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  1. Hey, at least Ozzie got himself in a position where his quitting hurt the team
  2. Not that Ozzie is the answer (maybe he is apart of it), but at least this would interest the fans....Again, this is my lowpoint as a Sox fan
  3. Totally forgot the 2021 season happened...What a roster on paper (with some bad luck)
  4. If I win the lottery I will fire everybody involved with the FO
  5. This team is in no position to lose Top 30 prospects for nothing
  6. Not sure either of them were ever qualified for one of the most prestigious jobs in sports (1 of 30 MLB managers/GMs)...In fact, I would confidently say they weren't...This team needs an overhaul top to bottom and it begins with ownership
  7. This team isn't in a position to add FAs, which in baseball are ideally meant to be finishing pieces to a competing roster We are ways away, although this is a weak class
  8. I remember looking forward to 2014 and 2021 too
  9. LOVED Mena's upside, but he may never even make it....Fletcher seems to be an average starting OF...which is scarce on this roster
  10. Feel like we could have got more than a reliever, 4th OF, and a draft pick, but this seems fair-ish to me
  11. Not sure why he would be a starter, but again, this would have been a nice move had we have been competitve
  12. Figured this would be someone CWS would be interested in if they haven't decided to suck all together
  13. Well, the most promising rebuild/team in franchise history was officially wasted and disbanded and we have now committed to losing
  14. Wild we're all excited for this team to make moves that make them worse
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