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    Fangraphs board update (with 2019 draft guys)

    So if you take the BOARD from Fangraphs and just Filter on Sox, you get their Top 32 as they stand now as well as the updated overall Top 100 ranks for the Top 5: Name FV 1. Luis Robert (25) 55 2. Michael Kopech (28) 55 3. Nick Madrigal (30) 55 4. Andrew Vaughn (44) 50 5. Dylan Cease (49) 50 6. Dane Dunning 45 7. Luis Basabe 45 8. Blake Rutherford 45 9. Luis Gonzalez 45 10. Zack Collins 40+ 11. Micker Adolfo 40+ 12. Steele Walker 40+ 13. Matt Thompson 40 14. Andrew Dalquist 40 15. Alec Hansen 40 16. Seby Zavala 40 17. Jake Burger 40 18. Konnor Pilkington 40 19. Tyler Johnson 40 20. Gavin Sheets 40 21. Danny Mendick 40 22. Luis Mieses 40 23. Codi Heuer 40 24. James Beard 35+ 25. Zach Thompson 35+ 26. Bernardo Flores 35+ 27. Bryce Bush 35+ 28. Lenyn Sosa 35+ 29. Jimmy Lambert 35+ 30. D.J. Gladney 35+ 31. Zack Burdi 35+ 32. Ian Hamilton 35+
  2. wsgdf_2

    Our White Sox vs. Detroit p**** Cats 6:05 CSN

    QUOTE (CaliSoxFanViaSWside @ Aug 31, 2012 -> 08:56 PM) Have to exploit weakness just have to , there's nothing unsportsmanlike about it. If this was football you can bet any team goes after an injured player. Granted its easier in football but still holds true.why Wise Baseball's different. There's really no other explanation for the Sox not bunting in this game.
  3. wsgdf_2

    Our White Sox vs. Detroit p**** Cats 6:05 CSN

    Not saying I agree with it, but it has to be a conscious decision on the Sox part. They must thing it would be unsportsmanlike, bush or maybe just disrespectful to Cabrera. That's really the only explanation. There's no way they haven't had the conversation.
  4. wsgdf_2

    Youkilis, $5.6 million traded to White Sox

    QUOTE (KyYlE23 @ Jun 23, 2012 -> 10:51 PM) @chefyouk: #whychicagoisbetterthanboston the worst Chicago deep dish is twice as good as any pie from the #northend I like this one: "Guy at bar just apologized for being asshole. Then asked if I'm the "Greek God of Restaurants"?"
  5. wsgdf_2

    Youkilis, $5.6 million traded to White Sox

    QUOTE (justBLAZE @ Jun 23, 2012 -> 10:45 PM) Good find! Found it on the sonsofsamhorn thread (Red Sox board).
  6. wsgdf_2

    Youkilis, $5.6 million traded to White Sox

    Youk's brother: https://twitter.com/#!/chefyouk "Love that #teamyouk may be changing sox real soon. #Chicago is better town anyways!"
  7. wsgdf_2

    Thomas "had a lot of teammates involved" in steroids

    QUOTE (That funky motion @ Jun 2, 2011 -> 09:46 PM) Yes he was a star but not one of the biggest. Baseball people knew how good he was. He was not even on most peoples top 10. He was in everybody's top ten. Huge star. Like caufield said, for a few years it was him and Griffey.
  8. http://www.baseballprospectus.com/article....articleid=12776 Five-Star Prospects 1. Chris Sale, LHP Four-Star Prospects 2. Eduardo Escobar, SS 3. Brent Morel, 3B Three-Star Prospects 4. Dayan Viciedo, 1B/3B 5. Jared Mitchell, CF 6. Jacob Petricka, RHP 7. Greg Infante, RHP 8. Trayce Thompson, OF Two-Star Prospects 9. Addison Reed, RHP 10. Thomas Royse, RHP 11. Andre Rienzo, RHP Nine More: 12. Tyler Saladino, SS: Last year's seventh-round pick had a stunning pro debut, and he's a legit shortstop. 13. Tyler Flowers, C: His offensive and defense both went backward in 2010, leaving many to see him as a Quad-A player who can't catch in the big leagues. 14. Brandon Short, OF: He can definitely hit, but he has very few secondary skills. 15. Anthony Carter, RHP: The Sox' Double-A closer has mid-90s heat, but he lacks a second plus pitch. 16. Josh Phegley, C: He sure can hit, but he also sure can't catch. 17. Matt Heidenreich, RHP: This 2009 fourth-rounder has great control of solid stuff that should get better. 18. Charles Leesman, LHP: Leesman is a big, physical lefty who had a strong second half, but his lack of a deep arsenal could get him moved to the bullpen. 19. Santos Rodriguez, LHP: This long southpaw has killer stuff, but he also has poor control and an inability to stay healthy. 20. Jordan Danks, OF: Well, at least he still has some tools.
  9. wsgdf_2

