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  1. Ya, we all know that it's complete BS, but it's his job to hype up something like that.
  2. I would figure a Defensive lineman would go here.
  3. Or because a younger and possibly more talented guy busted out this spring.
  4. chisox05


    Thats not true neccesarily.
  5. QUESTIONS What the hell is the pitching meter?? Where do u want to stop it? How do u bunt? There are other questions I have and Ill post em later when i remmeber them. THANKS FOR REPLYS IN ADAVANCE
  6. My point is that almost everyone(including myself) think they are going to acquire a Wide Reciever with the first pick. That would give them 6 wide recievers and none of them are going to get cut or anything. I dont think there are any teams come the beginning of the regular season with 6 wide recievers which is why its interesting.
  7. We seem a bit overload at WR. Muhammad Gage Wade Berlin Berrian (First Round pick) Interesting situation...
  8. I really dont understand all the RB talk. Thomas Jones is good and will have an even better year. That should be very low on the list of needs(We could get a backup RB easy). What worries me far more than anything else is the O LINE. Thats where they need to improve and it's pretty much been a proven fact that a good offensive line can lead ANY running back to a great season(The Broncos) John Tait-LT Olin Kreutz-C The rest has quesetion marks...
  9. First off that makes no sense, if he wont be on the board, how can u say "if edwards is somehow still on the board". That makes no frign sense. Second, tell me who would pick him instead? The bears could but thatd mean williams would be the 6th pick and ud be saying the same thing.
  10. chisox05


    Dude, this guy knows everything about how to pitch. he doesnt have great stuff, but he has great controls AND KNOWS HOW TO PITCH. I laugh when I read soemthing about him "learning the waste pitch"
  11. Amen. Ala the reason why I as well as numerous sox fans i know of mute the television and listen to the radio when they watch games. It's a shame we won't get stone. How about a Steve Stone/Robin Ventura broadcasts. Thatd be fun even though thered be no play by play guy
  12. Good Point. However, I've always felt that Lee is an ass and a punk simply from his outfield play especially last year. Did his outfield play improve-OH YES. But he became so full of himself and so lazy that it pissed me off. And nobody on this board agreed with me ,in fact people laughed at me for this. CARLOS IS A PUNK---Maggs is a great guy who has always been great to our organization except when he gave praise to the cubs...
  13. Yep, I like widger as well. Burke or Davis have to go...
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