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    Charlotte Knights (AAA)
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    WHITE SOX!!!
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    Mostly...Willie and Paul! but i love everyone!
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    Arnie Munoz, Jeff Bajenaru!
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    Paul Konerko's tieing homer in extra innings and Thomas' winning homer in extra innings sweeping the twinkies!!! and meeting every player that i've met! specially hugging Willie Harris at photo day! wow that was the best!
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    D'lo Jimenez CLee Maggs Olivo Este Schoe WILLIE!

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  1. what Ben Davis thread!?? fill me in. I forget!
  2. Justin Timberlake i'm going to his concert!
  3. I know i knnow i was gone for like forever!! I'm back though! and super ready for SPRING TRAINGIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! --i know ya guys missed me! =D -Sara-
  4. QUOTE(knightni @ Sep 3, 2006 -> 06:06 AM) Other than the one I made? The September one?! Yeah well smaller.
  5. Anyone wanna make a Brian Anderson wallpaper!? using a bunch of photos of him? In that small size 800x600 or whatever that one is? Pweaaseeeee
  6. That Is amazing. I love it Band=amazing.
  7. Get rid of Pods!!! WHAT!? are you kidding me!? Please let's never say that again!!!!!!!
  8. I still cannot believe my Widge is goneeeeee! =[ i'm gonna miss him terribly he was one of my favoritesssss!
  9. That's sad, poor A.J! all that voting and he won't play! =[
  10. Yeah, your just jealous that Willie Harris doesn't know who you are, recognizes you, and loves you! =] So HA!
  11. So today was another fascinating day! I saw 2 sox games for the price of one! We won! I met Willie Harris...AGAIN! for like the 15th time i believe today would be! wow. I'm amazing, Actually no, WILLIE WOULD BE AMAZING! Anywhoo we got there kinda late like 12, but i was still able to get down to the front, squeezing my way though, then this lady let me into her stop cuz she liked my sign! So bp was over, and i'm like chill people he'll come over here trust me, Cuz they were getting all upset like he wouldn't! psh. So of course he turns around, gives me one look, turns back around, gets a ball and comes over to me BIGGGG HUG! Hey you again, how you doin! and ya ya ya, he give me the ball and signs it and I'm like Willie your not playing today, he's like i don't play that much sweetheart. I'm like wellll I think you should! And he giggled. So then he gave it to me, and said Take Care honey! and then i start to tear, and yea! Nicole has it on video! =] But it was grandddddd! Then we went and sat for 2 innings in rigthfield then we walked around, and we went to the Hall of Fame gift shop, and bam as we're in there, WHO WALKS PAST US...OZZIE JR. Me and Nicole stop dead, and turn around, "That was JR!" So then we kinda tried to follow him..but then he left, and we still had to try and exchange Nicole's shirt! So yea So then we went and sat again for 5 hours in the HOT sun! and cheered and tried to get on the Jumbo Tron..didn't work! Psh. Then we went and sat in 117 row BB for the 2ND GAME!! Ha Sweet, I can now say I was at the longest game played at U.S. Cellular Field! ANDDDD WILLIE HARRIS SCORED A RUN! I was happy, i stood and cheered when they scored!! I was happy! =] anywayyyy..funnnnnn!
  12. Kay.....So i went to the game yesterday and excitinnngggggg! The minute I got there I had my I Love Willie sign and he saw it the second i stood there, and he started waving, and had this huge smile on his face! So alll batting practice i had to wait while he played 2nd base, outfield, then he went to the dugout, and came out to bat! While he was standing out there talking to another BoSox player, that guy looked at me, and was pointing and talking to Willie then Willie turns arounds and wavessss and i waved, and wanted to cry. then like motioned for him to come over and he game me a thumbs up! So after he got all his batting and such in, He came running over, and gave me a biggggggggggggggggg hug! and I pretty much died right there, my mom video'd it, well tried. She's technology challenged! But he was like HEY GIIRLLLLL HOW'D I'D KNOW YOU'D BE HERE WITH THAT SIGN, HOW YOU DOIN'? I'm like I'm doing great.. I MISS YOUI SOO MUCH, and he's like YOU KNOW WHAT, I MISS BEING HERE! then he had to go, but i'm like will you take a picture, he's like sure for you. and my mom does not knw how to work it, so it's just half of my face, and half of his! But whatever, it's still good. Then before he left, he's like come on girl, give me another hug! I'm liek ahhhh! Ok! Then i had to sit down, and cry! so i did! Everyone around us, were just shocked..THey were all staring at me while i was crying, like wtf, why does he come over to you! and the funny part was thre were these Bosox Fans next to me the whole bp, and were trying to get players to come over, and they didnt' even look, and all i had to do was pretty much stand there! =] But yeah, that man is amazing! I love him sooo muchh!!! So my video is on my myspace, obviously. www.myspace.com/biggestsoxfan
  13. There are no alternate options to BA! He's awesome leave him alone!!!!!!!!
  14. If I could get tickets to more games. Obviously I'd go! ** I know isn't D'lo a sweetheart! I love him!!!
  15. Alrighty, Here we go! So I obviously went to the sox game yesterday! And I must say it is very close to being one of the best days like ever! I mean wow! So it was against the Rangers, and I wanted to go because Its DAngelo Jimenez! And I love him mucho! So I made him a sign! I MISS U DANGELO! Hoping that hed see it! So we get there, and the Rangers were playing catch down the right field line. And Im like ok, gooooo!!! So I run down there, and Im not even half way down, And I spotted him! Thats pretty much when it all started! So I held up my sign there right behind him, and he turned around I guess the guy next to him saw it! And he smiledddd THIS HUGE SMILE! And waved! I was dying already. Thhheeennn He started coming over. And he went and shook my dads hand, then gave be the biggest hug!!! I could not breathe, I was sooo HAPPPY! I said to him, Im like DAngelo I miss you soo much! Hes like yeah I miss it here too, the players, the fans. Im like awwww!! So we took a picture! And then he had to go. But while he out batting, he turned and looked at me, and waved..And I waved..Then started like hyperventilating again! Haha, and everyones like asking me if I know him. Im like no..I just love him! And then he went into the outfield, and he was coming back into the dugout, and waved and smiled. Then he stopped. Im like what are you doing!! Oh noand he takes a ball out of his pocket and throws it to me! Im like awww Thanks DLo!!! Hes such a sweetie! Everyones like huh!?? You know him or something!? So that was before he was batting, then after he batted, and it was over, he was heading in and smiled and waved AGAIN! And shouted sorry Im not playin today, pointing to the lineups! I already knew that, but hey, Id rather hear it from him!! =] So Im like tearing up. And not breathing. So after the national anthem, he was out right in front of where I was sitting 124 row 11. And he spotted me, and smiledddd! And the whole game, he must of waved like 5 times! Each time, me like dying! Hes sooo nice! Then this guy saw my sign, and hes asking me if I wanted to go see him cuz he knows DJ. Im like you know him!:?? Hes like yea. So we tried to go and he was gonna sign my sign, but nobody had a marker! But he said bye and smiled..and hes sooo gorgeous. I love him! http://www.picturetrail.com/chisoxfan14
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