    Garza to the Cubs.

    Guyer and Chirinos realistically seem pretty old to be considered prospects - though Guyer raked in AA last year. Archer walks a ton of guys. I don't know, maybe the prospects they're giving up really aren't that great. Still think the Cubs probably won't contend this year... but Garza's wrapped up for a few and will likely tear it up in the NL. Still seems like a strange deal for them to make at this time. I guess they don't have the choice of trading their vets to load up on prospects because nobody wants their vets/contracts. Rock and a hard place - tough call on what direction for that club to go.
  10. wsgdf_2

    Garza to the Cubs.

    A lot to give up when you're probably not going to compete in your division.
  11. wsgdf_2

    Bullpen '11

    QUOTE (Kenny Hates Prospects @ Dec 22, 2010 -> 05:02 PM) I don't care what the stats say, don't even have to look at them. I watched Ozzie manage that guy and Ozzie used him against strings of lefties as well as situations like LR. Ozzie left him in there to get killed. And it doesn't matter how many times Ozzie used him correctly either, because doing what he did with Ehren showed his complete incapability to properly manage a player like that. Ehren never had the stuff to fly open to lefties like that and still get them out within the strikezone. The only thing he even had to get righties with was deception and control, and when you remove the deception and make the control a hindrance because of lack of break you get a pitching machine. I think Ozzie's goal with some of his use of Wassermann was to tell the org that he wanted relievers with the ability to pitch to both sides of the plate, because his relievers were going to be used that way. And that's fine, but kind of contradictory for a manager who plays matchups as much as Ozzie does. In 2007 Ozzie used him in 23 games against 78 right handed hitters and 18 left handed hitters and he posted a 2.74 era and 1.17 whip.
  12. wsgdf_2

    Bullpen '11

    I'd like to see Sale used similarly to how the Twins used Johan for two years when they broke him in. Get him as many important innings as you can without making him a full time starter. Let him spot start and work from the pen, but when you bring him in from the pen put him in important high leverage spots and let him go a couple of innings. If there's a tight spot in the 6th - bring in Sale and leave him there until the 8th. Get 100+ innings out of the guy. I wouldn't be totally against using him as the closer - but I think you can get more out of him if used creatively and I also fear his success as closer would peg him into that role permanently. Just my 2 cents.
  13. wsgdf_2

    How To Beat The Twins?

    QUOTE (Chet Kincaid @ Dec 17, 2010 -> 08:54 AM) Bench clearing brawl - started by Paul Konerko charging the mound. LOL - That would take forever.
  14. QUOTE (fathom @ Dec 15, 2010 -> 10:03 PM) Todd Walker is a bad human being Or at least a very insignificant Cub.
  15. QUOTE (fathom @ Dec 15, 2010 -> 09:34 PM) A few years ago, there were rumors of Todd Walker going to play for the Sox. He said something about how he could never switch teams within the city of Chicago, and Wood was the first person to say that Walker was dead on for saying that. I would be shocked to see Wood agree to play for the Sox. LOL - Todd Walker? Why the hell would he care? He played 2.5 years there and never played in more than 130 games. What an idiot if he said that. I wonder what Roberto Alomar would have said about going from the Sox to the Cubs? LOL.