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  1. If he wasn't so close to 3,000 managerial wins, I would be more confident that he won't be back. I WANT to be wrong, I would LOVE to be wrong, but my feeling is he sticks around until he gets #3,000 and then he rides off into the sunset.
  2. And the 2022 Sox left all of them on base.
  3. Changing The Game...Into Something You Don't Want To Watch.
  4. It's originally from The Thing, from the Fantastic Four.
  5. YOUR 2022 White Sox - watch your fingers, the window is closing!
  6. My chip dip is thoroughly blended to a delicious orange concoction. I find your wife's method very curious.
  7. The ketchup/mustard mix is my favorite dip for potato chips. Also, ketchup is the only must-have condiment for my hot dogs, and sport peppers are trash.
  8. Barring some kind of major controversy or complete collapse, Tony's not going anywhere. He's 133 wins from 3,000 and he's going to get there, mediocrity be damned. If he is anywhere close to 3,000 when his contract is up, he will be signed to another deal to reach it.
  9. Some of my sister's in-laws are related to Nicky and THEY don't talk this much about him being from Chicago!
  10. I'll take the XL flask over the medium one!
  11. This is such a tough question. I would really like to see the Sox make the playoffs for three straight seasons, but I would REALLY LIKE to see Tony gone for good. I guess I'd have to go with the capital letters and sacrifice this season if it meant TLR goes bye-bye.
  12. I've been lurking here and there, but haven't had too much to say. I'm trying my best not to be too negative, but negativity is my native language and my default setting!
  13. I would say to get there as early as you're comfortable with waiting. There have been lines outside of every gate for giveaways. The last time I went to a giveaway game was the Abreu bobblehead and the line was insane. Keep in mind as well that the only sizes of jersey being given away are medium and XL, so unless you wear a small or large t-shirt, these jerseys won't fit you very well.
  14. I went to Tuesday night's game by myself and they sold the seat right next to me to a total stranger. That was the last thing I expected after the big to-do and the self-backpatting they've done about their social distancing, sectioning off the crowd, and zip-tying of seats. I won't be going back unless I go with others, I don't want to be made uncomfortable like that again.
  15. QUOTE (Sonik22 @ Jul 26, 2017 -> 11:13 AM) The past two years I've taken a two week vacation by myself in July. It's pretty freeing if your comfortable by yourself. It's always great being able to do whatever you want at any time so I can't recommend it enough. The last two years I've done solo Vegas vacations, and I love it! I miss my wife and daughter, no doubt, but it is so great to not worry about anyone else's schedule or being ready or being tired (or if I get tired or want to cancel something). There are pluses and minuses to traveling solo, but for me there were more pluses.
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