pitcher who should be in AAA. As of now the plan looks to platoon 2 1st basemen in RF, our SP depth and star power is very shaky and we have star players who constintly get hurt (I know that's out of his control). I understand there is still some time to adjust the roster and for the better, but I am concerned. I understand our current payroll being the highest it's ever been, but that's a lot of Hahn's doing with very poor signings.
  3. asherwood12

    White Sox-Astros Game 1 3:07 Start Time

    Apologies are in order. I’d be shocked if he didn’t play. He’s Jose Abreu
  4. asherwood12

    White Sox-Astros Game 1 3:07 Start Time

    Let’s just see what Hahn and Tony say later today.
  5. asherwood12

    White Sox-Astros Game 1 3:07 Start Time

    Then should we worry about Lucas too??
  6. asherwood12

    White Sox-Astros Game 1 3:07 Start Time

    We’re basing rumors on a hype video? I didn’t see Giolito there. C’mon now. Hahn said it was non Covid related. I tend to believe Hahn until otherwise. This seems like a reach and is making everyone overreact.
  7. asherwood12

    Field of Dreams Game

    I was fortunate to get 2 tickets last week. I was on the fence about going/selling, but decided this is a once in a lifetime opportunity so I am going! So pumped!
  8. asherwood12

    Field of Dreams Game

    Nike will make them. They are the uniform supplier of MLB.
  9. I have 2 tickets and a parking pass available for Sunday 8.1 game vs Cle. Box 152 Row 2 Seats 7 and 8. I am asking for $45 each. Let me know if interested.
  10. asherwood12

    Trade Deadline Thread

    Whole series is TBD
  11. asherwood12

    Trade Deadline Thread

    That’d make sense… but maybe there’s a reason for the TBA’s on the starting pitching front.
  12. asherwood12

    Trade Deadline Thread

    Wild idea… Story and Marquez?
  13. asherwood12

    Trade Deadline Thread

  14. asherwood12

    Someone saw a Sox scout at Mariners game thread

    3 teamer? We get Whit, the M’s get Madrigal?
  15. asherwood12

    Royals Listening on Merrifield

    Whit can play OF as well..