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  1. Vaughn and Seth Beer were both "polished" college bats that were can't miss on the offensive side coming out of the draft. Seth just got DFA'd and Vaughn can't lay off outside sliders and isn't near the 300 type hitter that was promised. I like him, but def feel that he won't be a foundational player at all, which is really sad. 

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  2. 2 hours ago, TheBooneLoganEra said:

    Awesome. Moncada is my 5 yr old and mines favorite player but somehow racism. That was a completely classless and ignorant response. 

    I didn't mean it as an attack, but i had just read twitter and Facebook before coming here...and the quiet racism towards moncada, robert and eloy is a thing unfortunately. I want Yoan back also...i just get really perturbed with people always questioning his injuries. Sorry i wrote it that way. 

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