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  1. clyons

    Monday night baseball July 31, 2017

    Exciting tankloss!
  2. clyons

    Monday night baseball July 31, 2017

    QUOTE (bmags @ Jul 31, 2017 -> 08:50 PM) Maybe it's jut a really bad bruise I didn't see any twist.
  3. clyons

    October 26, 2005

    I was fortunate enough to be there. As you might imagine, it was pretty awesome. I looked at some pictures earlier today. I look a LOT younger.
  4. clyons

    2016 Democratic Thread

    QUOTE (ChiSox59 @ Oct 10, 2016 -> 01:35 PM) Just curious - would you pay taxes that you didn't have to pay? I wouldn't (unless I wanted to run for President and had $$$ to spare).
  5. clyons

    2016 Democratic Thread

    QUOTE (shysocks @ Oct 7, 2016 -> 03:49 PM) https://www.washingtonpost.com/politics/tru...eed4_story.html Nail. Coffin. Deplorable. Watch him go up 5 points.
  6. I am still not over 2012 at Medinah, but what the hell. . . U-S-A! U-S-A!! U-S-A !!!
  7. clyons

    New Ballpark Name

    QUOTE (Rowand44 @ Aug 25, 2016 -> 12:35 PM) Can anyone name a stadium name that is actually good? I never had a problem with United Center and still think it sounds good.
  8. clyons

    New Ballpark Name

    Awful, just awful. But the arrow pointing down is perfect.
  9. clyons

    2016 Democratic Thread

    QUOTE (raBBit @ Aug 22, 2016 -> 11:51 AM) Dr. Drew is gravely concerned about Clinton's health. But what do Drs. Oz and Ruth say?
  10. clyons

    DC Films

    QUOTE (TheTruth05 @ Aug 8, 2016 -> 01:32 PM) Anyway, Suicide Squad wasn't amazing but it sure as hell was decent and a fun time. Robbie was ridiculously good. My take as well. Also, did anyone catch the factoid in Harley Quinn's on-screen dossier that ?
  11. clyons

    (Insert Celeb Here) is Dead

    ESPN's John Saunders.
  12. clyons

    2016 Democratic Thread

    QUOTE (Middle Buffalo @ Aug 10, 2016 -> 07:52 AM) That is what he implied, and I don't really see how one can read the words he said or watch video of it and come to any other conclusion. Did he mean it? I'd guess not, but Trump routinely says something one day, and then walks it back the next. We really can't have that in our President. Yeah, I think that implication was there. He clearly was NOT speaking about mobilizing voters, as his official campaign spin stated. He was talking about her appointment of judges, which obviously happens after the election.
  13. clyons

    2016 Democratic Thread

    More "sarcasm"? http://www.cnn.com/2016/08/09/politics/don...cond-amendment/
  14. clyons

    (Insert Celeb Here) is Dead

    The Big Lebowski died last week. http://www.cnn.com/videos/entertainment/20...-orig-vstan.cnn