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  1. You really want me to rehash the endless arguments made about this before the season started that had us all at each other's throats? You were involved in them, lol. Also weird how anytime you are challenged you have to immediately start with thr condescending buddies, chiefs and pals. Genius boy is a new one, though.
  2. Except a lot of them aren't hot, they are heavily calculated takes a lot of us figured before the season even started. There is plenty of insight and data behind these assertions.
  3. Now you're just literally making shit up.
  4. Either way it's stupid. Either way. Arbitrary nonsense. It's so stupid and arbitrary what Tony said and suggested that it just makes it so easy to inject that humor into any situation.
  5. I... actually agree with a lot of this. Which forces me to question myself.
  6. Go figure Tony finally speaks up in a situation where he looks like an idiot for doing so. Unless he was yelling at Grandal, LOL.
  7. We have to do something then because he is rotation bound.
  8. As it turns out I don't think our bullpen is as good as we initially thought. I was never really sold on Marshall and Foster, at least.
  9. Fair point. But I think that it's mainly because teams tend to find a new breath in the postseason. However I believe that teams like the '06 Cards are the exception to the rule rather than the rule.
  10. At some point more people have to acknowledge this and be honest with themselves. You're only as good as the teams you beat. If we get beat by every good team it exposes us. And yes, to be fair injuries are a part of that and most teams are having their issues there. But that makes things a little more even. This Yankees team isn't even full power and we've compared the Sox's situation to theirs in the offseason. We're supposed to be a lot better. And I was picked apart on this forum for being resigned to the idea that they could still be better than us.
  11. Perhaps. Perhaps not. I don't see that as clear cut as some of you do. If our MO is going to be getting dismantled by any actually good team then no, we won't be a contender.
  12. If Cease and Rodon don't pitch the way they have most of this season so far we could be in really bad shape right now. Almost best case scenario with our rotation has occurred and our command as a contender still looks tenuous.
  13. Hey, Tony actually walks on the field for something! Finally woke up from his nap.
  14. Cease seems like he has figured some things out this year. Composure is one he still needs to figure out.
  15. I have to admit the more I see of him the more I have to wonder where his rep as a great catcher comes from. Dude has been brutal behind the plate and can't seem to hit this year either.
  16. I can't blame him, he's not an OF. Obviously it's a precarious situation this year.
  17. I figured this series would either validate us or expose us. Sadly it appears to be doing the latter. If we get swept by the first actually good team we face that is not good. Although the timing with all this dumb TLR shit could be a contributing factor.
  18. Do we wanna start bets on if TLR actually ever gets on the field in favor of one of his players? Or even shouts something from the steps?
  19. This is one of the primary problems with Tony. He just seems like he doesn't really care. Almost as if he just took the job because he needs the money and doesn't want to get involved. I really don't recall, was he this lax back in the day? Or just in his old age?
  20. LOL, again with people blatantly lying to themselves.
  21. You do realize this draconian mindset is prevelant in his overall demeanor and decison-making, right? Instead of focusing on the incident itself, you should be able to see the big picture.
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