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  1. AssHatSoxFan

    Soxtalk Keeper 1 Thread

    I'm out for this season. My participation went way down last year and I don't want to be a drag.
  2. AssHatSoxFan

    2013 TV Thread

  3. AssHatSoxFan


    My semester is over after a final last night. Glad to have about 5 weeks off before the real fun begins.
  4. AssHatSoxFan

    Vacation/Travel Thread.

    QUOTE (RockRaines @ Aug 6, 2012 -> 12:51 PM) I've been going to the Riviera Maya area over the past 6 years every May and have alot of input on all of the All-inclusives if you have any questions. There are TONS so you can always great a great deal. IMO the best all inclusive brand in mexico in the Secrets/Dreams/Now chains. This year we went to Jamaica and the resort may not have been as "nice" as the ones we stayed at in Mexico I thought the overall atmosphere was better. I've also done the DR, but thats the type of place if you have any aspirations of going off resort you simply cannot do it. I've been looking in that area for my honeymoon next year so any input on good all inclusive would be much appreciated.
  5. AssHatSoxFan

    2011 TV Thread

    QUOTE (Steve9347 @ Oct 13, 2011 -> 11:32 PM) Parks & Rec was amazing tonight, but that's no surprise. The Office was just watched for the final time by me. TREAT YO SELF
  6. AssHatSoxFan

    Soxtalk Keeper 1 Thread

    My team was just brutal this year and it didn't help that I couldn't check it frequently
  7. AssHatSoxFan

    Things that need to come back...

    Purplesaurus REX, the best Kool-Aid flavor http://www.x-entertainment.com/articles/0935/
  8. AssHatSoxFan

    Southwest Region

    Kind of glad I can't watch this will the report of bad calls. It seems like Illinois can hang around but can never quite close the gap
  9. AssHatSoxFan


    QUOTE (He_Gawn @ Mar 17, 2011 -> 08:30 AM) Good trip so far. She said yes and I just met Brett and Deanna Favre playing Puttputt. No one recognized them, but me. Deanna was really nice, let us go ahead of them. Brett was on his phone clearing up some recent news it sounded like. Was he playing mini golf just like a kid having fun? Gunslinger mentality?
  10. AssHatSoxFan

    Soxtalk Keeper 1 Thread

    Casey Blake Michael Cuddyer Matt Holliday Raúl Ibañez Kelly Johnson Adam Lind Joe Mauer Miguel Montero A.J. Pierzynski Mark Reynolds Jimmy Rollins Denard Span Ryan Theriot Andrew Bailey Chad Billingsley Chris Carpenter Octavio Dotel Aaron Harang Josh Johnson Roy Oswalt Mariano Rivera Carlos Silva
  11. AssHatSoxFan

    *Official* Work Out Thread

    There's always a guy with his music way too loud that you can hear from like 4 machines over. Also, people who use cell phones in the gym especially while on machines or in the locker room
  12. AssHatSoxFan


    QUOTE (Tex @ Nov 1, 2010 -> 02:31 PM) I need one, badly. But the guy that normally cuts my hair, and who I really like for the task, is over an hour away and I have not been able to get down to see him. I am going on three months without a hair cut and it is starting to get annoying. Just thought I'd start perhaps the stupidist thread of the day and see what happens LOL, Tex I am in the same boat at almost 3 months without a haircut. I am to the point of do I let it keep growing or just get it all off ASAP.
  13. AssHatSoxFan

    Catch All Anything Thread

    QUOTE (LittleHurt05 @ Oct 7, 2010 -> 12:27 PM) It's one thing to be ultra-competitive in a recreation beer league like softball, but its another thing when its a kickball league. Some people need to take it easy, its f***ing kickball. We found that out last week when the macho he-man tried to take an extra base and took out a girl on our team
  14. AssHatSoxFan

    2010 Fall TV Thread

    QUOTE (Steve9347 @ Sep 24, 2010 -> 09:54 AM) I can tell you what went wrong, and it happened between seasons 3 and 4. They turned Frank into a bumbling, disgusting idiot instead of a smooth schemer with an air of confidence that he always knew what was up even if he didn't. Couple that with everyone acting like Charlie instead of just Charlie being Charlie, and it came a bit unhinged. It's still very funny and I like the actors, but it will never be pre-season 4, I think. I heard episode 4 is the best of the early few and was screened at Comic-con, waiting for the before I pass judgment
  15. AssHatSoxFan

    Trivia question

    Chicago Sky