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Best Organizational Young Talent Since???

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Just saw an article that today is the 30th anniversary of Frank Thomas being drafted.  He went 7th overall in a top 10 class that didn't amount to much other than him.  There are just no sure things in baseball and even the experts can't see  into the future.  Frank would have gone #1 and I bet Mike Trout would have gone a little higher also.

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On 6/5/2019 at 1:11 PM, poppysox said:

I'm not trying to denigrate any of our White Sox hero's of yesterday.  But look at the careers of those you mention:

Landis               .247 lifetime        10 year career        93 HR                                     Peters               124 Wins       103 Loses     3.25 era          13 year career

Mincher            .249                       12                            200                                          Horlen               116                 117                3.11                 11

Aparico             .262                       17                              83                                           Locker                57                    39                2.75                 10

Cash                  .271                       16                            377                                           Lattman             59                    68                3.91                   9                                    

Berry                 .255                       13                              58

Hershberger    .252                       10                              26

Romano            .255                        9                              129      

Battey                .270                      12                              104


I think most of todays fans will take the over on their expectations on what todays prospects will achieve.



Johnny Callison should also be on that list. Most of these players made an All Star team, many multiple times. For example Aparicio 13 times, Battey and Cash 5, Callison, Mincher and Romano 4. Callison, Berry, Hershberger, Landis, and of course Aparicio were all superb defensively. Bob Locker had one of the best sinkerballs ever, was very productive with the Sox and I would take him over anyone in our bullpen except for Colome. Barry Latman, the most pedestrian of the bunch I would take over the mess we have at SP these days. Minus Giolito of course. The White Sox did have an excellent farm system in the late 50's early 60's. Veeck trading away a large portion of it after the 59 pennant cost them dearly. The Sox  farm system was ranked highly at the turn of this century and that did not pan out as well as expected. Prospects are just that. Most do not succeed. Even most of the ones who make it to the majors do not have stellar careers. I like the group the Sox have now, but even assuming they'll have better luck on the injury front they're still going to need to draft well consistently and most of all be willing to open the wallet. The rebuild looks much better this year than last but there is still a lot of work to do. 

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On 6/6/2019 at 5:54 PM, Balta1701 said:

He did not immediately release him, he immediately traded him for Carl Everett. 

That's 2005 World Champion Carl Everett to you

Wild I never heard that story, wow

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