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  1. i know it's been 2 years in the works but a little piece of me just died on the inside...
  2. QUOTE(SoxFan1 @ Jul 31, 2007 -> 03:52 PM) The only thing for me is the E-Mail Scanner. It disables it after you restart the computer. Not a big deal to click "Activate" though. You're having that problem, too? Glad I ain't the only one. I just started happening a few weeks ago out of the blue... The other issue I have is any time there is a pop-up (update, scan) it opens it up like in the background of the os so you have to click a windows pop-up to get to it and then click back when you're done. I've just gotten to the point where I just x out of the window pop-up and ignore the avg pop-up (they take care of themselves anyway)... Those were the issues I was speaking of and although they're slightly annoying, they're manageable from a free program that does a really good job...
  3. Thirded. There are a couple minor issues with it and Vista, though...
  4. QUOTE(rangercal @ Jul 27, 2007 -> 09:22 AM) As long as we win, Id be happy if Frank went yard every at bat. ^^^
  5. Have worn Drakkar Noir for years. Have tried others but keep going back to it. Started wearing it since when I was a kid and overheard my sister's college friends saying how nuts they went for the stuff. Get compliments all the time...
  6. Have a Toshiba A135-S4427. Intel Core Duo Processor T2250 1.73GHz, 1 GB RAM (Expandable to 4 gig. I plan on adding a gig or 2 soon), would have to buy adapter or card if wanted bluetooth & bottom end graphics (not a gamer so not much of an issue for me). Haven't had many problems with it and would recommend to anyone if specs suit their needs. Bought mine for $750 4+ months ago. Can get one now for $600-700. Got a laugh when doing a search saw that HSN was selling this laptop for $1,050--when this model first came out it was only supposed to sell for $900 IIRC.
  7. Hopefully Seitzer can land on his feet. The guy's from my hometown. He didn't like me too much after I had him sign a card with a pic of him getting nailed by a pitch w/ Milwaukee and got injured...
  8. Another AMAZING finish at Daytona! Glad to see it was McMurray who came out on top out of the two. That finish help me to get over Jr.'s horrible night a bit...
  9. QUOTE(That funky motion @ Jul 2, 2007 -> 12:31 AM) Paul Kariya to the Blues I may have to make a trip over to st. louie this year...
  10. QUOTE(Queen Prawn @ Jun 26, 2007 -> 08:36 PM) I am satisfied with the penalties, although I do think they should have been harder on CK as he seems to get one of these a year. Agreed. Didn't like the penalty when they gave it to Jr. until I read where they already spelled out what messing with the COT will get you, so seeing them hand down the same penalty to Jeffy and Jimmy is gratifying. CK should be out for about 12 wks with all the crap he's pulled over his career. I am still pissed, too, about the penalty (or more accurately, the lack thereof) given to Kurt Busch in comparison to the penalties given the 8, 24 & 48 for COT infractions...
  11. Haha, dad won't be allowed to qualify this weekend in Sonoma as his and Jimmy's cars failed inspections. Will start at back of pack...
  12. Ella Sofia Gordon was born this morning. Dad will qualify for and race this weekend... Also, possible new sponsors for Jr. being talked about. Pepsi & Monster Energy drink (has deal w/ JR Motorsports) are the names being talked about right now. Adidas might be another possibility w/ Jr. in talks w/ them regarding a clothing line of some sort...
  13. I'm hoping that Theresa realizes how big of a hit she's taken with all that's gone on, whether deserved or not, and makes the good PR move of switching the 8 with the 5/25. Who knows, maybe Kyle signs with DEI and they switch so Kyle can have his number and Jr. his...
  14. As an Earnhardt fan, I don't mind him driving for Hendrick if it nets him a championship. My dislike was never for Hendrick but for 3 of his drivers (Gordon, Johnson, Busch). My opinions of his new teammates won't change, it just means I'll see a bit more of them in relation to Earnhardt. Maybe now the idiot faction of our fanbase will stop throwing crap at Gordon's car. It's going to take some getting used to seeing Jr. in the 25. Good thing I put off getting that 8 tattoo...
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