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  1. Buffalo and Louisville are too small. Indianapolis, Nashville, and Charlotte (the biggest of the three) all have two major league franchises and no MLB ready stadium. So not only do they have convince the (what would be for MLB small) markets to spend a billion on a stadium, you have to compete with existing franchises for the big money for suites and sponsorships. They don’t need two west teams. They’ll have four divisions of four in each league like the NFL. AL West Seattle PORTLAND Oakland LA NL West SF LA San Diego Arizona (Move Colorado to the Central)
  2. Chicago is too big of a market. Portland is 1/4 as big as Chicago so it makes no sense to leave Chicago for a market with many fewer people and money (specifically companies to buy sponsorships). It’s akin to leaving Chicago to move to Cincinnati.
  3. If they are willing to build a stadium, this is the choice.
  4. QUOTE (caulfield12 @ Feb 28, 2018 -> 10:58 AM) How did the Astros get less than zero fans (0.0-0.1) in 2012 and 2013 and still manage to get $80 million per year now? How did the lowly Rays sign a new huge deal? What does 2017 have to do with 2020-2023? Half this board has the Sox signing Machado, Arenado, Donaldson or Rendon. Clearly, nobody will watch, not wthout a World Series team first. Why exactly did you switch places with Balta, btw? Fine, minus Harper, we still get $85-90 million...easy...you can predict it going down if it makes you more content. Remember, Seattle has gone even longer with no playoffs, $103 million almost half a decade ago... QUOTE (southsider2k5 @ Feb 28, 2018 -> 11:17 AM) The Astros signed a deal to go to a new network. Try again. Didn’t the Astros do a Regional Sports Network that had issues getting carried by some local cable companies so a significant portion of the Houston market couldn’t get the games? Just looked it up. Astro games were initially only available in 40% of Houston TV market homes.
  5. QUOTE (ChiliIrishHammock24 @ Feb 15, 2018 -> 02:40 PM) Only more houses than Padres, Marlins, A's. https://www.forbes.com/sites/maurybrown/201...v/#2a790e8b204d Tampa is about to get a 16 year deal which averages $82 million each year.
  6. Will there be a weekly show like WLS had with Connor McKnight that I can listen to as a podcast?
  7. Latilleon

    Indians removing Chief Wahoo

    QUOTE (daggins @ Jan 29, 2018 -> 02:36 PM) Pretty backwards to say this is because a few people were offended. It happened because the logo is a horrifically racist characature based on social mores from 100 years ago. Thank you. It’s almost as if people think because they aren’t offended because they are used to seeing it that it’s not an offensive excuse of a logo made when Americans were racist towards Native Americans.
  8. Latilleon


    Sox went most of their existence changing logos and uniforms every couple of years. It's nice finally having a classic look that is known, respected, and appreciated worldwide. Why change from one of the most popular logos/styles in sports?
  9. QUOTE (New Era on South Side @ Jan 19, 2018 -> 08:14 AM) The Bulls don’t have a profitable deal either and Cumulus is just broke. What kind of TV deal are people talking about around here lately? One that increases like the ones other markets have been getting. And if the Cubs go off on their own, the package should be more valuable to NBC Sports/WGN.
  10. Latilleon

    Southsidesox Exodus

    QUOTE (Sox-35th @ Jan 2, 2018 -> 02:00 PM) Despite liking vox.com, eater, and theVerge, there are just so many stories about SB Nation being a pretty crappy employer. Good for them. SB Nation was the beginning, but do their other websites have the same content creation structure? Basically they take advantage of fans and make money off their hard work, but all their other sites have actually employees writing the content, right?
  11. Latilleon

    White Sox have shown interest in Machado

    QUOTE (fathom @ Dec 14, 2017 -> 05:40 PM) Many seem to have not read the article as Nightengale said there's no chance the Sox would actually give Manny a huge contract This makes no sense to trade him thinking the Sox will flip him versus thinking he would be in long term plans and they don’t want him going to a team they sign him to a long term extension. No one expects the Sox to make any noise this year, franchise 3rd baseman or not. And if the Orioles are so worried about him going to the Yankees, why don’t they hold onto him until the trade deadline?
  12. Latilleon

    Our Next Manager?

    QUOTE (35thstreetswarm @ Nov 1, 2017 -> 10:31 AM) There also aren't all that many super-experienced "high profile managers" hopping from big market team to big market team in baseball, and hiring managers from within - or managers with little to no experience - is pretty common among teams of all types. Joe Girardi wasn't that high profile or experienced when the Yankees hired him, and it wasn't for lack of organizational status. See also the Dodgers' hire of Dave Roberts, and many other examples. Judging the attractiveness of a team as a destination by its "success" or "failure" in hiring Dusty Baker types doesn't really make sense. Girardi won the National League coach of the year when Jeffrey Loris foolishly fired him. He might not have been very experienced, but he wasn’t a novice either. Girardi was an “internal” candidate for the Yankees, but he pursued the Cubs job and was offered the Orioles job before he became the Yankees manager. But he’s high profile now and would take a good investment to get him. He’s probably going to get a TV job for next season and if Jerry wants him, Jerry can probably get him.
  13. Latilleon

    Our Next Manager?

    QUOTE (FloydBannister1983 @ Nov 1, 2017 -> 07:45 AM) I don't think salary is all that goes into it. They factor in casual fan interest (non-existent) and opportunity to grow the fan base (won't happen to a significant degree due to the monopoly the organization on the north side has on the casual fan). A top tier manager doesn't want to go to a place where he will be ignored by sports networks and the fan base doesn't watch them on television. I hope for the sake of White Sox fans I'm wrong but I'm afraid the White Sox are stuck perpetually with the Renteria's and Bevington's and Ventura's and Manuel's of the world. I don't see the Leyland's or LaRussa's or Girardi's of the world ever changing course and discovering that this is a good landing spot. Let’s say Renteria has a running in place season where young guys develop but his managing doesn’t seem to have a bright future blossoming into a truly competitive team. But Moncada, Anderson, and Rodon look like they will be All-Stars for a long time; Kopech and Jimenez are looking like stars, and Jerry is willing to pay whatever it takes to get a tier 1 free agent like Machado. The Sox hire a name manager. If the Sox have a run like they did from 1990-2008, you think the fan base can’t grow because of the Cubs? If the Sox got a quarter of the local market, that’s a piece bigger than Milwaukee, Kansas City, and Cincinnati.
  14. Latilleon

    Sox next local TV deal

    QUOTE (IowaSoxFan @ Oct 30, 2017 -> 04:04 PM) The Sox continually have some of the lowest rated regional telecasts in baseball, which will impair them from getting the type of deal that other people are pointing out here. The Sox will likely see a modest bump to their current $50M/season to around $60M. A low rated telecast in the third biggest market is can still be a larger audience than a high rated telecast in St. Louis, the 21st. And how have existing ratings lead to much bigger bumps for other teams?