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  1. Giv20

    Fox 32 News this morning

    QUOTE(Milkman delivers @ Feb 21, 2006 -> 10:12 AM) It's unfortunate that they aired this piece so early. It would be much better to do it on the 5 or 6 o'clock news. It was on last night's 9:00 broadcast.
  2. Giv20

    Jon Garland signs a 3 year extension

    QUOTE(Kogs35 @ Dec 28, 2005 -> 01:01 PM) white sox wensday got to love it!!!!!! You'd love it more if you spelled it right!
  3. Giv20

    AJ was on Jonny B show this morning

    QUOTE(whitesoxfan13 @ Dec 8, 2005 -> 10:55 AM) Thanks. It's on from 9:00 until 10:00
  4. Giv20

    White Sox acquire Jim Thome per ESPNnews

    I hope Joe Borchard gives up #25
  5. Giv20

    official white sox fitted with WS patch

    QUOTE(SoxPhan7 @ Oct 18, 2005 -> 12:49 PM) After the game sunday night ozzie was wearing the official white sox world series hat with the world series patch on the side. Has anyone seen these for sale or know where to get one (besides online, i dont want to wait for it). Thanks for the help! Sports Authority - $32 bucks
  6. Giv20

    Famous White Sox Fans

    QUOTE(mreye @ Oct 6, 2005 -> 12:53 PM) She's HOT! Two Words for ya - Lens Crafters
  7. Giv20

    Famous White Sox Fans

    QUOTE(FlaSoxxJim @ Oct 6, 2005 -> 10:16 AM) With Picasso, Roseannes TV sister, Ray f***in' Rayner, and the guy who wrote A Christmans Story?!? I THINK NOT!!! Picasso - DEAD Ray Rayner - DEAD Jean Shepherd - DEAD RedSox - DEAD
  8. Giv20

    9-28 Game Thread

    QUOTE(southsideirish71 @ Sep 28, 2005 -> 12:31 AM) Inspiration quote by Dye after tonights loss. :finger Dye How about when you see men on the bases, and you come up to bat, hit the f***ing ball and maybe those guys will run around the bases till they touch home. No more King with men on. Exactly!! A couple of 3 run homers? BFD!
  9. Giv20

    Predict When 'IT' Will Happen

    QUOTE(chisoxt @ Sep 15, 2005 -> 07:05 PM) I believe that the fate of this team is now sealed.....This thing has been a leaking balloon for six weeks now, culminating with the devastating extra inning losses against Minn and LAA, an losing three of four to lowly KC. The question in my mind is not if the Sox will lose the divisional lead but when.... My prediction is that they come out flat against Minn and lose Friday night. Then Santana beats them on Saturday and the Twins finish off the sweep on Sunday. Cleveland will take two of three from Kansas City going into the Sox series trailing by 1.5 games... Then, Cleveland will win the first two games of the series and take over first place by next Tuesday. But the Sox will salvage Wednesday's game and move back into first by a half game. I need to polish my crystal ball to see what will happen the rest of the way. While your at it, I could use the lottery numbers for the Mega game tonight.
  10. Giv20

    Pods Engaged

    Okay.. now that's over with Pods, stop getting your ass picked-off.
  11. Grinder Rule #20 - "Remove heads from ass and get a win!"
  12. Giv20

    Star-Making Series?

    QUOTE(nitetrain8601 @ Aug 10, 2005 -> 03:08 PM) I doubt he gets it. Kotsay will probably end up with it. Maybe Jeremy Reed since we know how infatuated BBTN is with his defense. They vote for three outfielders regardless as to position. All 3 could win. Last year all 3 outfielders in the NL were centerfielders.
  13. Giv20

    Bar near the Cell?

    QUOTE(Molto @ Aug 2, 2005 -> 12:48 PM) the closest bar is Jimbo's on 33rd and Princeton. That's the most popular I would say ... even though the owner is a Cubs fan. Jimbo is a Sox fan - his kid is the Cub fan. Poor bastard.