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  1. chisoxpride2

    Speculation: Johnny Damon to White Sox?

    QUOTE (KyYlE23 @ Nov 3, 2009 -> 03:15 PM) the 90 million is for peavy, the sox assumed the rest of the money on Rios which is not 90 million(whatever is left of the 7 year 70 million dollar contract when he was traded to the sox). I dont understand what you are saying, on one hand you are saying that the sox have to trade for a player of this magnitude, yet you finish the statement by basically saying that the Sox dont need this kind of player(aging OF with mediocre defense). Sorry, I got the numbers wrong. My point is that I think Kenny's hands are tied as far as signing a big name free agent. He's already spent quite a bit of money on Peavy as well as Rios. Plus, with Boras as his agent, Damon is going to try to milk the market for all his worth as a 35 year old OF. Money aside, I don't think Damon makes sense for the Sox. He's still a very good player but I don't think this team needs another outfielder with a similar skill set to that of Scotty Pods. Plus with the (possible) acquisition of Teahen it looks less likely that Damon will be on the Southside next year.
  2. chisoxpride2

    Speculation: Johnny Damon to White Sox?

    williams is going to have to trade to acquire a player of this magnitude. he pissed away 90 mil with mr. .247 aka alex rios and jerry reinsdorf isn't going to let kenny spend any more of his money on aging outfielders with mediocre defense.
  3. chisoxpride2

    AL Central team interested in Manny?

    QUOTE (knightni @ Nov 2, 2009 -> 02:31 PM) It's Cleveland. I agree. Who in our organization could be familiar with Manny? Yes that's rhetorical haha
  4. chisoxpride2

    Peavy Ok

    this made my night
  5. sergio mitre is disgusting.
  6. i love it when our pitchers have to get four outs... but he pitched himself out of it
  7. chisoxpride2

    What to do with Peavy?

    QUOTE (b-Rye @ Aug 25, 2009 -> 09:36 PM) Trade him for what? this guy has less value than jerry owens
  8. chisoxpride2

    Washburn vs. his former team on MLBN

    QUOTE (Jenks Heat @ Aug 20, 2009 -> 03:34 PM) Inge always kills the Sox even when they are not facing him. same with aardsma.. even when he's not pitching for us
  9. chisoxpride2

    Chicago @ Seattle Gamethread

    QUOTE (nastymasty21 @ Aug 13, 2009 -> 01:06 AM) beckham is as streaky as they come ^^^^^ This scares me
  10. chisoxpride2

    2010 Thread

    If you could somehow add a player similar to the likes of chone figgins... sexy kinda
  11. chisoxpride2

    White Sox Acquire Alex Rios Off Waivers

    i wont say this was the greatest move ever, but..... pretty close
  12. chisoxpride2

    What happened to Bartolo?

    seriously, how difficult could it be to find this guy? he's the size of a school bus
  13. chisoxpride2

    Tuesday Night's game

    haha well unfortunately (or luckily i guess) i have no children... im 19. im just gonna show up early and hope he comes by the dugout... thanks for the responses though