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  1. We gave up too much for him, unless the other guy we got contributes big time.
  2. So why did we trade Carlos?
  3. Jamie had his career year last season, IMO.
  4. We had ourselves a big time player who would get the major league minimum and he's gone. Lots of people on this board will be vomiting over that trade in the years to come.
  5. We gave up a .300 hitter with 30 HR and 100 RBI for a .250 hitter who steals 70 bases. And we need offense. I don't get it. But we kept Anderson and Sweeney, so it could be worse.
  6. Did anybody pick Anthony Webster?
  7. Touche'. By the way, did you guys see the picture of her? It was in the Denver papers. Don't know if it made it out your way.
  8. Regarding the Dye signing, I certainly don't mind it, but when the 2005 season is over, future injuries notwithstanding, Jeremy Reed will have finished his first big league season, and I feel pretty safe in predicting that he will have put up better numbers than Dye, and he definitely will have a better future than Dye. Dye will cost about $5.5MM in 2005, Reed will cost about $.350MM in 2005. That's a difference in over $5MM. Basically the same difference in 2006. And we would save the $9MM/yr we gave Freddy. With all that money, KW would have been able to attract a couple of very good pitchers. I still hate that trade.
  9. The trouble is that Frank's successor at DH, Carl Everett, weighs as much as Frank.
  10. As a group, they have always amazed me.. Forrest Gump said it best. Stupid is as stupid does. Case in point: The Denny Naegle saga. Now, just signing him to that kind of contract is stupid enough. The year before the Rockies picked him up (2000) he bombed with the Yanks and was traded mid-season to the Reds where he actually won eight games or so. Hence his sudden $50-$60MM value. It is stupid enough to give him $50MM or so to pitch for five years, but then they gave him a buyout sum to not pitch for them in 2006 of $9MM. WTF is with these GM's? Why do they get themselves into a corner where they all give buy out amounts of millions to not play for them after their final contract year. So the Rockies have to pay Neagle $10MM in 2005 and another $9MM to not pitch for them in 2006. The obvious answer is that they are playing with someone elses money, but still.... I know the GM's have their conventions. But I would really like to attend a convention of agents and listen to them make fun of the bozos with whom they negotiate. Jason, are you sure you want to be a member of that fraternity?
  11. If I were running the team, I would offer Maggs arbitration and take those picks. Chances are, he will sign elsewhere anyway, and even if he takes the arbitration route, then we either have an overpaid rightfielder for another year, or he fully recovers and earns his money. To walk away with nothing would be the dumbest thing the organization did since it traded Jeremy Reed and his minimum major league contract.
  12. Retails salesmen don't have a collective bargaining agreement like baseball players do. Your arguement is futile.
  13. Then we traded Baines for Sammy Sosa and Wilson Alvarez.
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