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  1. Dollander at 15 would be my top option
  2. The reason I ask is so White Sox Nation can pool their dollars together and save this organization
  3. I know I'm not the first to think of CWS becoming publicly owned like the Packers. Is it even a possibility in the MLB? The fans deserve better. Please know this is coming from someone who has defended Reinsdorf more than most.
  4. You need to be diagnosed if you don't regret the Kimbrel-Madrigal deal Was stupid at the time and remains stupid Outside of selling off talent and locking up internal talent for cheap, I have nothing good to say about Hahn Rooting for this team is so so so hard
  5. Happy for the home town kid
  6. Just as long as he gets credit for Keppinger, Alonso, Grandal, and Jay too
  7. Someone's gotta tell me the appeal here because I don't get it
  8. Love the Giolito for Marquez and Grandal for Brandon Crawford swaps I saw on the bowels of the interweb
  9. That's awesome, great kid 1 thing we do right is take care of our own...sometimes to a fault
  10. Love the idea of competing but not offering our best bat, trading our closer, and trading a SP...Sensible mix
  11. Abreu, Benintendi (Haniger/Conforto as back-ups), Segura would be a nice off season with one of Cueto/Manaea/Clevinger Losing Pollock is a good start If this was a serious franchise they'd find a way to shed Grandal and Kelly
  12. I'm hoping for his exit velocity to spring up on Tuesday night games as well
  13. Losing our best bat seems like a strong strategy, I love it
  14. I loved when the Sox prospects a few years ago went to the DR Rushing development of players seems reckless and arbitrary to me
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