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    SoxFest First Time---What to Expect?

    Ya'll are good people. Thank you for taking the time to provide some helpful guidance.
  2. As the title states this will be my first time going (Sunday only) and I'm pretty excited. Realistically, what can I expect? I see certain times for photos and autographs with a limited number next to it. Should I just pick a line no matter what time and stick with that? Or will I likely be able to get multiple photo/auto ops? Do I have to pay extra for these? Do I need to bring items to sign or will they just be signing pictures they provide? Also, as a fat man will there be food? Thanks for your help!
  3. mueron2000

    Cumulus Media trying to drop White Sox/Bulls from WLS

    Good. I stopped listening to white sox radio broadcasts because the reception was terrible on WLS. Maybe they would have more listeners if you could actually hear the game.
  4. mueron2000

    New Ballpark Name

    QUOTE (Chicago White Sox @ Sep 8, 2016 -> 08:16 AM) Got this text from a close friend this morning. Take it with some grain of salt, although I completely trust him on this type of stuff. Thought it was worth sharing nonetheless. My wife works for Wintrust corporate. Ed Wehmer is a good guy and down to earth. Brought the company up from a single bank in Lake Forest to one of the biggest financial players in Chicago. Would have loved this though not sure how that would have worked with them being a legacy sponsor with the cubs.
  5. mueron2000

    It's time for a fire sale.

    QUOTE (kitekrazy @ Jun 19, 2015 -> 01:01 PM) Baseball is full of hall of famers who wasted away on losing teams. Where did this logic ever come from? Just look at the HOF guys on the northside. You don't trade a guy unless you have the sure thing coming up. To rebuild you should have pillars in place. My main point being is you could get a lot of good young talent in return for those guys. I mean I never thought I'd say it but I think it's the smart thing to do. Also, I'd rather a team do what it takes to get into to contention to win championships not develop hall of famers on a losing club.
  6. mueron2000

    It's time for a fire sale.

    Why not trade Sale and Abreu? Sox could get a lot in return for those two guys. At this point I honestly believe Sale is wasting away in our organization. I'm ready for a rebuild. This team has been s*** for far too long.
  7. mueron2000

    Props To Cowley

    What's going on with cowley anyway? Is he leaving the whitesox beat? and who is replacing him?