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  1. bigklita

    Vacation/Travel Thread.

    Next week I'm going to Hilton Head Island for a long weekend. Anyone ever been there?
  2. bigklita

    Catch-All Anything Thread

    QUOTE (bmags @ Jan 30, 2013 -> 03:54 PM) Saw book of mormon last night. It was excellent, I had an amazing time. Hearty rec. I have tickets for a show in April. I can't wait.
  3. bigklita

    2013 TV Thread

    QUOTE (Chisoxfn @ Jan 28, 2013 -> 12:43 PM) Finally watched seasons 1 and 2 of sherlock. f***ing amazing. If you haven't watched it, you should! I second this!
  4. bigklita

    2012 Book Thread

    Amazon has 14 Phillip K. Dick novels on sale for $1.99 today. Anyone have recommendations of his novels, I was thinking about picking up one or two of them.
  5. bigklita

    Most Quotable Movies

    My most quoted movie is probably The Big Lebowski. "Phone's ringing dude" "OVER THE LINE" "Donny you're out of your element" "The ringer must not look empty. It's my dirty undies, the whites." "You see what happens... you see what happens when you f*** a stranger in the ass" "That's a bummer man" "That rug really tied to the room together" "Obviously you're not a golfer" "They peed on your f***ing rug."
  6. bigklita

    The Pet Thread

    QUOTE (northside sawx @ Jul 20, 2012 -> 12:48 PM) Friend of mine had a chocolate lab who had like a sixth sense and could tell when there was bad weather in the forecast. He would LITERALLY lay down In the shower through the duration of the storm, everytime like clockwork. We called it storm watch. Tell ya what though, he was more accurate in predicting a storm than most weather forecasters. Smart dog. Yeah my Kerry Blue definitely starts his routine before the storm starts.
  7. bigklita

    The Pet Thread

    Sorry I didn't see the conversation about the Thundershirts earlier. My two dogs are horrible with thunderstoms, fireworks, loud noises, etc. Our Scottish terrier just goes and runs under one of the beds, but our Kerry Blue Terrier shakes uncontrollably, pants, and will pace all around whatever room you are in and lots of time try and get as close to you as possible. We got him a thundershirt and only saw very minimal improvement, sometimes it works ok on him and other times not so much.
  8. bigklita

    Catch-All Anything Thread

    I've been down in the Ozarks for the past 2 weeks and one thing that I have found out is that they love their World Team Tennis. I just have one question ... What the hell is World Team Tennis?
  9. bigklita

    Catch-All Anything Thread

    QUOTE (kjshoe04 @ Jul 5, 2012 -> 04:53 PM) 5 day weekends rule. 19 day paid vacations that start on the 4th of July rule
  10. bigklita

    2012 TV Thread

    All this Breaking Bad talk has me extremely excited
  11. bigklita

    2011-2012 NBA Season Thread

    I'm normally not in the NBA thread, but I had to post this
  12. bigklita

    2012 Cubs thread

    Here's a fun fact Michael Bowden was on my little league team in North Aurora.
  13. bigklita

    2012 TV Thread

    QUOTE (Brian @ Feb 23, 2012 -> 09:06 PM) Are these all the eggs you have? Yes, what are you making? Eggs. That had me cracking up last night!
  14. bigklita

    2012 Films Thread

    My brother posted this on my Facebook wall the other day. Thought it was relevant to all the Star Wars talk. By the way, totally disagree with it. Prequels better than Originals?
  15. bigklita

    2012 TV Thread

    Breaking Bad!