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  1. 20 minutes ago, maxjusttyped said:

    Something in baseball is broken when the league is posting record revenues and only 1/2 teams are seriously interested in 26 year olds on a HoF trajectory.

    Deadspin did a write-up on this the other day - it's not so much that teams are intentionally avoiding spending as much as there is a clash between spending relative to a player's WAR and raw profitability. They hit the point of diminishing returns really fast and they don't have an incentive to keep spending. It's not something that was deliberately planned, it's just kind of a thing that happened.

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  2. 2 minutes ago, Jack Parkman said:

    I wear my emotions on my sleeves, ok? This is my release where I don't have to put on the neurotypical show. I left the closet so to speak so I could actually be myself on here, which I wasn't earlier in my posting years. 

    I have a good friend you remind me a lot of. He has trouble interpreting tone and moods sometimes but he would actually get offended if he perceived me as coddling him. Matter of fact you might be him. Did you see the video I just posted on Facebook? lol.

  3. 1 hour ago, joesaiditstrue said:

    yankee fans are on another level of insanity


    I once said if the Bears signed Harbaugh I'd bang my sister (thank God that never happened)

    I once said if a specific combination of 3 members of Congress were voted out that I'd jog 2 miles in lingerie and post the video to all my social media (one announced retirement right after I said this, one voted out, the other re-elected)

    I once said prior to Jimmy Butler's 4th season if he averaged over 17 ppg I would autofellate myself (he averaged 20, I was reminded of this repeatedly during the season, let's just say I was unable to fulfill that promise)


    The moral of the story is I really need to stop saying this shit.

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  4. 1 minute ago, ChiliIrishHammock24 said:

    For whatever reason, I remember where I was when Owens went 5 for his first 5 against the Twins in 2007. I was out with a big group and the game was on TV at the pizza place and I remember thinking this dude was going to be a god damn stud. 

    Back then I basically thought anyone who wasn't outright trash in the minors was gonna be good (I was kinda dumb). I thought Danny Richar was going to be an everyday 2B in the league and I honestly have no clue why I felt so strongly about that now that I'm thinking about it because it's such a stupid opinion. 

    I did think Josh Fields's power numbers were a mirage though so at least I was right about that!

  5. 52 minutes ago, ChiliIrishHammock24 said:

    I just took a peak at good old Jerry's numbers. In 2007 he only played a little over half a season, and he stole 32 bases. Pretty impressive. And his career 16% K-rate would be considered elite now. Jerry was just ahead of his time.

    Given that I was in much better shape in 2007 than I am now, there were times when I thought *I* could hit the ball harder than him, but he ran like a NFL WR which helped him beat out a lot of those slow, weak grounders to random infielders.

  6. 1 minute ago, Bigsoxhurt35 said:

    Bob Sutton did this against the Steelers in the 2016 playoffs on a key third down. Dropped Justin Houston into coverage on Antonio Brown. One of the most mind baffling things I've seen. And you can guess how that went exactly. Sometimes you can do it and confuse a QB. KC did it to Luck at least once Saturday. I'm not a fan of dropping your best pass rushers into coverage though.

    Everyone notices what goes wrong with plays when they don't work, but when they do they just assume it was some feat of skill by the player.

  7. When someone asked Pace directly about Parkey's dead money against the cap, Pace said the most important thing is performance. For a guy who doesn't tend to give much of anything with regards to clues on his future plans that's a startlingly direct statement. Loosely translated, it means he's gonna bring in a couple UDFA kickers and Parkey is definitely going to be cut before they break camp, because he's got enough cap space in 2019 to take the hit.

  8. 12 hours ago, bmags said:

    I've said it before but looking back Krause really was planning a modern form of team building that was derailed by:

    - a truly awful set of years to draft high

    - a lack of patience

    He had the right ideas and drafted well, then threw it all away starting with the jalen rose trade, and making a push to get better in the first draft year that would have changed the franchise for a generation: 2003. Where the bulls could have drafted Lebron melo or wade, and apparently held onto a vet and did not consummate a trade that would have brought wade and started bringing in more established college prospects.

    The Paxson era was on.

    The 2000 draft is sickening. Just look at it.


  9. 53 minutes ago, Tony said:

    Dan Weiderer was just on ESPN Radio, said a few interesting things about Hunt. 

    Felt for sure that this was the Bears taking a little feeler PR wise on how people would react about the Bears being interested in Hunt. 

    Second, felt it was weird timing for Nagy to say he spoke to Hunt last week. Last week Nagy spent the entire week evaluating players and the season. Nagy said he was just “checking in” but the timing is odd...

    I think they're being careful because of how they owned themselves with the totally unnecessary risk with the Ray McDonald situation. Hunt is far better (and his situation might even be easier to navigate from a PR standpoint) but they used up a lot of goodwill for no reason at all a few years ago. I think they'll back off if there's an outcry in reaction to this.

  10. Just now, Jack Parkman said:

    Quintana, when he was with the Sox, had seasons that were arguably as good or better than Sale. He didn't have the gaudy K numbers that Sale did, but he was striking out 175-190 hitters/season, which is still really good. I'd agree with you about Abreu. 

    Definitely not better. At times, as good.

  11. 13 hours ago, bmags said:

    I'm pretty annoyed with this Parkey crap. They are trying to shoehorn the reality into the story into the a morning news "get back up on that horse" treatment.

    I feel like there's a middle ground between "he was inadequate all year and predictably fell short at a critical point like we all feared" and "yo death threats because a kicker missed a field goal is way too much" and people are trying to push the pendulum back towards "he wasn't that bad and nothing is his fault."

  12. 13 hours ago, GoSox05 said:

    I bet he is going to enjoy his paid year off. 

    I also think it will be good for him to take a year off and work on some things.  It did wonders for Andy Reid.   McCarthy will have his pick of teams next year as well and that could include the Steelers which is his home town team.

    McCarthy's time in the NFL can't be considered anything other than a success but I do think it's a legitimate question how much of that was just having Rodgers on the roster. This is the specific reason I never liked John Fox.

  13. 5 hours ago, Soxbadger said:

    Right so if Fangio had to get an increase to be "one of the higher paid coaches" it means that when they originally signed Fangio, he probably was not "the highest paid DC."

    We know Trestman Fox, and Nagy were not the "highest paid" coaches.

    And Im pretty sure that Arians is going to make more than Nagy next year. So why do we think the Bears are going to outbid TB?

    Maybe they will, but I cant find a single time when the Bears outbid everyone for their new coach. Giving a raise to retain someone is different.

    Why would either of these three coaches be the highest paid? This "cheap" narrative is from the 80s and it needs to be murdered already. In 2019, when the Bears need to pay someone, they pay them. Nagy's making a typical salary for a first-year head coach, if he has a lot of success he'll get extended and make more, just like Lovie did.